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Men's sexist attitudes 'shaped by first exposure to pornography'

Guest Nicole

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Guest Nicole

The age at which a male first sees pornography is associated with certain sexist attitudes later in life, according to a team of researchers from the University of Nebraska.

Their survey revealed the younger the first viewing occurred, the more likely a male was to want power over women.

While if they were older, they were more likely to be sexually promiscuous.

Of the 330 undergraduates surveyed, with a median age of 20, the average age they first saw pornography was 13.

The youngest was only five, while the oldest was 26.

The unpublished findings were presented at a convention in Washington.

Playboy lifestyle

Lead researcher Alyssa Bischmann and her team asked the men, the vast majority of whom were heterosexual and white, when they first saw porn and whether it was intentional, accidental or forced.

They were then asked 46 questions which measured how they conformed to one of two behavioural traits - seeking power over women or sexually promiscuous behaviour and living a playboy lifestyle.

Read more: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-40814082

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Among humans there is truly INFINITE variety.

It also varies from culture to culture.

I would suspect that culture has a great deal more to do with such conclusions.

It's like "Global Warming" ...

Information is collected from all over the world about weather ... and plugged into any of perhaps 20 different computer models, each programmed with the perceptions and biases of the researchers, and who is funding their investigations ....

Then, when the results come out ... they disregard any model results  that do not agree with their preconceived notions of the conclusions THEY SEEK!



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