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Quantum Computing – Artificial Intelligence Is Here

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Geordie Rose, Founder of D-Wave (recent clients are Google and NASA) believes that the power of quantum computing is that we can `exploit parallel universes’ to solve problems that we have no other means of confirming. Simply put, quantum computers can think exponentially faster and simultaneously such that as they mature they will out pace us. Listen to his talk now!


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I doubt that any quantum computer in the foreseeable future will be able to jump an air gap of about six feet. There is a quantum computer already with INCREDIBLE properties, made of meat (mostly

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The reservoir of possibilities offered by the fundamental laws of Nature, is the key point in the development of science and technology. Quantum computing is the next step on the road to broaden our perspective from which we currently look at the Universe. The movie shows the history of progress in this fascinating field of science, introduces the most promising models and algorithms, explains the advantages of quantum computers over classical solutions, and finally presents wonderful people thanks to which the quality of our lives is constantly being improved.

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What is Particle Spin?

Spin is a fundamental quantity of a particle.

The property called spin is called that as part of the global conspiracy to keep quantum mechanics confusing.  I say that because spin is not a description of the rotation of a particle.  About 90 years ago, physicists studying the deflection of electrons in a magnetic field noticed that the particles acted as if they were spinning, because of their magnetic fields.  But the math showed that rotation couldn't be responsible for the field because it would require the rotation be faster than light, and that's not allowed.

So, spin is the term used to describe the intrinsic angular momentum and magnetic moment of the particle - but we don't know how that angular momentum is created.

Spin comes in two flavors - half integer spin and integer spin.  The half integer spin particles conform to a set of rules called Fermi-Dirac distribution and integer spin particles conform to a set of rules called Bose-Einstein distribution.

- Robert Frost

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