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Jack Ryan

ANYTHING that happened, I mean ANYTHING, was used to confirm that we were “in the Truth?”

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Over the years in my talks and pioneer schools that I taught I used absolutely ANY event or story to confirm that we had the Truth. Here are some examples:

Someone at the door listened to us - Holy Spirit directed us there! Someone at the door didn’t listen to us - We gave them a chance and not everyone will listen anyway.

No one has been disfellowshipped from the congregation recently - Jehovah has a clean organization.
Someone was just disfellowshipped - Jehovah is cleaning his organization

There is gossip in the congregation - We are all imperfect and that’s why we have the Bible with examples of imperfection. There is very little gossip in our congregation - We are working on being kind which is a mark of true Christians.

Crime is going up - Sign of the Last Days Crime is going down - Peace! Sign of the Last Days

Newspapers praise us - More evidence that we are the true religion Newspapers criticize us - In the Last Days ridiculers will be here so that’s evidence we have the true religion.

Other churches are making movies and using technology - Disgusting!. True Christians don’t make movies, we PREACH! Other churches are using their Bibles on a smartphone. Why? We use real books!

Our organization is now making movies and using smartphones - Well, true Christians have always used the latest technology in printing and so it makes sense to save money and bla bla bla.

I would use ANY event as evidence that we had the “”Truth.” Even crazy stuff like if a ”worldly” person donated a pair of tires to a Witness then I wouldn’t give credit to the worldly person, I would say that Jehovah is using that worldly person. Or that maybe they recognize that this is the truth and that’s why they donated.

What about you? Did you use anything and everything to confirm you had the “Truth?”

- Ex Circuit Overseer

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48 minutes ago, Jack Ryan said:

Did you use anything and everything to confirm you had the “Truth?

This is a curious proposition because, let's face it it, the truth is always confirmed by" anything and everything" surely?

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