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Pope Francis accuses clerical sex abuse victims of slander


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    • By The Librarian
      “Homosexuals have a right to be part of the family,” the pontiff said in “Francesco,” a documentary about his life.
    • By admin
      He is according to Pope Francis...
      i know a lot of members on here are religious and I saw this in the bookstore today 

    • By Queen Esther
      Moving – Pascom Porto Feliz: Catholic Conference discusses increasing Witnesses … What drives so many people to become Jehovah’s Witnesses? This was the question asked by some clerics, as shown by the following quotations. For example, in Bologna, Italy, the ecclesiastical authorities, with the approval of the pope, held a conference to discuss ways to combat the success of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
      The Catholic Church raised a “cry of alarm”, the newspaper La Republica, because every year ten thousand Catholics become Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Jesuit Giuseppe De Rosa said that “the religious point of view the most dangerous are Jehovah’s Witnesses. They come fully trained, and always have the Bible in hand.”
      In an article that deals specifically with Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica said:
      “The first reason for the spread of this movement are the propaganda techniques [ie, in preaching]. On the one hand, the work is thorough, carried from house to house by people who are strictly trained in this work, and are deeply convinced [ …] ”
      “The second reason for the success of TJs is the force of attraction of Jehovah’s message, because it can meet the needs, demands and expectations of the people of our time. First, answers the need for certainty, which is much appreciated at a time where everything is uncertain and unstable. […] Above all, it is an absolutely safe revelation of the future and, therefore, all who accepted, experience freedom from fear and anxiety and can face the future with joy, with ensuring that survive the destruction that will come the great day of God’s judgment on a wicked world, to live in eternal happiness on earth. Second, Jehovah’s message helps to overcome the concern of the individual against the woes of this world, announces that soon will end the unbearable situation of today, and soon, so there will be a new era will be born a new world in which all the wicked will be removed now triumph. […] ”
      “The third reason for the success of TJs is that this movement gives its members a precise identity and strong, and is a place where they were greeted with warmth and a sense of brotherhood and solidarity.”
      The Vatican document analyzed the needs of people today, and the quote above the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica showed that the message of Jehovah’s Witnesses meet those needs. This also showed Vittorio Messori Catholic writer in his recent book Scommesse sulla morte (a bet on death), who writes: “It makes us think that Jehovah’s Witnesses, is one of the religious denominations of the fastest growing in the world. It is among the religions that are practiced in many countries and perhaps […] is first in terms of fervor, zeal, activism, the ability to make proselytes. ” “And his presence, increasingly pronounced, is not limited to Christian tradition countries, but reaching the whole world, where in the name of Jehovah, and before long, they get results that are superior to those of Catholic missionaries, Protestants and Orthodox, who have worked for centuries. ”
      “This stunning expansive force is incomprehensible only to those who simply do not want to admit that […] course in how to understand the Bible, Jehovah’s Witnesses meet the real needs that other theologies do not meet.” “You can not get around the issue suggesting that the growth of witnesses is because they scare people is precisely the opposite:. Unlike the churches” official “, deny the existence of hell and preach the destruction, disappearance after death to the wicked and unbelieving. This may be an unpleasant prospect, but certainly less frightening than the threat of a terrible pain for all eternity. “Yes, the God of Jehovah’s Witnesses is a loving God, and not one that terrorizes the people .
      The following quote is the Catholic magazine Mondo ERRE March 1986: “It must be said that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the first to live the faith they preach: Do not IRAM, do not smoke, do not accumulate wealth, remain outside the political discussions […] pay taxes. They live a virtuous and honest life, they are happy and helpful. All this has made people appreciate the ”
      I’m glad to know that they have had success in evangelizing them my family is Catholic more from small learn to admire their work in all the earth ….
    • By Jack Ryan
      Vatican’s ex-ambassador says Popes Francis, Benedict knew of sexual misconduct allegations against Cardinal McCarrick for years
      The Papal Nuncio himself has charged the Pope himself to resign.

