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Super Power Rundown Series 5
The final step of the Super Power Rundown is to give back to the person his full
potential power as a being. All prior steps on the Super Power Rundown have been
designed to get a person into a state wherein he is set up to regain his ability to handle
infinite power. These processes are run just like any other process with full F/N, Cog VGIs
as the EP. If the person goes exterior continue to run the processes. If there is a dial wide
F/N continue to run the process. The only time you would end off the process or the session
is if the person has a persistent floating TA.
At some point during the running of this series of processes the person will reach
a state wherein they are speechless. They will laugh with wild abandon. Their TA will be
floating! They will probably also be exterior and will be unable to communicate in words
what they are experiencing. This is the end result of the Super Power Rundown. It is rare
for this to occur prior to the running of the last flow of this series of processes, but if it
occurs then acknowledge the win.
One thing the auditor must not do is interrupt the person while in the middle of this
major win or during the laughter. Otherwise it will invalidate the win. The auditor simply
maintains his TRs and lets the person have his win. Do not end the session until the
laughter stops as this will also tend to invalidate the person and his win.
The laughter can go on for some time. Perhaps up to an hour. Be sure and just be there
with the person during this win and not end the session until the laughter has subsided.
The following is the last series of processes one runs on the Super Power Rundown:
1. Get the idea that you have infinite power.
2. Get the idea that another has infinite power.
3. Get the idea that others have infinite power.
4. Get the idea that you can cause yourself to have infinite power.
5. Get the idea that you have been given infinite power.
6. Get the idea that another has been given infinite power.
7. Get the idea that others have been given infinite power.
8. Get the idea that you have caused yourself to be given infinite power.
9. Get the idea that you can give another infinite power.
10. Get the idea that another can give you infinite power.
11. Get the idea that others can give others infinite power.
12. Get the idea that you can cause yourself infinite power.
13. Get the idea that you are infinite.
14. Get the idea that another is infinite.
15. Get the idea that others are infinite.
16. Get the idea that you can cause yourself to be infinity.
Make sure to run only the reading process and check for interest. Do not run any
process on the person in which he is not interested.

The rundown has two major types of cognitions, and both of them should occur
before the rundown is declared complete.
The first is a realization that the person is himself. Some statement that adds up to
“I’m me!” will occur if the rundown is done correctly.
The second will be an awareness that the person is here, aware of the present
environment, or “I’m here!”. These two cognitions are natural results of undoing the
dumbbell phenomena.

The first (earliest) bit in the bank is not an Item but a light.
It appears to the left front of the face, some distance away (look ahead and to the
left a bit and you’ll spot it).
It is the source of unconsciousness and produces it when contacted.
There is a light before each Run, in the middle of each 7’s GPM (every 4 pairs), at
the start of Basic End Words, at the start of Confusion GPM, and at the start of the Objects
and at the end of each type of Item in the Objects (every 8 Items). Each time you feel
groggy, it’s a light doing it. Each major change, then, is preceded by the light. Mark these
in on your platens if they are not there. Flatten each one by spotting it, and it and thetan.
Anaten (unconsciousness) can be spotted away.
It is part of the light. When the light went on, the thetan went anaten. Instead of a
Solo Auditor going anaten in his session, it is only necessary to spot the anaten in the
thetan when running the light.
When you spot a light or object or combination of objects, you should get a read on
the needle. By spotting the same thing again, you get another read. By spotting it again,
you get another read. And so you continue to spot it, time after time, until no more reads
occur by reason of spotting.
You repeat verbal items aloud, getting a read each time you repeat until it has no
more reads. Verbal items are found in the “7’s”. “Basic End Words” and “Confusion
But you silently spot lights, objects, combinations of objects repeatedly (same one)
until you have no more reads.
You should get as many falls, etc. from spotting a light as you do from calling an
Spotting the thetan follows the same rules. You spot repeatedly until there are no
more reads on the needle by reason of spotting the thetan (self) at that instant and place.
You don’t have to see the light to spot it or see the thetan or see the object or objects.
You only need to spot the place where they are with the idea of what should be there.
Of course, seen at first or not, continued spotting makes it blow.

