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In Moscow, a soft drizzle of rain. Along the facade of the Supreme Court was stretched a long line of those who came to the process as listeners. At the courthouse at Cook Street parked a large bus full of obviously bored police officers. So loud process seems unordinary event for court employees. However, a surprising calm that, despite the obvious excitement retain hundreds of believers, better than any words convinced that extremism - it is not about them.


9:40 Great Hall of the Supreme Court gradually filled with students and journalists.
10:00 The process began with the questions of the court to a representative of the Ministry of Justice. Court seeks to deal with the fact that the plaintiff imputes Administrative Center blamed the episode from 2014, when, according to the Ministry, the Administrative Center has imported in the Russian publication, which will subsequently be recognized as extremist materials. Court interested in the question, how could a religious organization to know that the book will be recognized as extremist, if not FSEM.
10:10 Court seeks to understand at what rate law based Ministry of Justice, claiming that the local religious organization (MPO) are "structural units" of the Administrative Center. The Ministry of Justice considers that it is logical, because the organization read the same books, and linked. Court asks how it is in this case meets the requirements of legal certainty. Does this not violate the European Convention enshrined the right to freedom of religion? After all, it was denied in bringing 395 companies to participate in the case as a respondent. Questions remain without clear answers.
10:20 The judge asked the representative of the Ministry of Justice, on the basis of which they claim that the funding MPO Administrative Center is precisely the financing of "extremist activity"? What it is objectively proved? If anything, then what's the Ministry of Justice claims are based?
10:28 objections to the presentation of all proceeds to the defendants. But above all, the lawyer Omelchenko seeks to adduce statements from the Russian newspaper dates entry in FSEM of certain publications. Court attaches.
10:35 The first acts Vasily Kalin, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the "Jehovah's Witnesses Administrative Center in Russia." Legitimate whether today's efforts to ban the Witnesses? For 26 years, the center has not been brought to justice for extremism. "If we are all these years have been good, at which point we have extremists?" If the ban happens to be inflicted substantial harm, and persecution has already begun. People will be prosecuted only for a joint reading of the Bible, and we've been through. We already put on a par with organizations such as the Taliban, and other Aum Senriko. The position of Jehovah's Witnesses is unchanged: to obey the authorities, to pray for them. Always adhere to the principles of peace.
10:45 Kalin said the circumstances of the repression of religion in the Soviet Union, which he remembers himself. It shows the court a certificate rehabilitated victims of political repression. He asks what is now witness wants him and his co-religionists to give the Ministry of Justice? Actions of Justice reject the country in the past.
10:50 By the Deputy Kalina, Sergei Cherepanov. He explains what measures have been taken the center of Jehovah's Witnesses for the prevention of extremism.
10:57 Cherepanov mentions that the center of Jehovah's Witnesses in the list of the most dangerous organizations. He is not a lawyer, but he thinks that the actions of the Ministry of the fight against extremism gone down the wrong path.In recent years, 20 criminal cases under article Extremism were initiated against Jehovah's Witnesses. Although most of the cases ended in acquittals, the faithful rights were significantly violated and their lives are blighted.
11:05 Cherepanov mentions cases of fraud had been planted and which have been declared to law enforcement agencies, however, completely ignored by the police and other authorities. There is no doubt that Jehovah's Witnesses center has taken all possible measures to counter extremism. Deputy Attorney General, who a year ago signed a warning of Jehovah's Witnesses, refused to meet, which could clarify what further action the supervisor might expect from the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Fight against extremism in the civilized world. However, only in Russia is persecuted Jehovah's Witnesses, who worship in the world visited by about 20 million people. Pursue them in Russia means to challenge all those countries where Jehovah's Witnesses are free to profess their faith. At this Cherepanov finishes his speech and asked to adduce points of his speech.

Full text explanations Cherepanov SB (PDF, 226 KB)