      More details to follow I am sure.
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      via .ORG
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    • By The Librarian
      "The Holy Father is aware of the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which he takes seriously".
      The pope was interviewed by Eugenio Scalfari, a veteran Italian journalist and atheist who regularly muses about faith and religion, and enjoys access to the leader of the Catholic Church.
      "Reconciliation is not just between government and Indigenous Peoples, it's between non-Indigenous Canadians and Indigenous Peoples as well", Trudeau said.
      Pope Francis will not apologize to survivors of Canada's Indian residential schoolsfor the role the Roman Catholic church played in operating the institutions or the abuses suffered there.
      Controversy surrounded the Vatican and Pope Francis after an interview was released in which the Pope allegedly claimed there was no hell and people who die without knowing Christ simply "disappear". During his private audience, Trudeau encouraged the pontiff to consider making a formal apology to residential school survivors and their families in the spirit of reconciliation.
      A papal apology was one of the 94 recommendations from a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada, and the prime minister, Justin Trudeau, had also asked the pope to apologize during a visit to the Vatican previous year. But, on Tuesday, it was officially denied.
      Instead, he wrote, the Pope encouraged the bishops "to continue to engage in an extensive pastoral work of reconciliation, healing and solidarity with the Indigenous peoples".
      On Thursday the Holy See stated that a reported interview between Pope Francis and an Italian journalist, which claims the Pope denied the existence of hell, should not be considered an accurate depiction of Francis' words, but the author's own "reconstruction". Certain heretical offshoots of Christianity, like Jehovah's Witnesses, Christadelphians and Seventh Day Adventists adhere to the Annihilation of Souls theology, but Catholics, the Orthodox Church and most Protestant denominations reject the idea.
      The commission recommended an apology similar to that offered by the Pope to Irish victims of sexual abuse in 2010.
      Sen. Murray Sinclair, the former head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, said a lack of apology could interfere with the healing process. "It was like a driver of a vehicle indicating that he was sorry that somebody had been injured", he said, "but not taking responsibility for the fact that he was driving the auto that had injured" the person.
      Trudeau has "done what was asked of him", Sinclair told HuffPost Canada on Wednesday, adding he doesn't expect the prime minister to ask the Pope to reconsider.
      Bishop Mark Hagemoen's comments come on the heels of the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops putting out a letter stating Pope Francis can't issue an apology for residential schools. "Before you can really heal, people have to acknowledge the truth in what happened". Nearly two-thirds of the 130 schools were run by the Catholic Church.

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    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      via Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. World News
    • By Jack Ryan
      Pope Francis visited Azerbaijan on Sunday, addressing the Catholic faithful and reaching out to Muslim people in the second largest Shiite Muslim nation.
      The pope spoke to religious leaders at a mosque in the capital city of Baku, and celebrated Mass with Azeri Catholics, who make up less than 1 percent of the country's population. A 2015 state department report on religious freedom around the world cited Azerbaijan's tightening of restrictions on some religions, including Christian denominations such as Baptists and Jehovah's Witnesses, as cause for concern about religious discrimination.
      Pope Appoints Commission To Study Possibility Of Women As Deacons
      NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports the pope visited Georgia to address Orthodox Christians before he stopped in Azerbaijan, but that he was "met with loud protests by orthodox hardliners" in the Georgian capital of Tiblisi.
      About 84 percent of Georgia's population is Orthodox Christian. Although the leader of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Ilia II, agreed to meet with the pope during his visit, so few people showed up for Mass in a Tiblisi stadium, most of the seats were empty.
      Sylvia reports for NPR's newscast unit:
      In a 2015 speech in the Philippines, Pope Francis told tens of thousands of people gathered in a Manila arena "God calls upon us to recognize the dangers threatening our own families and to protect them from harm," adding "We must be attentive to the new ideological colonization," according to an English transcript of his speech published by official Vatican Radio.

      The pope went on to explain his choice of words:
      In his homily on Sunday, the pope did not focus on the family as he spoke to Azerbaijan's Catholics. "Here," he said, "the faith, after the years of persecution, has accomplished wonders," and delivered a message about the duty of the faithful to serve. "Stay united always, living humbly in charity and joy; the Lord, who creates harmony from differences, will protect you," he said.

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    • By The Librarian
      Pope Francis falls during Mass in Poland
      Pope Francis has fallen during a visit to Czestochowa, Poland. The pontiff was walking on stage, about to address the waiting crowd, but suddenly fell.
    • Guest Nicole
    • By Jack Ryan

      B E T W E E N:


      JONATHAN DAVID MORLEY 1st Defendant

      The Claim
      1. This is a claim in slander against the First and Second Defendant.

      The Slander
      2. The First Defendant is an “Elder” appointed by the Second Defendant to oversee its affairs in the Wimbledon Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The latter is now being held vicariously liable for the malicious slander of the Claimant at a meeting set up by the First Defendant on the 22nd of June 2013 about 8:00pm, to mend a strained relationship with the Second Defendant.

