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The GoFundMe account created to raise funds for Trump’s proposed border wall

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Actually, he CAN donate it to "The Wall" ... the United States Treasury will accept voluntary donations ... which is how the GoFundMe check would have to be made out,  anyway.

It will, however not be so allocated.  It will go into the General Treasury and disappear until allocated as Congress sees fit.

Concerning GoFunMe Bail Money .... being a licensed Bail Bondsman requires a License, not only because money transfers aback and forth between the courts, but because it all has to be accounted for quite meticulously, and... a Bail Bondsman has the authority to send armed Bounty Hunters after Bail jumpers to recapture them .... and GoFundMe is a private company ... they can do anything they want which is legal .... OR NOT.

There is a list of things that companies cannot discriminate about .... If I had a company I could LEGALLY make it a policy not to hire people too short, or too tall, or too fat or too thin ....for however I perceived them in my opinion, to be.

The Military, Police, and Trucking Companies do this EVERY DAY.

And, I cannot see how Trump's Wall would be racist, unless the wall can think and see, and has a grudge.

A piece of steel, or a big-honking concrete wall does not play favorites ... except perhaps favoring the extremely agile and strong, or those with a 40 foot ladder handy.


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