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The Dutch congegrations received the revised Dutch translation today. It is such a blessing from Jehovah. Greetings from Suriname! ?????????

Thank you. You inspired me to ask the @admin to start a Dutch language section here on the forum. Enjoy! https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/forum/1066-nederlands/

New Dutch revised bible in the common language. Thanks to Jehovah, who wrote us this touching letter. Greetings from The Netherlands! 

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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      PAISES BAJOS-jy_O-5-bkm-mix-4.pdf
    • By The Librarian
      In the Netherlands, a TV crew for PowNed (a website/TV station known for their non-conventional approach and love for controversy) visited a Circuit Assembly
      The video starts with them asking 'Is everyone welcome here, even criminals, bikers, gays?', and the answer is of course yes.
      Then the clip focuses on asking JW's questions about gays and the Caleb video.
      In the end the crew is asked to stop filming and leave. Their 'implied invitation' has been withdrawn as they were 'creating unrest'.
      Possibly they actually were stirring things up a bit and left that out in editing; I wouldn't put that past them.
      Video in Dutch here 

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    • By Adri Eranya
      Hello, everybody!
      Is anyone learning languages to increase their share in the ministry?
      My Primary Language: English, Tagalog
      Other Languages: Spanish, Ilokano
      Languages I am Learning: Dutch (Nederlands), Papiamentu (Portuguese creole) 
      If you speak any of the non-English languages above, I would love a reply in that language! <3

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