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I hope you all enjoy this new forum format.... 

The viewer now sees a front page of actual topics rather than just a list of categories.

There are many new features... and a few bugs we are working out.

Feel free to let me know what you like (or don't like)



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Guest Nicole

@adminThanks for your explanations. I like it 

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First,  I clicked on the 'put back'  button, like it was before !  But step by step, I will go the new way :)   ( btw. yesterday, our website was ca. 2 hours not available for me, after the new Forum format )  I was waiting and waiting.... just I would go, then all ok again !  I will use the new ways for more easy from today.  I tell you my experiences ! Thank you, to make our work easier and better.  A good sign for a modern website with a great team :D

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I do not know much of the computer language, but seems that the lasts days it was difficult to connect to this FORUM.

now for the last 2 days I noticed that some posts do not appear on facebooks as that used to be so.

I think we should wait for a couple of days, and give the admins some time, to work on that too.

please leave a message if you have any other problem so the admins will see it and work on it too

my greetings to all


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@ARchiv@L.....  I  already  post  from  this  Forum  directly  to  FB  since  some  weeks :D

It  was  working  'before'  and  AFTER  the  Upgrade to IPS 4.2 beta....   I  had  no  problems  with  FB,  you ?

But  my  Laptop  often  working  like  a  snail....  thats  a  big  problem !!!!

Greetings  from  just  'hot'  Germany....   We  have  our  1. heat-wave  here  -  very  bad  for  being  long  online,  sorry :(

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      @admin it would be nice here on your IPS 4.x forum for us to see on each post when opened just how many people have viewed it. Currently we have to find the listing on the forum list to see the number of views.
      Thanks for the great sharing tool however. I can see where stuff is getting shared from this forum all over the world.
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