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Michael Saylor: "Bitcoin will subsume gold then it will subsume negative yielding sovereign debts"


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Google negative yielding sovereign debts market cap.

USD 18 TRILLION https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-11/world-s-negative-yield-debt-pile-at-18-trillion-for-first-time

I don't think anyone has ever said "only". But can you give even a single good reason to purchase a negative-yield sovereign bond?

The only reason I can think of is a bad reason -- that your banking license will be yanked if your bank doesn't act like a good little chartered institution and enable the government's debt auctions.

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"You should study Bitcoin because it is in essence strong money on a crypto network and there is no reason it can't flip gold and go to 10 trillion and then replace most debt as a store of value then go to 100 trillion. And if it does it's going up by a factor of 100 and if you miss it it will be the greatest opportunity of your lifetime and you will have missed it because your were too lazy to so the work."

Michael Saylor

I thought that was a great statement I wrote down from one the podcasts he was on.

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