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Who wrote the dead sea scrolls?

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Who wrote the dead sea scrolls?

Our organization relies heavily on the translation of the new world into these rolls that appeared in clay pots in caves, according to the photo.
The other photo exposes parts of these scrolls, which contain writings from the most ancient acquaintances of what is today the Bible.
Who wrote the dead sea scrolls and what was qumran?
For seven decades, Biblical scholars, historians and archaeologists have argued.
The Famous Dead Sea Scrolls were written by the essenes, who had established qumran as a remote religious community.

No, qumran was a fortress where the scrolls of the Jerusalem temple library were hidden just before the Roman Siege of Jerusalem.

Or was qumran an important ceramic production center and the refugees had hidden the scrolls while fleeing during the great Jewish revolt?

Where is the truth, if any truth is yet to be established?

Twenty-five years after the rolls came out.

The distinguished professor of Hebrew and other eastern languages at Harvard University Frank Moore cross summed up the current thought when he wrote "the dead sea scrolls and the people who wrote them" in biblical archaeology review in 1977:

The Scrolls and the people who wrote them can be placed within a broad historical framework with relative certainty under the external controls provided by the archaeologist and the paleógrafo.

The Essenes, a Jewish sect who lived in the remote desert in monastic isolation, were the authors of the scrolls, believed cross. He sums up his story:
The Essenes of qumran were a community formed and guided by a group of priests. In the second half of the th century bc, after losing hope to recover his former authority in the theocracy of Jerusalem and under the active pursuit of a new house of reigning priests, they fled to the desert and, finding new hopes in apocalyptic dreams, prepared They themselves for the imminent trial when their enemies would be defeated and they, the chosen of God, would receive the final victory according to the predictions of the prophets.

These evolved priests were undoubtedly the authors of the dead sea scrolls, according to cross. The evidence was clear as the crystal.

The certainty was fleeting. For 1990, in Bible review, Lawrence H. Schiffman was convinced that either the sect sect was not esenia, but was saducea, or that the movement had to be fully redefined as emerging from the beginnings of the sadducees.

The Origins of the scrolls themselves have also been challenged. The expert in dead sea scrolls schiffman, professor of and Hebrews studies and the director of the global institute of advanced research in Jewish studies at the university of New York, wrote:
Scholars used to think that the library was entirely the product of the inhabitants of qumran. Instead, you can now say, this treasure trove includes material that represents a variety of Jewish groups, as well as controversy against other Jewish groups.

Finally, schiffman refutes a recent proposition that qumran was clearly a fortress, not a religious settlement, while pointing out that the graves of women and children found there indicate that the place was neither fortress nor monastery.

The truth, at last?

Today we have the most recent grant from Sidnie White Crawford, professor at the department of classical and religious studies at the university of Nebraska, Lincoln, and member of the publication team of scrolls.

Crawford returns us to the hypothesis, this time using completely different archaeological evidence that had not been quoted previously.

Indeed, a casual student of biblical history cannot be blamed for experiencing confusion beyond tolerance in the face of this constantly changing scholarship.



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Who wrote the dead sea scrolls? Our organization relies heavily on the translation of the new world into these rolls that appeared in clay pots in caves, according to the photo. The other photo

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