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Here is an example from London...

The word ‘ Christmas ’ does not figure in the Bible.  This festival underwent the pagan influence of the Saturnalia, celebrated around the time of the winter solstice in honour of Saturn, god of agriculture, characterised by their famous drinking sessions and the exchange of gifts. 

Furthermore, on 25 December 274, the Roman Emperor Aurelius proclaimed the sun-god Mithra the main protective god of the Empire.

“The earliest mention of the festival of Christmas is found in the Philocalian Calendar, established in Rome in 336 AD.” - J. G. Frazer, The Golden Bough

“The choice of 25 December appeared around 330, in order to cloud the pagan festivals celebrated at the time of the winter solstice. “This time was always marked in Antiquity, during the Saturnalia celebrated in Rome in honour of Saturn, the ancient master of time, or during Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun), a cult of the god Mithra that came from Persia.” - Nadine Cretin, Fêtes et traditions occidentales [Western Festivals and Traditions] 

The festival of Mithra, Natalis Invicti, Triumphant Sun and ‘birthday’ of the Invincible One, he who gave life back to nature, was therefore gradually replaced by that of the birth of Christ, ‘Light of nations” according to words of old Simeon. - Luke 2:32

The festival of Christmas therefore originated at a time when the cult of the sun was particularly strong in Rome. These details confirm that this festival draws its origins neither from the Scriptures nor from the traditions of the very first Christians.


Double-Sided Mithraic Relief MND 1911 Denon room 25

Mithra, the Persian god of light, is shown on one side of the relief cutting the throat of a divine bull to make the universe fruitful.

On the other side, he is depicted at a banquet with the sun to which he is compared.Mithras_banquet_Louvre_Ma3441.jpg


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