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How about this one... A combination of both, the *Milky Way galaxy* and the *Aurora Borealis* in one picture!

Queen Esther

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How  about  this  one.... A  combination  of  both,  the  *Milky Way galaxy*  and the  *Aurora Borealis*  in  one  picture ! The  awesome  Aurora  Borealis ! Always  stunning.

Beautiful. Thanks for posting what will be my new screen savers.

How great the art from our Creator, Jehovah God! He is really the original artist!

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Aurora Borealis Time Lapse Movie    ( 2 min.)

Its  a  beautiful,  stunning  spectacle....   Enjoy !

Published  23.04.2014

Watching the Aurora Borealis dance across the night sky is an amazing experience. I have been fortunate enough to lead two Northern Lights Photography Workshops over the past couple of winters alongside my good friend Dr. Jim Halfpenny. I do not get to shoot a lot of photos while we are teaching so I have been learning to shoot time-lapse sequences. Often, I set my cameras up to shoot continuously and then I walk away hoping that I aimed them at the right part of the sky.

Processing each sequence, and then compiling the clips together, has taken me months but I am delighted with the results. A strong auroral display is a magnificent enchanting experience and time-lapse does a great job capturing the way that the Northern Lights continually shift and change throughout the night.

This short movie is made from thousands of digital camera raw files that were captured either with a Canon 5D Mk III or a Canon 7D. Each sequence was processed using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and then converted to a video clip using the fantastic LrTimelapse software. (http://bit.ly/1kWgrYF) Ultimately, the clips were compiled together and finalized using Adobe Premiere CC.

My thanks to all the wonderful photographers who have made the long journey up to Churchill with me on the hopes that the skies will clear and the lights will shine. An enormous thank you to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre for keeping us warm and happy. Most of all, a huge thank you to Jim Halfpenny for organizing and leading such wonderful expeditions to the far north.

"Aurora" (Light Vocal) by Joseph Rusnak


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Red  Aurora  Australis....    2,14 min.   ----  Jehovah's  colors :x

Published  25.01.2012

After chasing it for more than two years I was finally rewarded with two displays of Aurora Australis (Southern lights) within a week visible from Mornington peninsula, not far from Melbourne. The nights were warm an clear and the Moon was not in the sky either - I could not have asked for better conditions.

The red color of this aurora is caused by the charged particles from the Sun exciting oxygen atoms high in the Earth's atmosphere. Hopefully there will be more to come as Sun's activity increases in 2012-13.

Being able to photograph it all night I came up with a nice video. The brighter Aurora happened on January 22nd and the smaller one, featured in the middle section, was from January 16th, followed by a rather bright Moonrise.

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