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Trust in Jehovah! – Jehovah is the only True God who can be like him? – ?????

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Trust in Jehovah! 

Jehovah is the only True God who can be like him?


Whenever you are in need just pray to him.

?He`ll surely help you no matter how big the trouble,

?For he can make strong even the lowest and the feeble.

?No doubt the world in going deep in the evil,

?But people who trust in Jehovah can conquer any hassle.

?Servants of Jehovah have every reason to be joyful,

?Since he made known his people the truth so wonderful.

?So ask to Jehovah he will give you power,

As you diligently study the magazine Awake and Watchtower.

?With Jahs holy spirit and help any problem you can cope,

?As his word is truth that gives you Joy strength and hope. 

?Thus when Jehovah cares even for the bird in the sky,

?Then faithfully I’ll trust him. Worried why should be I?

?For just a little while longer the wicked one will be no more,

?And yes the meek ones will possess the earth forever.

– Contributed  S Dalvi.





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