11:15 Speech Zhenkova lawyer. He convincingly argues that, contrary to the Ministry of Justice, among the goals and objectives of the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is not extremism. If 100 years and unofficially officially 26 years of existence of Jehovah's Witnesses were not proven harm from their activities, then what harm refers to the Ministry of Justice?
11:20 Little wife points out that the vast majority of publications Witnesses were included in FSEM 8 years ago. Over the years there have been no terrorist act or an act of vandalism by Jehovah's Witnesses. Nothing of the sort was before.
11:24 Little wife draws attention to the fact that these publications were included in FSEM before the famous Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court, who explained that extremism can not be regarded as criticism of other religions.
11:25 Little wife emphasizes that only a few experts found signs of extremism in the literature of Jehovah's Witnesses. unqualified experts often work. Courts hear cases in the absence of the faithful. For example, one of the brochures, which contains almost no text has been recognized as an extremist for the phrase "avoid bad deeds." In response to laughter little wife said that the people who conduct searches because of this brochure, not a laughing matter.
11:30 Two other publications included in FSEM, but Jehovah's Witnesses still do not know why, in spite of the numerous appeals and requests. "If so consider printed texts, the Russian can generally be left without books soon!"
11:35 Little wife: It seems that the prosecution is trying by all means to recognize the extremist largest possible number of Jehovah's Witnesses materials. For example, the prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit on the recognition of extremist Bible itself, in spite of an express stipulation in the law of the Bible and quotes from it can not be recognized as extremist. Of arguments the prosecutor's office: "Taken as a book, the Bible ceases to be the Bible, which it is only in the Church." (Laughter.)
11:39 Little wife points out that the cases involving the recognition of the Jehovah's Witnesses extremist literature appealed to the ECHR. 22 complaints and merged into one. In response to the request of the Strasbourg Court of the Russian Federation has officially recognized that Jehovah's Witnesses literature contains no open calls for violence.
11:45 The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the case of the recognition of the Jehovah's Witnesses as extremist materials shall not affect the rights of the "Jehovah's Witnesses Administrative Center in Russia", and these solutions are not canceled. A Justice Department now believes that on the contrary, affects ¬eto Law Center. But this is a mistake.
11:55 Lawyer little wife document proves that the printed materials have never been imported to the country after having been recognized as extremist. This also applies to all of the episodes, which imputes to believers the Ministry of Justice in its lawsuit.
12:05 At importation into the country almost every publication from the center of Jehovah's Witnesses were the results of examinations, is not found in them signs of extremism. Thus, the center could not have foreseen that certain materials can be considered extremist. The legislation is based on the principles of legal certainty and predictability of the consequences of certain actions. However, in the actions of state authorities against Jehovah's Witnesses, this principle is clearly not respected.
12:10 Statement by the representative of the defendant Toporova. "Extremism is extremism of Jehovah's Witnesses on the paper." No casualties, the victims or victims of the alleged "extremist" activities nor the prosecutor's office nor the Ministry of Justice failed to provide.
12:12 Axes refutes the Ministry of Justice on the "financing of extremism." Financial aid directed MPO, was directed at the liturgical service of buildings, utilities, sometimes to help the believers who have suffered from natural disasters.
12:17 The representative of Ax: The Ministry of Justice is encouraging countries to highest judicial body to resort to double standards. Earlier, the court, with the support of the Ministry of Justice, took the consistent position that the judgment against the local organizations do not affect the rights of the Administrative Center. Now the position of the Ministry has changed the other way around. It is trying to extend the sanctions imposed on several local organizations in the center and on all other 395 local religious organization of Jehovah's Witnesses.
12:22 Axes analyzes the legal meaning of the term "within the structure of a centralized organization." Referring to the legislation, regulations and legal opinions, Ax shows that we are talking exclusively about the canonical and spiritual connection. Local religious organizations are not branches and representative offices of a centralized organization.
12:37 Axes explains that central and local organization of Jehovah's Witnesses are not liable for the obligations of each other. Center is the founder of any of the MPO. Each of them has its own composition of the founders of the 10 or more people. Each MPO its unique name, its own constitution, separate property, the right to enter into civil contracts. Addressing the judge, ax the analogy: the entire Russian judicial system is a single structure, but regional courts are not the structural units of the Supreme Court, but are separate entities.
12:43 Axes wondered why the vast majority, more than 380 MRO Russia, who have never received any complaints from the state, should be eliminated, even without warning and the opportunity to change something? In fact, there are hundreds and hundreds of the results of audits of various departments, found no violations in the activities of all these MPO. 22 Crimea MPO, registered under the Russian legislation and have not committed any violation, wondering what they should be recognized as extremist, and their property confiscated? Why Moscow MPO registered under the instruction of the ECHR and has not committed any offense should be subject to less severe penalties?
12:52 Presentation by representative of Maxim Novakova. His speech is devoted to the analysis of so-called "new evidence of extremist activity" referred to by the Ministry of Justice in its lawsuit. We are talking about fines imposed on the number of MPO due to the detection in the liturgical buildings of extremist materials.
13:06 Administrative Center is not invited to participate in the affairs, so did not have an effective opportunity to raise the issue of the presence of provocations. Meanwhile, no evidence for a court may not have established force. Judicial decisions imposing fines could not have a prejudicial effect. Otherwise it would be a violation of the right to a fair trial. The decisions referred to by the Court - it is a beautiful enclosed "boxes", but the content of these "boxes" are not as priglyadno. To have a complete picture and to make an objective assessment, the court must assess the circumstances of the incident. At the service breaks riot police, throwing all the men on the floor, they were not allowed even to raise his head, while the unidentified man move uncontrollably in the building. On camera recorded as riot police stormed the building and takes liturgical police tossed in the closet prohibited materials, and then they "discover".
13:12 Novakov tells an interesting detail, recently discovered in the materials of the case. It turned out that one of the lobed publications is the inscription indicating that this publication belongs to one of the centers of Orthodox anti-sectarian!
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13:18 Novakov notes that the term is a structural unit defined in the corresponding chapter of the title of the law. The concept of "structural unit" refers only to political parties.

9:00 In Moscow, a soft drizzle of rain. Along the facade of the Supreme Court was stretched a long line of those who came to the process as listeners. At the courthouse at Cook Stree

That is amazing that Our brothers will get a hold a memorial in peace. Praise be to Jehovah 

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3 minutes ago, Netty said:

 That is amazing that Our brothers will get a hold a memorial in peace. Praise be to Jehovah 

Yes Jehovah wants His People to enjoy the Memorial. Let them praise the Name of Jehovah forever and the respect for His King Christ Jesus! ? These nations are just a drop in The bucket to Him! ?

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hello everyone,
I had downloaded the 2 audio files from the 2 talks in russian language, from the russian internet page.
I do not speak russian, but will be useful to share with all of you.



7 апреля

Аудиозаписи выступлений:  
Василий Калин     

Василий Калин.mp3

(the english translation of this can be found here (thanks dave) ;)

Сергей Черепанов

Сергей Черепанов.mp3

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