      3. The objective of the meeting was to seek reconciliation and reinstatement to the Second Defendant’s Organisation after a contentious disfellowshipping action taken against the Claimant that was premised on a false and malicious allegation of fraud against the Claimant. The Claimant does not accept that he is disfellowshipped.

      4. The First Defendant summoned the Claimant to a brief meeting on Sunday the 30th December 2011. He informed the Claimant that, a fellow congregant, Mr Robert Wee had written a letter to the Body of Elders of the Wimbledon Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses accusing the Claimant of fraud. The Claimant requested for a copy of the letter of accusation but the First Defendant refused to produce it and has not, to this day. The Claimant was informed that a “Judicial Committee” had been set up to hear the facts of the case and rule on it on Friday 6th January 2012. The Claimant’s attendance was thus mandated.

      5. At the close of the said meeting, the First Defendant informed the Claimant that the accusation was founded and as such a decision has been made to dis-fellowship the Claimant from the Congregation and as such the worldwide organization of Jehovah Witnesses.

      6. An announcement was made to that effect on the 19th July 2012. By this announcement, the Claimant avers that he was defamed by the 2nd Defendant. This is now subject to a separate claim in this Court pending judgement on the Claimant’s application to dis-apply s4A of the Limitation Act 1980.

      7. At the meeting for reinstatement, the First Defendant made the accusation of fraud and the exact terms of the accusation are particularised as below;

      The words complained of are:
      “So just going back to July of last year when you were disfellowshipped, I think it was July 19 that it was announced to the Congregation, is that correct? I think it was do you … how do view then, what you were disfellowshipped for? Do you understand what you were disfellowshipped for?... just to summarise what I thought you have said, is that even today, you would not accept it was fraud … That is what you seem to be saying? … Is that your position?” … no that’s fine… we respect that and appreciate, we would not want you to lie to us, that will be counterproductive anyway because...ok, we appreciate … I guess the only question I will like to ask you, Frank though is, you got four brothers here who spent a lot of time on this matter as you know, you had three other brothers on the appeal committee, who spent a lot of time on it and after that, the Branch had a look at all of it, so, do [sic], have you not considered that, with that process that was gone through and that the conclusion was, on the part of the of the original committee, the appeal committee and the Branch that it was the a fraudulent situation, do you not feel that you ought to really reflect on whether you’ve understood the matter correctly?”

      8. The publication of the words complained of was made in the presence of Mark Lewis, Collin Smith and Andrew Sutton.

      9. The natural and ordinary meaning of the words complained of is that;

      the Claimant has been disfellowshipped from his congregation for committing the act of fraud.

      10.The innuendo meaning of the words complained of to those present is that;

      the Claimant has been disfellowshipped from his Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses for unrepentantly committing the act of fraud.

      The special fact relied upon by the hearers to derive the innuendo meaning is that they were aware of an earlier allegation of fraud brought against the Claimant by the Second Defendant on the premise that it had been alleged by a fellow congregant, Robert Wee. There was however no confirmation of the accusation by the alleged complainant back then and to date.
      11.The Claimant vigorously denies the allegation of fraud and has consistently maintained his innocence. The First and Second Defendants conspired to harm the Claimant, by, amongst many other facts to be explored at the trial, being indifferent to the truth or falsity of the defamatory allegations complained of, thereby precluding the Defendants from having an honest believe in their truth.

      Damages Suffered
      12.The Claimant has suffered a near irreparable damage to his reputation, emotions, physical and psychological and has reduced my standing before the hearers of the words complained of and community-at-large.

      13.The damage suffered by the Claimant following the repetition of the slander by the 1st Defendant is cumulative upon the original the slander of the disfellowshipping by the 2nd Defendant announced to the Congregation twelve months earlier. The Congregants are also mandated by the teaching of the Second Defendant to repeat the slander to all who are Jehovah’s Witnesses but not necessarily members of the Wimbledon Congregation. This implies that the extent of defamation is worldwide and last a life time.

      14.As a direct result of the gratuitous slander by the First Defendant at the said meeting, the Claimant was a fraudster and thus unfit to be reinstated into the Church. This has led to continued ostracism by the Claimant’s family and friends reinforcing and aggravating the damage done to the claimant’s reputation.

      15.In a further aggravation of the damage caused; the slander has been republished in the London Evening Standard which boasts readership of over two million. This has subjected the Claimant to further ridicule and humiliation in his neighbourhood and community–at-large. The Claimant holds the Defendants responsible for the damage caused by the republication.

