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Hurricane Florence

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Thanks for asking ....

Here, near Charlotte, it was overcast today with no rain, and a 15 mph breeze.  Now, at approx. 12:30 AM Saturday, it's about the same, with no discernible wind noise.  Tomorrow it is an 85% chance of rain, with maximum 30 mph winds forecast. Sunday forecast is 30 mph and 100% chance of rain.

I bought 26 candles in  glass tubes, 5 square yellow flashlights,  24 cans of beans and 60, 2.5 gal. freezer bags to fill with water.and 45 cans of dog food ( for relatives if they have to come over ... so they will leave ASAP).

We live on a heavily wooded lot with very large trees, which I suppose will be the greatest danger, falling into the house, but we shall see.

In 1954 I was 6 years old when Hurricane Hazel tore through Richmond Virginia,  and I went out and tied myself to a tree with a garden hose, and watched roofs peel off and flop down the street.

It was fun!

.... my Mom was not pleased .




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UPDATE: 9/18/2018

I had a tree about 150 feet tall and as big around as a barrel fall across my chain link fence in the side yard and crushed about three, ten foot sections of fence.

When it gets cooler, I will chain saw it and repair the fence.

90% of the tree is on my neighbor's property, but it is a big farm, so I will not have to move it.

It looks like we missed "Stormageddon"!

It was like being chased by a giant turtle.

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