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Alexa now talks to appliances


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They must have decided to ditch General Electric and go out on thier own?

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.44.49 AM.png

Amazon's (+0.93%) smart assistant Alexa is about to do more than play your favorite shower tunes. Amazon just announced a whole new suite of Alexa-enabled Echo products to further suck you into its ecosystem. Here are some highlights:

For your music...

There's a new $49.99 Echo Dot (the "best selling speaker ever," says Amazon) that'll be 70% louder than older models.

For your leftovers...

There's the AmazonBasics Microwave for $59.99. Responding to voice commands, it'll work with any nearby Echo device...although it took more than one try for the ABM to successfully cook a potato on-stage at Amazon's event.

For your car...

There's the Echo Auto, complete with a new Amazon OS. It'll also have location services so Echo Auto can, for example, turn on the lights when you're near your home.

Other new launches: Alexa smart plug ($25), Echo wall clock ($30), Alexa Guard security device, Fire TV Recast ($229), and plenty more.

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I think Amazon OS is the real surprise announcement here...

How long until we see iPhone rivals for sale at much cheaper prices than Apple's pricey devices that never seem to improve other than resolution and size?

Siri is like a toaster compared to Alexa.

I wonder if this iPhone 6 will be my last Apple product now?

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