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Johnson & Johnson Tainted Talcum "Baby Powder" Scandal


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Indian drug inspectors have seized Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder from a factory in Baddi for testing.

“On the basis of the news report, we are alerting staff to pick up samples. We will test them in a drug control lab here,” regional drug officer Surendranath Sai told Reuters.

The news agency published a major report last week that showed J&J executives knew for decades that some of their talc sources had asbestos contamination. The company has denied the allegations, which it is also fighting in almost 12,000 court claims.

J&J lost $50 billion in market value in the wake of the report and has announced share buyback plans of up to $5 billion. It reports $1.5 billion in annual sales under the Johnson & Johnson brand name. In July, a jury awarded $4.7 billion to 22 women and their families in a case alleging that asbestos in baby powder caused ovarian cancer. That case is now on appeal. J&J has won other appeals in some cancer-related claims but also been found liable for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Cancer authorities including the American Cancer Society and the World Health Organization list asbestos as a carcinogen at any dose. Talc-based products that do not contain asbestos may have only a small association with cancer, according to the ACS. The plethora of cases against J&J include some talc-only cases and others that involve asbestos.


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"Since 1971??? Everyone found out it was deadly at the World's Fair in New York in the 1930s 

There was a display building dedicated to asbestos "the miracle mineral" at the world's fair. But before they even opened people (namely the guys who build the building entirely of asbestos blocks) started developing breathing problems. The mining industry pointed out that it was similar to black lung and that they thought the asbestos was the cause."

- Source needed

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