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  1. Raymond Franz

    In Search of Christian Freedom.pdf Crisis of Conscience.pdf
  2. Russia Disfellowships All Jehovah's Witnesses Worldwide. JW's are getting a taste of their own medicine. ========================== If WatchTower was in charge of governing countries. How much Freedom of Religion would there be?......ZERO...
  3. In the second PHASE might be other residence buildings if the need is yet. Before, branch site July,2015
  4. the 5 residence buildings mentioned would then correlate with these 5 houses in the middle section.(?)
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    5 buildings at
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  5. NOTE: In the during picture, you can see the outline of the five residential blocks starting to be built (in the middle, just to the right - it seems they are in a section that was originally going to have seven blocks, but it looks like they've spaced the five blocks out more, which would indicate they're not expecting to build the other two blocks shown for that section?)
  6. June 20, 2017 TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS Re: Supplier Arrangements on jw.org Just to note that the supplier arrangements hold virtually no savings to the congregations, most of the 'savings' the discounts they may get are rebated back to the branch and virtually all of the suppliers have "JW insiders" that take commission for the sale. Take this one (for the UK):
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    and prices:
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    - 250 GBP to 400 GBP for a phone-to-sound bridge - the high end one can be had from other vendors for ~160 GBP.
  7. May 24, 2017 TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS Re: Donations to “Jehovah’s Witnesses of India” by Indian Passport Holders The OP letter would appear to be a re-hash from one sent out in March 2016: Letter - March 21, 2016: Re: Donations to “Jehovah’s Witnesses of India” (JWIndiaGift.org) Which itself appears to be a re-hash from one sent out in December 2013: Letter - December 2, 2013: Re: To all Congregations who have Indian citizens as members (JWIndiaGift.org) Why has this been needed? Because over the last couple of years there must have been a phenomenal growth of thousands-upon-thousands of Indian ex-pats from around the world becoming JWs - so the GB was re-issued these letters to show all these new JWs how they are uniquely positioned to be able to help spread the 'good news' back home in India Another reason for this- In 2001, the Bombay High Court prohibited the Indian Branch Office to receive foreign contributions. This happened when the Indian Branch Office was about to complete the construction of its mega branch complex in Bangalore where most of the funds in disposal was invested for the construction. With almost no funds with them, Indian office pulled the plug on the special pioneer work and layed off many bethelites. The Indian branch office was about to plug off the construction work, however the GB asked them to go ahead with the work and complete the relocation. The branch was constructed and relocated and the branch office was left with practically zero funds. Local individuals chipped in whatever they could and the work continued. Since foreign contributions are still prohibited, indian citizens who moved and settled abroad send in their contributions through the website mentioned. Same applies to expats who convert to JW's and want to send in their money to India. Enjoy!
  8. June 29, 2017 TO ALL CONGREGATIONS Re: Branch Relocation - Newsletter Britain Branch Relocation - Newsletter ed.5 Summer 2017 X by 25 = 150 x 2 people per apartment = 300 residents? This might even include guest accommodation for visiting GB members and other "dignitaries." Huge scale back from present facilities (which will easily pay for this and then some.) Enjoy!
  9. October 2017 Watchtower

  10. October 2017 Watchtower

    "We must avoid..." I don't recall language as demanding as that before. It's as if the WT has given up trying to convince its readers by force of argument and is simply issuing commands instead.
  11. October 2017 Watchtower

    It is interesting how they used the word normal - "normal contact". I think this is a weasel word. They can later use it to argue that they have never told Witnesses to cut off all contact - to shun - just to cut off normal contact.
  12. October 2017 Watchtower

    And yet the elders guidebook Shepherd The Flock Of God, page 116 paragraph 6 states: Congregation members are led to believe that shunning is a "law" from Jehovah, when at best it's simply a recommendation from the GB. Since when did women have privileges to lose in the first place? A woman can't even pray aloud in the company of men without putting a dishcloth on her head.
  13. October 2017 Watchtower

    New Shunning Instructions Included:
  14. ratmanofsouthend: i relate to the ones who were playing but then got distracted by food via Humor
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