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Insane TV Preachers

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Question: What is a TV show that ruined the lives of many people in general?

If we are actually talking about shows that have ruined tens of thousands of lives then there’s no way to avoid bringing up televangelists.

These individuals have had people so desperate to help, to healed or to be “saved” that they have:

  1. Drained their pensions and retirement accounts
  2. Mortgaged their homes
  3. Liquidated their assets
  4. Borrowed money from family, friends and even financial institutions.
  5. Gone without food and medication

Some of the worst offenders are:

This Is Your Day - Benny Hinn

Hinn has been controversial for decades and is only now receiving the scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service and the Postal Inspectors that he’s deserved for years.

Your World With Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar

A Georgia-based pastor who actually begged his followers for a $65 million private jet to help him “minister to the faithful”.

Believer’s Voice of Victory - Kenneth Copeland

Basically instructs people NOT to seek medical assistance, and states that prayer will help them overcome illnesses.

Enjoy Everyday Life - Joyce Meyer

Has been under investigation for many years for possible misuse of collected funds. Has been on air for nearly 30 years and has collected tens of millions of dollars during that time.

Paula White Today - Paula White

Both White, and her ex-husband Randy White, take in millions of dollars annually and have been under scrutiny by tax officials for decades. The Whites are actually one of the most subdued of televangelists, although they are also some of the most successful.

Frankly, so many people have given, and will give, their money to these individuals that they easily are among the worst predators ever to be aired on American television.

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These are Charismatic Prosperity Preachers, nothing more. Worse of all, they all connect back to Kairos and the Interfaith movements.

Yes, everyone is on the path to God, some close by, some still seeking, some still learning, however, such ones need to be careful of those who belittle and trick them.

That being said, don't change lanes for such preachers, you can see by their fruit, even whatever they gain, especially currency, does not truly contribute to any works concerning God and his Christ.

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