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YouTube Pissed off the Wrong Woman


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Coincidentally, YouTube also demonetized many of my videos over the years. There is obviously an agenda over there ... with the difference being that most of us simple people don't go bezerk and start shooting up places.

Basically people shouldn't upload videos to YouTube anymore expecting to make $. There are many other places to do so such as Facebook.

I've also noticed ad revenue going WAY down for most publishers. 

Is the advertising model being threatened? 

That would be sad.... a world without advertisement supported websites means there would be no new startups and only the monopolies would exist.

Adblockers are a huge threat to the advertisement supported media.

Those that use adblockers today will soon find themselves having to pay multiple paywalls everywhere for what used to be "free".


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YouTube basically decided it didn't want to deal with the little people anymore and is trying to please the big advertising budgets.

McDonald's doesn't want its ads on her yoga videos and they threatened. (hypothetical example)

Advertisers have gotten used to creepy level, cookies tracking, east german style spy level targeting for their ad dollars and are demanding more of YouTube and Alphabet.

They in turn, turn off premium advertisements for anything that is not 100% wholesome, healthy and relevant.

Anything controversial, hard-hitting or unpleasant is not monetized.

Leaving only pleasant government supported news that has been whitewashed.

I suspect one day this website will be forced into subscription only mode for support. 

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