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Serious made me choke.....❌

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I really had to laugh at today's Watchtower study. Such hypocrisy.

I wonder if the congregations in Montana studied this today. 

Let's start from the beginning. 

We Belong To Jehovah. Sounds simple doesn't it ? But on baptism a person suddenly belongs to the JW Org, or so they think. I say this because a baptised person has to live by the GB's rules. 

Para 4, heading. We dedicate our lives to Jehovah. Don't forget that, because the Org thinks you dedicate your lives to them. The GB and it's Org think they have ownership of contact with God. 

Para 10 .... "These examples clearly establish that those who truly belong to Jehovah must firmly take their stand for righteousness and against wickedness". Well I did, I left the Org for a proper reason, taking a stand for righteousness. Oh but that's not what they mean is it ? They mean their view of righteousness not God's view.

Para 14, "... Because we belong to Jehovah we are admonished to 'reject ungodliness and worldly desires and to live with soundness of mind and righteousness and godly devotion amid this present system of things'.  Um, something wrong here. The Org hasn't quite followed this. Practice what you preach comes to mind. 

Para 15. "Our appreciation for Jehovah's special friendship is shown in how we treat fellow worshippers. They too belong to Jehovah. If we never lose sight of that fact, we will always treat our brothers and sisters with kindness and love". Yes, but oh dear, a lot of JW's including the GB have lost sight of that fact. 

Para 18. ... We take a firm stand against badness. And we love and respect our fellow worshippers, recognizing that they too belong to Jehovah".   Really ? When ? 

It also says in the same paragraph "We want people to see that we are 'blameless and innocent .... ' ". Not much hope of that now is there ?   

Come on folks, surely you can see the hypocrisy in it all ? 

I'll hint at someone's comment on another topic, where he referred to Hitler.  Hitler was one man. It took the whole of Germany to do what they did. Hitler couldn't have done it alone.

So it is with the JW Org. The Governing Body may make those wicked rules, but it takes the whole association of brothers to make the wickedness flow through the whole Earthly organisation. 

Hope you enjoyed your Watchtower study today. 




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