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San Francisco fines couple $2.25M for illegally renting apartments on Airbnb...

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The housing crisis in SF is manufactured for purposes of gentrification and pushing Latino communities, for example, out to Oakland. The city takes its housing crisis very seriously!

My daughter worked for a man whose company was sold a couple years ago to a a hedge fund for about $30 million, and he is now flipping buildings in SF with his money. The city is geared to only cater to the very rich.

(Not that the couple didn't cheat the system to compete with "hotels" but this couple is being used as a "warning" to others who try to do the same.)

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Airbnb technology is the exact opposite of what the current real estate zoning, design, investment infrastructure want to see occur.

San Francisco is fighting fiercely against these disruptive tech companies. Ironic isn't it that technology is a double edged sword for the City by the Bay?

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