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Our Sister Coca Rocha Lives The Best Life Ever!

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      Jehovah's Witnesses > List of Celebrity JW's > Coco Rocha (older posts in jw-archive.org)

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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      - ¿Ser testigo de Jehová te ha condicionado en tu profesión de modelo?
      - Siempre he tenido un origen religioso y lo he utilizado como brújula moral en todo lo que hago. Creo que todos tomamos decisiones en nuestra vida y en el trabajo que nos hacen sentir auténticos como personas. 
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Supermodel Coco Rocha enlisted her daughter Ioni Conran to make a very special announcement: she's pregnant with baby No. 2!
      This afternoon, the 29-year-old, who was all gussied up to attend The Bloomberg 50 Celebration at Gotham Hall in NYC on Monday night, posted an Instagram in which she wrote, "Your attention please! @ioniconran has a very important announcement to make!! #babyconran2."
      In the too-cute video, Coco stands in a ball gown as her excited daughter pops out from behind her skirt to tell fans she's going to be a big sister.
      The 2-year-old yells, "Surprise! There's a baby in mommy's tummy!"
      The video is taken in the colorful home of the model and her husband, British muralist James Conran, in Westchester, New York.
    • By Bible Speaks
      Model Coco Rocha's 'Insane' List Of Things She Won't Do Because She's A Jehovah's Witness
      Model Coco Rocha says "My faith is everything." Getty
      Model Coco Rocha has 1.8 million contacts on Google Plus, nearly a half million Twitter followers, and 299,258 Instagram followers, but very few know of the high profile model's devout religious beliefs.
      "My faith is everything," Rocha, 24, declares in the new issue of Du Jour magazine about being a lifelong Jehovah's Witness.
      "There aren't many Witnesses who are in the public eye. I can't even name any," laments Rocha, "It's hard sometimes when you're there alone. You're not there with someone who can hold your hand and say we'll do this together."
      One person who will hold the model's hand is her husband who manages her career -- and is also a Jehovah's Witness.
      Together, the two go door to door with their congregation on a weekly basis to educate people about their faith.
      "Some people think we're a pushy religion, but if you're not interested, just say so," says Rocha
      Rocha has been a Jehovah's Witness her entire life, but she wasn't baptized until 2009 at the age of 21. (The religion requires that followers be old enough to make their own decisions before fully committing.)
      Once committed, Rocha changed her modeling contract to include many new clauses listing things she was no longer comfortable with, such as nudity, lingerie and sheer clothing, among other things.
      "My list [of what I won't do] compared with any other model's is insane," Rocha explains. "No religious artifacts, no government artifacts. If I'm shooting with a male model, what is he exactly doing with me? What is he wearing? If I'm working with other models, what are they wearing? Are they playing something that I don't want?"
      "In the beginning, the clients would say, 'This is too much,' but over time, the ones I liked kept working with me. They'd say, 'It's not too much. Coco can still be Coco. She still gives 100 percent when she's on a photo shoot.' It's just my boobs aren't out. And I don't have a cigarette in my hand, and I'm not making out with a guy. And it's all fine if you want to do that. I don't judge. My besties do Victoria's Secret. I just don't do it."
      But apparently dancing is still A-OK. Check out Rocha in the below commercial for White House Black Market clothing chain:
    • By Kurt
      Couldn’t have said it better. Supermodel Coco Rocha does not cave to the pressures of mommyhood. In fact, the mom to 2-year-old daughter Ioni James told Us Weekly that the best parental advice she’s received is to not take any. Watch what she had to say in the video.
      “One amazing person when I was pregnant had said to me, ‘Can I give you some advice?’ And I was like, ugh, not again, someone asking to give me advice. She said, ‘Don’t take anyone’s advice.’ I thought it was so appropriate,” Rocha told Us at the CYBEX MIOS launch in New York City. “Because here we are trying to do the best that we can do. As long as that kid is loved, is safe, is healthy and fed, what more could you want?”
      Rocha, who shares her daughter with husband James Conran says that judgment from other moms was the thing that surprised her most about becoming a parent.
      “I was very surprised to hear a lot of critique, a lot of negativity out there,” Rocha says. “That was the most surprising thing. It wasn’t the experience of being a mom. That all to me just felt natural and exciting. There are a lot of cyber-bully moms out there that you unfortunately have to deal with. But as long as that baby’s happy, that’s all that you need to focus on.”
      Coco Rocha   Rocha, 28, and her artist hubby welcomed their first child in March 2015. The beauty excitedly announced the news on Twitter along with an adorable pic of their newborn. She wrote, “James & I are so proud to welcome into the world our healthy and beautiful baby girl, Ioni James Conran! #ioniconran”
      The Canada native is making big strides with her daughter. Find out what milestone her little girl just reached in the video above! Also, Rocha reveals if she and Conran, whom she married in June 2010, have plans for baby No. 2!

      Coco Rocha
    • By Kurt
      Part of a series on:

      See also posts tagged Coco Rocha on jw-archive.org
      Destination Luxury had the esteemed pleasure of working with Americana Cinema to document the wedding of Supermodel Coco Rocha and artist James Conran. Shot at Chateau Challain in France, it was one of the most magical weddings captured on film.
      Directed by Gilbert Le, Americana Cinema
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Esta modelo ha sido devota Testigo de Jehová desde la infancia y en una entrevista de 2013 se indica que todavía participa con los testigos de Jehová y predica de casa en casa para compartir la Biblia con los demás  y dice que, debido a su fe no va a posar desnuda, ni en propagandas de cigarrillos, emblemas nacionalistas o iconos religiosos.
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