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    • By JW Insider
      I am writing this on Sunday 12/9 at about 3:30 PM.
      On Thursday night I drove up here to Warwick with relatives. We completed the five exhibits at Warwick, spoke with some Bethelites we knew, and attended the Sunday morning meeting held in the Bethel Auditorium where the "Long Meadow" congregation meets. This is a congregation of about 180 persons, some of whom travel from up to about half-an-hour away, and many (if not most) of the members are Bethelites who live in the HQ complex on site.
      Tomorrow we'll go to Wallkill.
      The first thing you notice from setting your smartphone maps and GPS routing systems is that the Warwick Bethel is not in Warwick. It's actually all within the borders and limits of Tuxedo Park, NY. If you look at the back of the Warwick Bethel brochure you'll see that 1 Kings Drive, Tuxedo Park, NY 10987 is the actual address. 
      The name was picked, I assume, because Warwick is a town just a little farther away, in another zip code (10990), and smaller than Tuxedo Park, but with a name that sounds just a bit more Biblical. It's a name that also sounds a bit more alliterative: as in, "Watchtower at Wallkill" and "Watchtower at Warwick." Wars, Wicks, Walls, and Kills are all found in the Bible, but no Tuxedos of any stripe.
      The exhibits were very good. I'll find my previous post that discusses them and try to get it to land below this one.
    • By Bible Speaks
      The Courtyard in Springtime at Watchtower Farms in Wallkill, New York, USA

    • By Jack Ryan
      “Best Life Ever” is displayed at Watchtower Farms, near Pine Bush. The JehovahÂ’s Witnesses' maze is a work of devotional art, and not intended for exploration like the pagan ones made for Hudson Valley tourists every Halloween. 
    • By ARchiv@L
      Zdjęcia z rozbudowy w Wallkill (2) (od listopada 2014 do listopada 2015)
      Świadkowie Jehowy niedawno rozbudowali i zmodernizowali swoje obiekty w Wallkill w stanie Nowy Jork. Na poniższych zdjęciach pokazano, jak posuwały się prace w okresie od listopada 2014 roku do listopada 2015 roku.
        Widok z lotu ptaka na kompleks w Wallkill z 15 października 2015 roku.
      Budynek biurowy 1
      Budynek mieszkalny E
      Budynek biurowy 2
      Budynek mieszkalny D
        4 grudnia 2014 — budynek biurowy 2
      Wejście do nowego budynku biurowego przygotowane na ułożenie bruku i posadzenie roślin. Widoczny w lewym dolnym rogu chodnik jest podgrzewany, dzięki czemu zimą jego powierzchnia nie jest śliska. W tym budynku znajduje się Biuro Betel, Biuro Komitetu Oddziału i Dział Służby.
      1 z 18
        https://www.jw.org/pl/świadkowie-jehowy/działalność/             Więcej
      Co to jest Betel?
      Betel to szczególne miejsce, które powołano w bardzo ważnym celu. Dowiedz się więcej o tych, którzy tam usługują.
    • By TrueTomHarley
      For the longest time I confused him with a David (I think) Slutz, with whom I was assigned blueberry picking detail out of Wallkill in perhaps 1976. Someone donated blueberries- pick all you can, and Bethel quickly assembled a crew of 6. I and one other because we were visiting and had nothing else to do; David and 3 others because they had just graduated from Gilead and had nothing else to do. Even now I sometimes think it was Splane, not Slutz, but I'm probably mistaken. We spent several delicious days trading stories, experiences and plenty of riddles. The one that sticks is when he told of his volatile student offering his first comment. He braced himself but it was not enough: "I want to thank JEHOVAH GOD for sending his servant DAVID SLUTZ to my door to bring me THE WORD OF TRUTH!!" David melted into the floor.

    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      En una futura actualización de la aplicación JW Library se podrá seguir la letra de una canción mientras se sigue la canción por streaming tal cual lo hace ya la página oficial JW.ORG y la Biblioteca en línea Watchtower.
      FUENTE: Video Reunión anual 2016 Parte 2.

    • Guest Nicole
    • By The Librarian
      Share your favorite aerial photo of Walkill below as a reply:
    • By Bible Speaks
      WATCHTOWER AND AWAKE 5 CENTS - 2 year old Grayden from Toledo, Ohio is ready to preach the word! 2nd picture, my Son Anthony. Another statue at Wallkill Bethel Farms in background, see it?
    • By Bible Speaks
      WATCHTOWER AND AWAKE 5 CENTS - 2 year old Grayden from Toledo, Ohio is ready to preach the word! 2nd picture, my Son Anthony. Another statue at Wallkill Bethel Farms in background, see it?
    • By The Librarian
      Tour of Wallkill Pressroom 
      Brother Knorr gave me my first tour of Walkill back in the 1970's. Of course back then the pressroom was in a different location on the premises.
      You can search above for more about him.
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