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The creation of India and Pakistan: In August 1947, one of history’s greatest mass migrations...

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India was raped by the British empire.  As all great European civilizations did in the past, they had "colonies' all over the world. They stripped them of their wealth while they made themselves the upper class and the natives of the land the lower class in their own country. No wonder the Bible refers to them in prophecy as the little horn who speaks grandiose things!

Gandhi followed the idea of "peaceful resistance".  He used to read the new testament while in Africa and actually said his famous words to this effect:-  if everyone followed the teachings of Christ there would be no war on earth.  Many Hindus were killed in the peaceful demonstrations / resistance because they were just mowed down by the British..... but as the word got out in the media and world - it brought shame to the British and they decided to leave.

Gandhi was disappointed that Indians could not all live together - he wanted to keep one country, but later, with the violence between Muslims and Hindus and a call for separation, he conceded to a split of the country into India and Pakistan.

These two religions still hate each other.  At present there is a far right government in India which declared the 'Hindu culture' the dominant culture of the land (and Immediately an Al Qaida branch opened up which has perpetrated many crimes against Hindus.)  Islam considers itself superior to Hindus who are called "polytheists" in the Qur'an, deserving of death.

Christians are regularly (almost daily) killed by intolerance in Pakistan - and it is not really covered in the western media. If you do not like a Christian neighbor it is easy:-  You accuse them of blasphemy against Mohammad - saying something against Mohammad or of burning a page of the Qur'an - and the entire village comes out to stone you.  The blasphemy laws in Pakistan are very strict and hence the government does not follow up if people stone of kill someone in the name of blasphemy. School children are also targeted.  They often abduct Christian girls - rape them and marry them to make them Muslim. 

This is the world we are living in..... and things are escalating.... religious hatred and intolerance is everywhere. Hindus are also becoming "nationalistic" about their religion - teaching their children to fight for Hinduism.  So things can only get worse - not better.

Thanks to Jehovah - we are taught to be truly neutral and we are activists only when it comes to the proclamation of Jehovah's kingdom.  We have brothers in both countries - I am sure!

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I never knew that they formed two countries BECAUSE of their religions. But it makes sense.

To this day they are fighting on the border.

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