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"Two witness rule" get new format after reading this Bible verse

Srecko Sostar

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So called "two witness rule" that is so strong incorporated in WT interpretation of some Bible verses and practice in this modern time, give no other possibility to members but to obey this rule in everyday situations. Even when such hard, obdurate and  unreasonable application of this rule create injustice, pain and suffer for person who is/was innocent victim of criminal and sinful act of other person (his/her brother or sister in congregation or even so called "worldly" person). Even Mat 18:15-17 speaking about some other kind sort of "witness"  and not about a witness of bad act, but witness of "victim" response to bad behaviour or deed that cause problem, harm to him/her.

Here we have one Bible verse with brand "new" (for me new :)) perhaps not for you) look on how meaning of term "witness" found, establish different application then is known to many of JW today.
How many "witnesses" gave testimony for Paul words?
Two? Yes, answer is almost correct. But, take a look once again. 

Romans 9:1 nwt

"I am telling the truth+ in Christ; I am not lying,+ since my conscience bears witness with me in holy spirit,"

Paul and his conscience forming Two Witnesses. Who need more eye or ear witnesses after this Two ? :) And what we shall do with holy spirit? Is it part of team and forms witness No 3 ?? :)) 



Paul claiming that his words are truthful by calling for Jesus as confirmation for that. Is Jesus next witness in line?

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