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What makes the AWAKE particularly interesting is that the writers are experts on every imaginable subject. It is like a cross between "Reader's Digest", Marvel Comics, and Disneyland. Cost w

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PS.  My  Dad  got  the  "Reader's  Digest"  little  books  for  many  many  years....

@James Thomas Rook Jr.....  I  just  looked,  we  still  get  it  in  Germany.

16....  7..jpg

Now  published  in  Germany  since  70 years,  WOW....

This  is  from   Apr. 30,  2018


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You know the American Indian Expression ..... "Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins"?

That is because when you are a mile away, with the other person's shoes, you can giggle yourself silly because you have his shoes,  and he cannot hear you.

It looks like this guy is looking for the comedian that has his clothes.


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