Superbowl 2016

Superbowl 2016  

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  1. 1. Who do you think will win Superbowl 2016?

    • Denver Broncos
    • Carolina Panthers

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We can watch  it  again  from  Germany  too !  ;o)   Some photo's  for  the  attunement.....  MUCH  FUN  FOR  ALL !








Its  not  my  FAV.  SPORT  -  but  I  will  watch  for  a  little FUN  -  by  posting  and  thinking  to  you  ALL  from  Germany !

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*SUPERBOWL  2016*  ---   KICK  OFF  TIME  IN  GERMANY  VERY  LATE...  at  0:30am !  BEFORE =  INFO'S  &  SPECTACLE ;o)

STARTING  HERE  at  11:15pm !  THAT  MEANS,  IN  THE  USA  KICK  OFF  AT  AFTERNOON...  a  nice  time !  ITS  GOING

5 - 6  hours....  WOW !!   I  HOPE  IT  WILL   BE  FAIR  GAMES  ;o)

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The Coldplay halftime show is somewhat bleh.... but I do like Bruno Mars' talent. He seems to be a modern day Michael Jackson style entertainer.


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Now they are just reviewing past performances since they couldn't come up with anything new. Regurgitating old Superbowl performances

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44 yard field goal hits the post!!!!  Broncos take over...

Those poor field goal guys must be under extreme pressure  (but I guess that is why they make the big bucks isn't it?)

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On 8.2.2016 at 3:00 AM, admin said:

44 yard field goal hits the post!!!!  Broncos take over...

Those poor field goal guys must be under extreme pressure  (but I guess that is why they make the big bucks isn't it?)

YES !!

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    • Have the crows bring her an extra sandwich and more ink for her pen.
    • As predicted in the Scriptures, I imagine that confidence in a certain guide will gradually decrease, more and more.
      So writing phrases like "Strange instructions could come" means saying "you always obey".
      Moreover, "closing in the congregations" is a play of words because it does not mean "closing in the Halls of the Kingdom". If the people of God will be scattered all over the world until the last moment, no specific instruction will be given (in fact, needs and situations vary from country to country). So cite Isaiah by applying "inner rooms" to congregations can mean everything and nothing.
      If you lock yourself in a Kingdom Hall and this Kingdom Hall is destroyed, it means "you did not understand the instructions."
      Closure to the congregation, on the other hand, is a way to say "You have to trust in Jehovah."
      If something bad happens, it means you did not trust Jehovah. Instead, the Bible explains that the people of God will be gathered (from all over the world) to a specific spot on Earth just before Armageddon. In this case the instructions (which may concern first aid, hygiene, food sharing and other things) will be clear and simple. They will not be strange. But this information is "apostasy" is not it?
      So very few will pay attention.
      Alternatively, wait for these "strange" instructions.
      It will be very reasonable to think that people who are resident all over the world, with different geographies, different climates, different needs, and isolated siblings far from everyone and everyone, will receive "specific instructions".
      Let's say "close in the congregations" and so we are sure we will not go wrong (if something goes wrong, the fault is what you did not trust in Jehovah). Think about Israel's history and how it was saved from Egypt, or about Lot and how it was saved from Sodom and Gomorrah.
      Think of the words "for our education" - Romans 15: 4
      Reflect on the words "fully prepared" - 2 Timothy 3:16, 17
      Perhaps the instructions to survive Armageddon (perhaps) are already written in the Bible.
    • Two links are added, sourcing everything. The only "projection" of mine that remains is the Special Victims Unit, which I admit is subjective. is anyone in a tizzy over that? Let him or her come here and defend the show if they are.
    • I  TRY  IT  TMW.  AND  TELL  YOU !!    NOW  BED - TIME >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thank  you  my  dear  Brother   haha,  I  love  that  new  smiley !  SO  sweet...
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