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Bitcoin on Lightning via Twitter is the future of global payments.


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Seeing this young man in hoodie, baseball cap and crocs on national TV schooling older financial "professionals" is proof of how technology is changing our world faster and faster with each cycle....

This kid was in diapers when most of us were deciding to invest in Google or Yahoo on the new disruptive technology called the internet..... and look at him now teaching that older financial professional.

Older CNBC financial reporter literally says on international television:

"instant global cash finality...I don't know what those words mean, they sound like terms of art."

Time for more schooling. 

Have we all learned now that we shouldn't be looking to CNBC and Bloomberg for cutting edge financial discussion?


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You think the Average Salvadoran can just make and use a PayPal or Apple Pay account? They absolutely can not. Same goes for literally billions of other people around the world.

Anyone of them can make a Twitter if they have the infrastructure aka a computer and access to the internet. They can also download Chivo. They can download Muun, strike, blue wallet, green wallet, etc. In El Salvador people can even pay bills in BTC. It’s an accessible, flexible and entirely better system so many people now have at their finger tips globally. It will take awhile to get it all built out, dialed in and get people accustomed to it. But it’s there to be figured out at a raw baseline level today

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Literally no one I know (that I’ve talked with this stuff about) understands the difference between Venmo and a non-custodial bitcoin/LN wallet + the bitcoin network. But there is a world of difference.


Centralized variable ledgers that run on inferior archaic systems (slow/costly) that can be censored and where funds can be confiscated/frozen (and often are)


Free accessible portals to decentralized/immutable/uncensorable/trustless/unconfiscatable hard-money on an efficient 24/7 network that can’t ever be interrupted or controlled

The reality is the bitcoin network is ground breaking, one-of-a-kind and seeing the global demand. Thing is anyone who wants to use the network must use the native token (bitcoin the asset) to access the inbuilt utilities and use cases of the network.

This delineation isn’t articulated or understood nearly enough in my opinion.

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