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Core and Cardio Workout

Guest Indiana

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Guest Indiana

Today's lineup includes a core heavy routine with a bit of cardio weaved in - though many of the core exercises may have you huffing and puffing as well due to the minimal rest periods. We've got four groups of six different exercises, all from a different category; crunches, planks, HIIT or cardio (we show modifications for both), Pilates, back, and a burnout round. If you're feeling sore from yesterday, stick to the lowest impact version of the cardio exercises.

Helpful Read: Eating well should be a family project, not a solo one. It makes sense that you would want your loved ones to eat in a way that would make them feel great and increase their chances of good health. Here are some fun ways to help your kids eat healthily & develop a healthy relationship with food (pro tip: the same ideas can even be beneficial with a partner or friend!).

Workout Length: 35 Minutes
Equipment: None
Training Strategy: Dynamic core intervals
Calorie Burn Estimate: 151 - 291


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