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
As a matter of data, the only trouble really in a III OT run is running an Inc I on one thetan
and an incident II on another, thinking it was thc first one. A preOT can free wheel into R6 if
you run only an INC 2. You can stop the free wheel at once by running Inc I off the same thetan
you ran the Inc 2 on that started a free wheel.
Free wheel means that the pc goes on automatic continuous run. Inc 2 is R6 75 million years
ago. Inc I is about 4 quadrillion yoars ago. Both, all thetans on this planet and 21 nearby stars have
in common. All thetans in the Universe have Inc. 1. Only those in this Old Confederation have
Inc 2 and R6. All CC and OTII materials are in R6 75 million years ago. These are followed by
36 days worth of motion pictures - god devil, space opera, trains, cars, helicopters, crashes, stage
etc. This R6 is 75 million years ago and this planet and confederation.
If the vokano bit is run as per III directions but the Inc I is not run on same thetan, R6 begins
to run off on automatic, the being can’t sleep for days, the body dies. That’s the way it was
Copyright (c) 1968 FOUNDER
by L. Ron Hubbard

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
AO Only
III Packs
When running OT III the Solo Auditor handles Body Theteans as he would any other
pc, for the general idea is to run them standardly and not to ARC Break them. He does
not scan through anything in order to find body thetans.
When a Solo Auditor can find no more BTs, he can attest or run a pressure area down
and handle as per his running instructions.
The pre OT could be exterior and the interiorization process can be run in Review
to help him through.
Here are three reasons why a pre OT might have trouble whilst running BTs on
Incident II:
1. It is the wrong area.
2. It is not the volcano of the BT being run.
3. It is not an Incident II but another incident of a different date.
Check 1 and 2 if you are having any difficulty in running Incident II and handle by
locating the correct area or finding the volcano of the BT being run.
If it is not a II simply check for the date and if different, run it.
LRH: dz
Copyright (c) 1970
by L. Ron Hubbard

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Among OT III errors are:
A BT run on Inc I fails to blow.
There are three reasons:
(a) Auditor is trying to run a cluster with an Incident 1. The right thing to do is
date and get the character of the incident that made it a cluster and then run
Inc Is on those left when it breaks up. Or get Dn auditing.
(b) There is an earlier Incident I on the same BT. Find it and run it. The BT has
a chain of them all by himself.
(c) Another BT is copying the Inc I just run so it looks like it didn’t blow. Failure
to ever run Inc II can also cause a bog.
Routine Dianetic Auditing by a Dianetic HDC who is also on or above OT III using
triple flows and LDN OT III also handles bogged OTIII Pre OTs.
Copyright (c) 1969
by L. Ron Hubbard

OT 7 - 47
1. Go to a place with lots of people
2. Spot them one at a time
3. As you spot each person, do the following:
A. Perceive the individual as a Life Source (Thetan).
B. Know something about that person.
C. Be willing to not-know something about that person.
D. Grant beingness to that person (by cognizing the way they are).
E. Having that person grant beingness to you.
OT 7 - 48
1. Find some plants, trees, etc., and communicate to them individually until you
know they received your communication.
2. Go to a zoo or a place with many types of life and communicate with each of
them untit you know the communication is received and, if possible, returned.
OT 7 - 49
Go out to a park, train station or other busy area. Practice placing an intentfon into
individuals until you can successfully and easily place an intention into or on a being
and/or a body.