      16. The republication, it is averred, to be the natural and foreseeable outcome upon a suit, as the 2nd Defendant enjoys an unenviable press interest. The 2nd Defendant was thus fully aware, upon notice of proceedings in a pre-action protocol, that if she does nothing to retract an unfounded allegation of fraud and proceedings ensued, the inevitable outcome was a press article in a major newspaper and a repeat of the slander that will lead to further substantial damage and aggravation of damages to the Claimant’s reputation.

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      18.The Claimant has continued to suffer extreme shunning by friends and family occasioned by the Defendants actions.

      19.My three young children, who are pubescent to teenage, are finding it extremely difficult to cope with the fact that their Dad has been ostracised by the only community they have ever known since birth. This is in addition to the spiritual harm and mental distress caused to me as a direct consequence of the action.

      20.I have lost all my friends who were only Jehovah Witnesses as they are not allowed to speak to me lest they face the same fate.
      21.I have not travelled outside the UK, especially to see my ailing mother or any of my family members who are also members of the Organisation and as such barred from receiving me.

      22.I lost my fundamental rights [Article 8 of the Human Rights Act] to my family as consequence of the sustained action by the Defendant and shall not regain it unless I admit to fraud and say I have repented of it. This is something I am unable to do conscientiously.

      23.I have lost a least seven hundred regular friends I have known for up to forty years now. I had the privilege of service and associating with at least fifteen thousand such ones annually at the annual District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      24.The worship and faith was in essence everything my family and I lived for. It was our lives and everything else revolved around it. I am not allowed to have any spiritual association with my own wife and children.

      Breaches of the Claimant’s ECHR

      25.The Claimants submits that the actions of the Defendant breaches Article 8(1) of ECHR which states;

      “Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.”

      The Defendant’s publication of the words complained of and sustaining it has led to the continued loss of family life and the right of correspondence with his family.
      26.The Claimant further submits that the actions of the Defendant have breached the Claimants right under Article 9(1) of the ECHR which states;

      “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and……”

      The Defendants’ actions have wrongfully usurped the Claimant’s right of expressing his religion and affiliation with his chosen religious community.
      What the Claimant seeks as Remedy

      The Slander
      27.Seeks an injunction to barr the Defendants from repeating the alleged slander in any form communicable.
      28.The Claimant seeks damages of £175,000.00 for reputational, emotional and psychological damages occasioned by the Defendants actions.

      29.The Claimant seeks aggravated damages as consequence of the Defendants unreasonable behaviour subsequent to the accusation.
      DATED: 1st February 2016.


    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  has indicated that women exposed to the Zika virus may be permitted to use contraception to avoid pregnancy, in a departure from Catholic teaching. However he reiterated the church’s staunch opposition to abortion, saying it was a crime and “absolute evil”.
      His comments came as women in South America frantically try to terminate pregnancies for fear of giving birth to babies with microcephaly, which gives them unusually small heads.
      Speaking to reporters on the papal plane as he returned to Rome after a visit to Mexico, Francis obliquely suggested that artificial contraception could be used in extreme situations to avoid pregnancy.
      Unlike abortion, “avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil” and in certain circumstances it may be “the lesser evil”.
      He referred to the exceptional dispensation issued by one of his predecessors, Pope Paul VI, who permitted Catholic nuns in Africa to take birth control pills in the face of the risk of being raped. He was thought to be referring to the conflict in what was the Belgian Congo in the 1960s and 70s.
      But, Francis said, abortion could never be allowed, even for women who may be carrying foetuses with serious brain defects caused by the 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. . Abortion was “a crime”, he said. “It is killing one person to save another. It is what the mafia does … It is an absolute evil.” Earlier the Vatican ruled out easing its ban on abortion in the face of the Zika virus. “Not only is increased access to abortion and abortifacients [abortion-inducing drugs] an illegitimate response to this crisis, but since it terminates the life of a child it is fundamentally not preventative,” the Vatican said.
      The Holy See representative to the UN announced the Vatican’s response during the launch of a $65m (£45m) campaign by the World 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  Organisation to tackle the spread of the Zika crisis. An estimated 4,000 babies have been born with microcephaly, which has been linked to their mothers becoming infected with the Zika virus by mosquito bites. “It must be emphasised that a diagnosis of microcephaly in a child should not warrant a death sentence,” said Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the Holy See’s permanent observer to the UN. Such a response would be “the confirmation of a failure of the international community to stop the spread of the disease”, he added.
      Abortion is banned or highly restricted in many countries affected by the Zika crisis. Earlier this month, the Catholic church in Brazil – one of the worst affected countries – said it strongly opposed a move to permit abortions for pregnant women exposed to the Zika virus. “There is no justification to defend abortion,” it said.
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