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Years ago, My three adult children were at the house with many of their friends, playing poker, telling jokes, and drinking beer at my long dining room table, and as I walked by, my second son asked "Hey Dad ... would you like a beer?"

I stopped and asked what kind they had.

There had all kinds of German and other imported beers, and of course Coors,  and names I had never heard of ... and I replied "No Thanks ... my favorite beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer."

The general reaction was "Ewwwww", and this embarrassed both of my sons, like their father was a barefoot hillbilly with a speech impediment and soiled clothes, or something.

Then I mentioned "You know .... Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is Clint Eastwood's favorite beer."

It was interesting to watch their faces as their minds grasped that, and their opinions changed instantly!

... There is NOBODY more Cool ... than Clint Eastwood.


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