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  2. You bring this up so frequently (and HOW old are you?) that I have become curious over something: Please post a full-length photo of yourself. If, as I suspect, it shows you wearing spray-on pants, that will explain a lot.
  3. Well the JW Org is definitely not Theocratic that's for sure. But you're right it's not democratic either, it's a dictatorship.
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  5. El terremoto se registró en el departamento amazónico de Loreto. También se reportó 18 heridos (siete de ellos en territorio ecuatoriano) y daños materiales en viviendas precarias. El movimiento duró más de dos minutos y en la capital obligó a salir a la población de sus casas Un sismo de magnitud 8se registró el domingo en la zona norte de Perú y se sintió en casi todo el país con un saldo provisorio de un muerto y 18 heridos, así como daños materiales, principalmente en viviendas precarias. La víctima fatal murió a causa del desprendimiento de una roca durante el sismo en la región de Cajamarca, en el norte de los Andes peruanos, uno de los siete departamentos de Perú donde se registraron daños tanto personales como materiales. El fallecido, Danilo Muñoz, de 48 años, se encontraba durmiendo en su casa a la hora del sismo en el distrito de Huarango. Expertos explicaron que la profundidad del epicentro evitó que los daños sean mayores. Ricardo Seijas, Coordinador de Defensa Civil, confirmó que hasta el momento se reportaron 11 heridos, 51 familias damnificadas y carreteras colapsadas. El Servicio Geológico de Estados Unidos informó en un reporte preliminar que el movimiento tuvo una profundidad de 110 kilómetros y su epicentro se ubicó a 81 kilómetros al sur este de la localidad de Lagunas, en la región amazónica de Loreto. Un edificio destruido en la región de Yurimaguas (AP) El jefe de Instituto Geofísico de Perú (IGP), Hernán Talavera, dijo a la radioemisora RPP que el sismo generó el corte de energía eléctrica en las ciudades de Iquitos y Tarapoto; mientras que se reportaron rajaduras y caídas de algunas paredes de viviendas precarias en algunas zonas. "El evento alarmó a la población limeña por lo prolongado del movimiento telúrico", manifestó el funcionario. Infobae.com
  6. Billy is sounding more like a demented pervert every day. He once was funny but now he seems to be getting desperate and boring. However this whole conversation is way off topic but quite funny. (Que Admin telling me off)
  7. Probably something like the 'This generation' scripture now means 5 generations twice removed. Could be anything, the GB make it up to suit themselves.
  8. ====================================================================================== My only comment on this post was that they might win ANOTHER Telly Award, Billy. ======================================================================================= And the "Lloyd Evans Propaganda" you refer to ( mis-spelling his name.... ) was ONLY a screen shot of the ACTUAL JW.ORG website posting. ... without comment of any kind. You are PROJECTING again,Billy. I suspect, like any presumably sane Witness, you are deeply ashamed of the GB's self aggrandizement, but cannot bring yourself to believe they really did something so self-serving and world class stupid. I fully understand that. But, since you have brought up the scandal, whereas I did not ( a very important point, methinks ...) I followed the link you posted, but probably did not read in its entirety, as I did .... and found these excerpts: Again Billy, you are defending the indefensible, and projecting more wide screen than CinemaScope.
  9. Interesting. So you must have some ideas on what this message should be. Care to share?
  10. Of course this would never happen. The org. is not some kind of talk show or democratically run establishment. You either take it or leave it.
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  12. I would think that would have been obvious with the unclean actions and behavior you harbor in your heart to discredit an institution solely based on Bible principle. Therefore, cynicism lies with wording that has a profound effect. If you respond to it, it must be true. Therefore, if you think the girl bit is outrages, then you should be able to conclude your behavior toward the Watchtower is outrages. But, as James mentions, there are certain things that should be well preserved for prosperity. Too bad James just can’t think that far ahead to get the parallel, seeing how he has to defend your outrages actions to justify his. But, it’s good that truth can be seen by those that are intelligent enough when they are being played.
  13. It would do well to remember this quote: "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet!" - Abraham Lincoln
  14. Perhaps that was the reason I didn't suggest his book was proof. I think I purposely worded it something like this: Why would I be speaking of "proof" if my whole point was based on how we nearly always lack proof? As I said a little later in the same post, that I agree with you that nothing is "proven" here. These topics live in a world of conjecture, opinion and sometimes, hopefully: evidence. Even with evidence, there is the hurdle of interpretation to get over. This isn't mathematics, geometry, etc. There you go again! Quite an uneven comparison. Should I suppose that's really your answer to how you know for sure Covington had a drinking problem? Because I would be a faithless cynic if I didn't believe he was DF'd for a drinking problem? Faith in who? You? Because your word is as sure as that of the Bible when it speaks about Jesus? You seem to have no problem being posted here, and you have repeatedly called this an apostate website, too. As long as we are speaking truth to the best of our knowledge, truth shouldn't hurt anyone in the long run. Truth can hurt in the short run. But at least it's always better than falsehood, which is what most of those sites are known for. I would never believe that, much less say it. You evidently haven't read what I say very carefully. For someone who has been known here for blatant examples of "projection," did you perhaps just provide an explanation of your lack of care? Not claiming you did, but your imputed motives are often fairly disgusting, and you may have just been hoisted by your own petard! Can't think of another reason at the moment why you have seemed to obsess on unclean thoughts.
