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Queen Esther

The most beautiful *STAIRWAYS* you EVER seen....

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<3 ♫ <3 ♫ <3 .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.♫ <3 ♫ <3 ♫ <3

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Mediterranean  tiles....




Stairs to the musical theater in Seoul, South Korea....

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In  the  NW  -  when  I  need,  I  wish  so  nice  colored  stairs  like  this :):x

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I could imagine these stairs in the *New World* when we have enough time for all :)    I love these mixed colors, similar by the artist  "Hundertwasser".... 

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syrian students paint the longest staircase in their town.jpg

Syrian  students  paint  the  longest  staircase  in  their  town !


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    • Qué lindo este niño 😍 WhatsApp Video 2018-07-15 at 7.18.40 PM.mp4
    • The trick will be, through social media and the like, to make this the beating known around the world. It won't be easy, because atrocities are a dime a dozen today. Countermanding this is the fact that everyone knows Jehovah's Witnesses have done nothing deserving of this. There will be none of: 'Well, he must have done something wrong.' Everyone knows he did not. You can be sure that those doing these things would like to do it in secret. Do not let them.      
    • The Christ did cease, to put it simple, him being corruptible had tasted death like any other man, but him being sinless opens a door that a born sinner could not, that being said, mainly if you understand what him being the Firstborn out of the Dead even means, if Christ did not cease, him, being the temple and or foundation, that would defeat the purpose of why he is called as such in the Bible itself. Indeed, some call it as such, they also refer to this a sacrifice, and or substitutionary atonement, so basically it is somewhat of a ransom, if you understand the context leading up to and of Jesus' death, then in turn, his resurrection. So technically speaking, all of those of mankind, those, well all, considered to have inherited sin and death as a result of Adam's sin in the Garden of Eden via disobedience, God's law requires that only the sacrificial death of a perfect, sinless human can atone the Adamic sin, in addition, faith in the ransom of Christ Jesus, known as The Last Adam (Second Adam) is regarded as the only way to atone for sin and escape death, even opens doors to forgiveness of sin and the like, as well as the New Covenant. Other than that, death is a cease of all activity, for death itself is the obvious opposite of life. When you die, you die, to dust you cometh, to dust you returnth, and in death you have no sort of function and or consciousness whatsoever - hence the term, Pangs of Death. God took Jesus out of the pangs of death by means of loosening it's grip on His Son, thus resurrecting the Lord himself - Risen Christ (Acts 2:24). There is biblical support, and it has been said a number of times, pages back, as well as full description of what it is. The nail to this personhood of the Holy Spirit is what Stephen had mentioned, that alone debunks the idea of the Holy Spirit being a Person, let alone, God. Other than that is is rather silly to make the claim in regards to 14 and 16 of John when one can easily understand the Greek Language Forms, and it is absurd to use Paul and others as examples when testimony and affirmation is as clear as day in this regard. Therefore, the correction has been made. Think of it as you like, the information is both fact and true, after all, it was on your part such long detailed information was posed in such discussions to begin with. Jesus did indeed say to read into the scriptures, and he asks of us to believe in the one who has sent him, never has Jesus made the claim he is his Father and or something accursed, for it is known to everyone in this day and age of who Jesus is, and who is his Father. That being said, the information in full detail it so show even to the guests who come here what is truth and what is not truth, with included Greek sources of Language forms of which you had made the choice to ignore and repeat yourself like a busted record, but it is true as to what they say, the truth hurts, and the truth is not for everyone, therefore, expect an actual detailed based source on the Holy Spirit in the coming weeks.
    • @Witness I have, but such has been rooted in conspiracy and misleading, the others you have made mention of I have done the research, and the result is of something you yourself may not be in favor for, granted such information did come on the side of both the Anti-Religious as well as from former Jehovah's Witnesses themselves who professed such information. Moreover, I now have access to an archive of information in relations with some, if not most of what you made mention of. That is why I asked you to cite a source because it is one thing to say something, but when one finds the information, they see something entirely different. That being said, the words of a former JW who spoke on such: a hoax. The same should be said of weapon bunkers set up under the JW church, the drinking of chemical based poison, sent by the WT to the churches, to lead people to paradise, promptly assassination of members as it is claimed, as well as the claim made of wedding rings in connection with sexual based symbolism in the realm of paganism. But if you want to bring up more conspiracy, please do, for it only allows one to make note of the research, mainly when it comes to donation money coming from unknown parities to those in acceptance of said donations, which does not limit to a sole group and or member.
    • @AllenSmith34 Indeed, this is why it is always important to look at the translations, compare it to the source and the Strong's. I immediately see what the NLT version has done, for the original verse uses both 7223 and 8269.
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