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A bus crash in Karnataka, India leaves 25 dead

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as the vehicle sinks into a canal.


Why does riding a bus seem so dangerous to me nowadays? I post SO many of these stories it seems.

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Dr G Parameshwara, the Karnataka state deputy chief minister, said the accident occurred on Saturday in the Mandya district, as the driver lost control of the vehicle at high speed.

Parameshwara said a rescue operation was under way, with police rushing divers to the spot. The area is 65 miles (105km) south-west of Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka state.

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If I were a parent of one of these kids I would be screaming holy h*@#&#@#@ at this driver / company.

$$%#$# I'm not even a parent and 8,000 miles away and I feel like screaming at the driver / company.

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At least 25 passengers were killed after a bus plunged into a canal in Mandya district of Karnataka on Saturday. The incident happened at VC canal of the Cauvery river in Kanaganamaradi village of the Pandavapura taluk. Most of the deceased are school students. According to the locals, the bus plunged in the canal around 12.25pm. The locals who saw the bus plunging in the canal water rushed to rescue the passengers. A boy who jumped out of the bus is the only survivor in this accident.

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Guest Nicole

As per my experience with public transport,  many of these drivers are stressed by dealing with passengers all day long, everyday, for fullfilling with schedules not matter how traffic is, besides their own personal problems.  They vent driving fast. I've had some arguements with some of them for driving so fast, and exposing us. 

In some countries public transport consist in old, fully depreciated buses, crowded by all kind of passengers including thieves, if you complain they tell you: "Buy your own Car" 

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