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Elizabeth Warren On Women's Anger

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7 hours ago, TheWorldNewsOrg said:

Brett Kavanaugh was allowed to be angry. Dr. Ford wasn’t. Women grow up hearing that being angry makes us unattractive.

I am positive that she means well .... but her own statement shows her totally screwed up perspective  and viewpoint on reality. If she thinks that's what the Kavanaugh Senate Hearing was about ( and I watched Thursday all 9-1/2 or so hours...) she has more problems ... than my opinion.


3 hours ago, admin said:

@James Thomas Rook Jr. Let’s try to not attack the person. I hope she means well.  

Most of the damage in the real world is caused by well meaning people.

They INTEND to rule wisely, but regardless ... they intend  to rule.

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On 9/30/2018 at 8:06 PM, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Elizabeth Warren, "Pocahontas?" is so divorced from reality, I have to turn away in embarrassment for her.

The actual story of Pocahontas is brutal and it isn't even her name. I use to have a Black Native American co-worker who goes off on a rant every 45 minutes regarding discrimination and racism, among all things, he goes on a tsunami sized rant regarding any negativity regarding Native Americans, such as the actual source of a Native women who became a sex slave and taken from her people only to die of a disease of what her captor's people suffered from.

Other than that, not a political person, but I have to say, not a fan of Ms. Warren, she may be a good person, but some things are....questionable.

As for the whole Ford and Kavanaugh, there are some facts that isn't being spoken of, some of which puts Ford in a position of being untruthful, although I do not like Kavanaugh, I feel as though, with what I had read up on, something is indeed not fitting well on the puzzle board.

That being said, a lot of political theater, and Republicans vs. Democrats in this sense, and we have the Far Light and the Far Right.


MEANWHILE IN OTHER NEWS....... We have this guy:



But yeah the whole Ford/Kavanaugh, there are some facts and other information that raises question. And depending on who side one picks it will shift a whole lot of things, for us neutrals in the matter, we are going to get caught in the middle like an accidental bar fight.

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On 9/30/2018 at 2:50 PM, TheWorldNewsOrg said:

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World News

FORD was allowed to do whatever she wanted to do. Ford couldnreact ANY WAY she wish. She chose notnto show anger. Instead she tried to play our her little gsme of fear with tears and NOBODY COROBORATED her story. NOBODY!! SO STOP YOUR STUPID PITY ACTS!! STOP making FAKING CRAP up Elizabeth. You aren't even acting like a professional Senator so GROW UP!! 

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8 hours ago, Space Merchant said:

@James Thomas Rook Jr. Protest and Rioting will ensue very soon and it will be as heated as the hot sand on summer day in DR.

Well, I am hoping that my living out in the country ... the distance to the ignorant masses of animals pretending to be human will make it a total non-event, as far as I am concerned.  

Those that froth at the mouth and scream and destroy things, and hurt innocent people,  do their thing ... those of us who are cool calm, and collected and rational and resolute, each behind our own defenses, .... will do ours.

If I should fall at the hands of mob violence, I hope that it is in a large pile of smoking, hot brass.

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