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Americans killed by guns


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First of all, there has to be a distinction between what is generally recognized as be absolutely true, and things that require work and research to even validate the premise of somebody saying something is true or not.

If I said the minor planet Ceres is in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, that is easy enough to verify .... all the terms are pre-defined, and have only ONE definition.

He has supplied no references to back up his assertions to be able to verify that even the premises of his statements are valid.

The Revelutionary War in America was not a one-year affair, and those killed included combatants, those killed trough starvation and hardship, and exposure to the elements, as well as those killed "off to the side" by partisan civilian vigilantes on both sides. Also, many were killed by knives, swords, cannon, arrows and tomahawks, arson, and even a few by poison.

I seriously doubt that the 38,658 people killed by guns is anywhere close to accurate, unless you include true statistics from Democratic Party strongholds, like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore, where you can have 30 people shot to death on a July 4th Weekend.

Even so, who is killing who?

If people defending their lives kill 38,658 evil assailants ... I would call that a blessing to Civilization. 

No harm ... no foul.

The problem is everything he stated, the terms are undefined, so the conclusions he reached, and the statements he made although they MAY BE reality based, the probability is extremely low, and by a person who thinks rationally ... CAN BE COMPLETELY DISREGARDED.

The framers of the Constitution, in their truly exceptional wisdom ... constituted the Government to protect NATURAL rights that all living things are NATURALLY imbued wit, and will have ... if they fight to keep practicing them.

ALL living things have the right to defend themselves and TRY to live, even mosquitoes, and sharks ... IF ... if... they can manage it.

The First Amendment protects the NATURAL right of Freedom of Speech, whether you use  your voice, writing, sign language or even peaceful action through political protests.

The Second Amendment protects a person's NATURAL right of self defense, and even Eagles and Rabbits have a NATURAL right of self defense. Whether or not they can assert those natural rights depends on their skill and talent, and motivation .... and pure dumb luck.

...and to use any tools necessary to make up for a lack of talons and natural body armor

The Founders did not fight a bloody civil war against their English Sovereign, risking and losing their lives, fortunes, and yet keeping their sacred honor, and fresh from that fight constitute that the New Government established that "The right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed" .... to protect citizens from rabbits.

Therefore, without a lengthy and protracted discussion about his definitions, frame of reference, actual basis for the numbers he throws out ... completely disregarding that he is COMPLETELY screwed up by comparing a time frame of the Revolutionary war, with it's population, to one year, 2017, with its population, and a fifty year period with it's population.

That is like comparing apples, Volkswagens, and giraffes.

His numbers are COMPLETELY and totally useless except to Snowflakes who suffer from advanced stages of Clintonitus, and TDS, which we see by actual examples in large scale social experiments in Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit, is rotting away the very fabric of Civilization.

It's not what a person knows to be true. ... it's what a person know to be true, that is COMPLETELY WRONG.




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    • One issue with historian Flavius Josephus is that he suggests that the Royal Captain of the (Guard) can also be regarded as General Nebuzaradan. A confusion arises from Josephus' account of the captives mentioned in Jeremiah, as he claims that they were taken from Egypt instead of Babylon. Since Nebuchadnezzar was occupied in Rilah, he directed his generals to lay siege to Jerusalem. This could potentially account for the numerous dispatches that Nebuchadnezzar would have sent to the west, but the considerable distance to Borsippa still poses a challenge. As a result, the Babylonians managed to gain control of regions such as Aram (Syria), Ammon, and Moab. The only territories that remained were the coastal cities, where the Egyptians held sway. King Josiah decided to form an alliance with Babylon instead of being under Egyptian rule. So, that part of the territory was covered until King Josiah was defeated.  It's interesting how they started back then in 4129, but still end up with the same conclusion with Zedekiah's Defeat 3522 607 B.C. 3419 607 B.C. even though their AM is different.  
    • In the era of the Bible Students within the Watchtower, there were numerous beginnings. It is essential to bear in mind that each congregation functioned autonomously, granting the Elders the freedom to assert their own assertions and interpretations. Most people embraced the principles that Pastor Russell was trying to convey. You could argue that what you are experiencing now, they also experienced back then. The key difference is that unity was interpreted differently. Back then it had value where today there is none. To address your inquiry, while I cannot recall the exact details, it is believed to have been either 4129 or 4126. Some groups, however, adopted Ussher's 4004. It is worth mentioning that they have now discarded it and revised it to either 3954 or 3958, although I personally find little interest in this matter. I believe I encountered this information in the book titled "The Time is at Hand," though it may also be referenced in their convention report. Regardless, this is part of their compelling study series 3. Please take a moment to review and confirm the date. I am currently focused on Riblah. The Bible Students who firmly believe that Israel is the prophetic sign of Armageddon have made noteworthy adjustments to their chronology. They have included significant dates such as 1947/8 and 1967/8, as well as more recent dates. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that, according to their calculations, 2024 holds immense importance. The ongoing tension of Iran targeting Israel directly from its own territory amplifies the gravity of the situation. If their trajectory continues, the subsequent captivating event will occur in 2029, rather than as previously speculated, in 2034 by some.
    • Would it be too much to ask what was the bible students starting point of creation?
    • @JW Insider Your summary is irrelevant, as I do not make any assertions regarding BC/AD other than their usage by scholars and in history, as you yourself have also acknowledged on numerous occasions, thus rendering your point invalid and evasive. The Watchtower leverages external viewpoints, including secular evidence, to substantiate the accuracy of their chronological interpretations. There are numerous approaches to dating events. Personally, I explore various alternative methods that lead to the same conclusion as the Watchtower. However, the most captivating approach is to utilize secular chronology to arrive at the same outcome. By relying solely on secular chronology, the pattern still aligns, albeit with a distinct interpretation of the available data. Nevertheless, the ultimate result remains unchanged. This is why when you get upset, when you are proven wrong, you, Tom, and those with the authority to ban take action, because you like others cannot handle the truth. In this case, your infamous tablet VAT 4956 has become useless in this situation. I do agree with you on one thing: you are not an expert, just like COJ. However, I must admit that this foolish individual was not the first to debate the chronology with the Watchtower and abandon it based on personal beliefs. He simply happened to be the most recent one that's on record.
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