This step is run generally with the Pre-OT finding and blowing BTs and
clusters as he encounters them. This includes BTs and clusters that are on the
body, inches from the body, feet from the body, yards from the body, or way
off - all of these in which the auditor is interested are connected to and are
influencing the body. One is not interested in other people’s BTs or clusters
but only those directly influencing the Pre-OT’s body. Because the Pre-OT’s
“attention distance” has increased by the time you get to this step, this is
relatively easy to do. The auditor of course is not interested in using this one
Pre-OT to clear the planet but should not object too strenuously if the Pre-OT
engages in some side actions that do not directly concern him, but realize that
this is not this step or any other step. Care must be taken to ensure that only
one mass or area or category is restimulated and fully handled before
activating another. The caution from OT III pack about not using too wide
an attention span applies here.
Phenomena You are Likely to Encounter on this step:
* Misidentified BTs and clusters who have copied each others’ incidents
and implants.
* BTs/clusters switched in time (misconception).
* BTs/clusters switched in location (misconception).
* Remote BTs, i.e. stuck on another person or in another location where
Pre-OT’s attention is fixed or drawn to.
* BTs/clusters with “something that isn’t there”.
* Multiple masses creating somatics.
* Invisible, Secret, and Hiding BTs and clusters.
* Hypnotized BTs and somnolent BTs and clusters.
* BTs mocking up things they think they area.
* Old Between Lives areas, remote implant stations of the past.
* BTs/clusters who, being stuck in the past and look-forward, think they
are looking at the future.
Cognitions or EPs Encountered on this step:
* Body getting lighter, more relaxed and more in control. Much less mass
* Realization that BTs/clusters were causing body shape distortions and
that body is “moving back into position”.
This step consists of having Pre-OT locate and blow any BT or clusters that
are visible or perceivable, including handling any BTs or clusters restimulated.
This is based on the old maxim that “If you get enough charge off . . . or if you
keep on getting charge off, you will make case gain and an entrance to the case
will show up”.
You are likely to encounter any of the phenomena or manifestations of BTs
and clusters. There is a general cyclic pattern of encountering BTs/clusters
that are hard to blow or that are holding other BTs/clusters,followed by a
series of easy blows, then the same pattern repeats over and over.
There is a mechanism of a BT or cluster making a ridge,then another BT or
cluster comes along and sticks to the ridge. You blow the BT or cluster who
made the ridge first, then a remnant of the ridge remains containing BTs who
stuck in it and are now keeping it there and you have to blow these off too -
they generally blow easily. Another example of this is a BT being a pole trap.
Another BT comes along and sticks to the pole trap. You first blow the BT
being the pole trap and then you have to blow the BT who stuck to it.
The auditor has the Pre-OT look for old ridges, remnants of ridges and
masses, and completes handling these to fully blown.
Phenomena You are Likely to Encounter on this Step:
* BTs/clusters left stuck in the ridge or picture that was mocked up by
another BT or cluster.
* BTs/clusters being objects in another BT’s or cluster’s pictures. Such
a picture is hard to blow unless you recognize that the picture is
composed of BTs being the parts of the picture.
* “Hard core” BTs and clusters that are very hard to blow.
* BTs/clusters with Out-Int.
* BTs/clusters with stuck flows.
* BTs stuck on the inside of a ridge who tried to blow but get caught by
the ridge. When you blow the ridge you find a lot of BTs blowing out
from under the ridge.
* BTs and clusters being ridges.
* Apparent inert masses that behave like ridges and have to be brought
to life with a “Hello - OK” technique.
* Two BTs pushing so hard against each other that each one thinks that
it’s blocked by a ridge and to blow the ridge you have to blow the two
Cognitions or EPs Encountered on this step:
* Body distortions clearing up.
* Cognition of “I am well”.
This process handles BTs and clusters with very stuck flows. It is run per the
HCOB on it, to its EP.
Phenomena You are Likely to Encounter on this step:
* BTs/clusters unable to move on the time track because time itself
becomes a stuck flow forward to them.
* BTs/clusters who dive down the time track on a time stuck flow basis.
* BTs/clusters who suddenly pop into view as they were in Revivs down
the time track and weren’t even in sight (which is what gives the Pre-
OT theidea that it’s endless).
* BTs/clusters (masses) who appear to be in PT (whose pressures are in
PT) but who are really way down the track and who need only a small
jerk, given by the Pre-OT, to unstick them from the track.
* The erroneous idea of the Pre-OT that he is in the past because he is
being influenced by BTs and clusters that actually are in the past.
* Fear of the future which is really a protest bringing about the apparency
of being stuck on he time track and that the time flow can actually stick
The auditor now has the Pre-OT look at the body and in particular any somatic
area or area of chronic somatics.
Phenomena You are Likely to Encounter on this step:
* False body parts, i.e. a false leg (BT or cluster being a false leg).
* BTs/clusters transferred from another person who had such a physical
condition, or BTs or clusters who copied such a condition.
* BTs/clusters stuck in drugs or painkillers or anaesthetics used or taken
in the body area.
* Very small BTs that come up to tremendous size before blowing, some
with concept of “negative” space.
* Heavy mass, unresponsive or inert BTs/clusters.
* BTs stuck in body beingnesses, both body parts and body conditions.
* BTs/clusters who are “making a body”.
* Identityless BTs/clusters.
* BTs/clusters that are Dead, that think they’re Mest, that think they are
molecules or planets.
* A cluster causing a dislocated bone or trying to break a bone or spine,
plus, the BTs or clusters being the damaged body part and holding onto
the damage or copying it.
* BTs/clusters who are being broken legs, misformed arms, cancer,
damaged brains, or other non-optimum body parts or conditions.
* BTs or clusters operating on a refusal to make pictures - the negative
of obsessively mocking up.
Cognitions or EPs Encountered on this step:
* Extroversion EP for Session and F/Ning TA.
* Awareness that anything perceived as mass or somatic in the body is
not the body, but comes from BTs/clusters.
* Cognition re mocking up pictures due to loss of memory.
* Actual Exterior perception of Pre-OT increasing.
* Case change of reaching into body and finding nothing there (i.e. in an
area of body), and it being clean for the first time.
* A cognition of personal identity - much more intense than previously.