  15. Please remember that before accusing others of foggery and mopery, with mirrors. ... could be worse ... we could both be proctologists for the grossly obese.
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    When Rutherford died in January 1942, Covington maintained his aggressive litigation policy. Covington was elected vice-president of the Watch Tower Society, succeeding the newly elected president, Nathan H. Knorr, despite having been a Jehovah's Witness for only five years. Until 2001, appointment to the board of directors of the Watch Tower Society was almost exclusively limited to those professing to be of the "anointed class" who would "rule as Kings" in heaven with Christ, Covington being the only exception.[4] A subsequent policy change resulted in Covington's resignation from the Vice Presidency and departure from the board in 1945; however, he remained on staff as legal counsel.[5][6] In 1950, he wrote the Watch Tower tract, Defending and Legally Establishing the Good News to advise Witnesses of their constitutional rights in the United States.[7] Covington was subsequently recognized as one of the greatest civil liberties attorneys in American history. During his tenure as the head of the Watch Tower Society's legal department, he presented 111 petitions and appeals to the Supreme Court. He won more than 80% of the 44 cases he brought before the Court, involving issues including compulsory flag-salute statutes, public preaching and door-to-door literature distribution. He later resigned as head of the Watch Tower Society's legal department, and was eventually disfellowshipped after clashes with the Society's then-President Nathan Knorr and revelations of a drinking problem. He was reinstated prior to his death in 1978 The same thing you claim as an JWinsider. Now if you say, not everything in Wiki can be held as truth, I will agree, that 99% of things written on the internet is propaganda and an exaggeration about the Watchtower. If you don’t. Then everything written in Wiki is the truth.
  16. Unfortunately. When one is researching, the truth leads you to certain disgusting sites. Therefore, I have no control when I'm redirected to certain sites. No difference, really from being here.
  17. Bro. Quackenduck .... DUCK Bill... ( eyes glaze over, with big smile ...) I get it! Hahahahahaaa!
  18. Do your handlers know YOU are visiting "Apostate Websites", and reading everything, in order to find such things? Have you told YOUR Elders you are doing this?
  19. I get it! Like a duck's bill. As in: A duck goes into a bar and tells the bartender: "Put in on my BILL!" I should add that, considering the circumstances, I think Brother Quackenbush was sweet and brave at the same time for the funeral talk he gave for Covington. Brother Quackenbush was a very just and loving brother, in my opinion.
  20. Brother Quackenbush spent the weekend in the area and gave a talk at our Kingdom Hall. His visit was billed ahead of time. I played it up to my kids, calling him, for my three-year-old daughter’s sake, “Brother Quackenduck.” (Surprisingly, she tired of it. She is more mature than me.) Before closing prayer, he mentioned that he had received a love letter. It was in crayon from my daughter and had “i love you” and hearts & flowers & so forth. Everyone let out a collective sentimental “Awwwwww.” ”And my wife wasn’t even jealous, because she got one, too” he added.
  21. I remember my Scoutmaster, Mr Riley, speaking of John, when I was in my teens, during a Scout Troop campfire. Someone who appeared quite dead had asked him if he was going to be here when John got here? He replied, yes he would be here when John got here. Then an apparition appeared, dragging chains while floating above the ground, and asked the same question. "You gonna be here when John gets here?" He again replied he would be here, when John got here. Then ...... a huge two ton scaly monster appeared with bloodied fangs and claws and glowing red eyes, covered in stinking gore appeared in the campsite, and asked "You gonna be here when John gets here? Mr. Riley replied "If you ain't John ... I'M GONE!".
  22. That would depend if your truth is talking about Russell being the Vice-President of the Zion Watchtower and the first President and part thereof, the board of directors of present-day Watchtower. Then the truth would be accurate, while your example wouldn’t. Therefore suggesting Shultz book as proof cannot be your proof since Shultz himself teamed up with an unbeliever and critic of the Watchtower. You need a better authority. However, it’s your assumption that can’t comprehend when seeking facts, personal authority is sought. Could this be your the only one? Therefore your characterization of events seems to imply you are the only authority for having been there to witness a certain event. Once again, where is your proof? Were you there to know Christ was laid to rest in a tomb? This cynicism is far beneath an informed witness. That why it’s interesting you have no problem being posted on an apostate website. I would think an honest witness would find that offensive and demand its removal. Your words are just another true example where your true intentions are toward the Watchtower. Therefore, the deception lies in your autonomy of trying to persuade others to think your part of an organization that you truly don’t care for. A (JWinsider) to give false reports. Why don’t you leave? Therefore, read Russell’s own words to distinguish how wrong you are to post incorrect facts. The example I gave goes far. Therefore, don't be dismissive to think what you say is the truth, and no other citations aren't. Stop thinking about girls and concentrate. As for Tom’s book. Take it up with Tom. If you believe Tom to be a liar for suggesting it, then he is a liar for saying it. That I will accept. However, carry on. As I said, John and now Comfortmypeople aka Anna is loving your deceptive information. And to be honest, I'm having fun with it myself. As James said, we need a good laugh now and again.
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