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Any graphic artists in here?

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The section overseen by @The Librarian  should be "Obadiah Revisited"

The shortest Hebrew Bible book is that of God's nation under constant assault, and how their relatives, the Edomites, enthusiastically join in the attack - turning their brothers over to those who would kill them....and how Jehovah feels about that.

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@TrueTomHarley  They do seem relentless don't they? 

I also notice they never seem to publish what they actually believe as an alternative. Probably because they don't actually have a set of belief systems in place yet for themselves..

Many modern JW's haven't experienced other well-read biblically minded people actually question their beliefs as we used to 40+ years ago. Most of them shy away because they aren't "always ready to make a defense" or as eloquent with words as you are Tom. :D

I'm very positive that @JW Insider personally remembers being confronted many times with John 1:1a and a host of trinitarian discussions at the doorstep in decades past that are more rare now.

@admin I love how you made the videos auto-play... but I think your links to other topics somehow got messed up. Could you look at that?

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19 hours ago, admin said:

@Bible Speaks I wanted something different than the World. It is too common. 

@TrueTomHarley Let me find his profile page for you. :D  


Can you use any of these? Freeze them or I can find other pictures? 


Two pictures 



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@Bible Speaks  Thank you for the suggestion and idea. However as the .ORG is in reference to TheWorldNewsMedia.org ;-)

I also changed the color scheme to that of Facebook. I figure since they are by far the world's leader in forum / social media they would know the best combinations of colors. I'm sure they have A/B tested everything to the nth degree.

What we really need now is an app.... and eventually "Live Video" and possibly chat.

Live video is probably to technologically difficult for me to take on right now... but the chat I can do easily if people want it.

The app.... well... let's just say the jury is still out on that one.

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I  know  someone  for  creating  a  cool  app.... :D

PS.  I  often  use  the  blue  color  in  my  postings  :)  I  like  it  very  much :x   Especially  by  pictures  with  blue  sky,  water  or  similar,  it  has  a  great  WOW  effect  and  works  good  together !

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