This is a more specific address to any area of chronic or recurring somatic.
Some chronic somatics depart very fast and don’t return. These are almost
miracle in nature. Other chronic somatics gradually lessen and can disappear
in the course of the whole Rundown. So don’t despair if you don’t get an
instant alleviation of the chronic somatic but just keep on with the Rundown
and don’t specialize in chronic somatics. Also be very cheered up when you
hit an instant disappearance of one. Both conditions can exist in the same Pre-
OT on different chronic somatics.
Phenomena You are Likely to Encounter on this step:
* An Aura - which is a whole package of BTs and clusters formed into the
shape of a body and aura with other BTs and clusters stuck in it.
* Very heavy anaten holding clusters glued together.
* BTs and clusters in other parts of the body affecting the somatic area.
* BTs and clusters in a very suppressed or compressed state that blow up
to huge size and mass and surround and go through the whole body.
** BTs and clusters behind, or on the other side_of, or inside , bones or
organs, or on the other side of a ridge - these are very likely to be missed
as one wouldn’t think to look there.
* Nulls or unresponsive BTs/clusters that are totally out of communication
and need to be put into Comm by running “Hellos and OKs” on
* A BT or cluster believing he is his own picture - or someone else’s.
* BTs or clusters being “negatives” - i.e. a “no ___________” like a “no
stomach”, etc., these come about from intentions to obliterate and
probably are the root of sickness.
* The manifestation of Pre-OT trying to look at or into a body part or area
and a mass or ridge kicking in, between the Pre-OT and the area.
Cognitions or EPs Encountered on this step:
* Cognition “I can do anything any other being can do”.
* Lot of somatic blows, and the first real gain on the somatic area.

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Advanced Courses
ACS Auditors
NED for OTs Series 34
There is a definite sequence for handling a physical condition. All steps must be
done in this sequence to fully handle the condition:
1. The item
2. The body part
3. Illness (of the body part)
4. Cures for illness
5. Protest of cures for the illness
6. The body part(again)
7. The item(again)
8. The period of illness on it (Cluster-making incident)
Step One - The Item
The item producing the physical condition. This could be “dust” as an irritant. Or
“poison”, “bad food”, “paint fumes”, etc.
The item is handled by finding and blowing off BTs and clusters who are:
(a) being the item
(b) resisting the item
The item will then cease to read.
Step Two - The Body Part
The body part affected by the item. E.g. for the item “dust” the body part was
“lungs”. For “poison” or “bad food” the body part could be “stomach”.
On this step you handle BTs being the body part, i.e. being “lungs”. This includes
the negative of BTs being “a no body part” such as “no lungs”. And BTs and clusters stuck
in and on the body part, or area of the body, or affecting the body part or area. When all
such BTs and clusters are handled, the body part will no longer read.
Step Three - Illness
The next action is to handle illnesses of the body part(i.e. BTs and clusters being
“sick lungs” or being a condition of an illness or disease or the body part.) “Illness of body
part” will cease to read.
Step Four - Cures for Illness
You will now find BTs and clusters being cures for illnesses of the body part. Handle
all such BTs and clusters by blowing them off. “Cures for Illness” will then cease to read.
Step Five - Protest of Cures for the Illness
You will now find BTs and clusters protesting cures for the illness. Blow all these
off and “Protest of cures for the Illness” will cease to read.
Step Six - Body Part
You will find that the original body part will now be reading again. You handle all
BTs and clusters, on or in or being the body part, until they’re all handled and the body
part just F/Ns.
Step Seven - Item
Now the original item (from Step One) will be reading again and so you blow off
all BTs and clusters on the item. This includes BTs and clusters with engrams on the item,
BTs and clusters who have been run on the item when they didn’t have that item (i.e.
wrong item for them), and BTs and clusters who copied it. You may even encounter BTs
who went Clear, and thought they had engrams on it when they didn’t.
Step Eight - Illness On It
There are periods of time when the person had the physical condition, sometimes
years of illness, (which due to mutual shared experience of the illness), made a cluster.
This is the period of the illness or physical condition as a cluster-making incident. These
are BTs and clusters who were not actually connected with the item, or illness themselves,
but were made into a cluster and added on, due to the period of illness which they
The above are the full steps and sequence for handling a physical condition or
illness. If not done fully or omitted, the condition will recur. So all steps must be fully done
in that sequence.
On each step of this sequence the BTs and clusters are handled with the various
techniques given for blowing them - the Valence Technique is the most usual and
effective method.
The item for Step One is found by asking the PreOT for what caused or produced
the condition. It will most likely be the first item given by the PreOT. Be alert for getting
into listing or getting an out-list. If so the most likely error is that it was the first item on
the list, and this item was invalidated by going past it, or by over-listing past it, or the item
was found and audited previously but not fully handled resulting in the item being
suppressed or invalidated.
The steps are repeated here in short form for auditor use:
1. The item
2. The body part
3. Illness (of the body part)
4. Cures for Illness
5. Protest of cures for the illness
6. The body part (again)
7. The item (again)
8. The period of illness on it (Cluster-making incident)
Copyright (c) 1978
by L. Ron Hubbard


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