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I am 16 years old and this is my experience with 13 well I will be stranded because it is because of it is good lighting I was in the organization since I was born and well it was very nice for example to go out to preach that the brothers were well it was amazing it was a family of my parents apart from all that they treated me with much affection with much respect spent the time medel wants to go to meetings with my parents that for that date of the year almost 2000 then and of meetings I had just four years I said at meetings all the brothers told me they want to start so the thing is that there came a day when I had family problems I had separation from my parents and it was quite sad because I was still almost five years old when I saw my parents separated it was terrible for me I suffered a lot I discovered many true ones to the court the post that I wanted very much my father always went all the weekends of Friday Chilean of viern it is Sunday I was going to my grandparents' house all my family will go down good my grandmother follows the madrid doctrines and fears to this thing the problem is that every time my father comes he taught me a lot about the gods but he had a detail he always told me things about my mother and one day I asked him to choose what happens with all these things because you are supposed to be a witness of the general and the witnesses of good jehovah speak beautiful things speak of jesus speak of tears of love even though people are already expelled and he kept bad things you deserve a millionaire I felt very bad because as a character, then you can not find an instinct that riesch is an elevator he continued to control and my father has disorders and a disorder it is unfortunately a rodent we suffer the injuries on the part of god one of my uncles of my grandfather.

Thanks to the people who are now outside as they are the friendly mothers as they are my same cousins that are of the same families of my father is not expelled for supposedly committing happens that long ago lived in my daughter's house my numbers I always live with a charge thing that was once and probably the last site violation by my grandfather and gave the same with greater good network they spoke to the elders there are no pulses and they because the whole person apart from many things again account that unfortunately family break your circle of friends break all I want there it suits them I always went with money that was deposited in this box that was for them to build it or from time they that money not only for that but they used it but who knows the saddest thing is that they destroyed my family a shortness I suffered a lot unfortunately dayz suffers from epilepsy all the relatives that I had and all because by a religion when we could have been happy with him my father could move followed to this day but licks This is not the organization.

My father left, I asked recently that there was blood and he gave me the excuses that there were other ways to save me. It gave me so much pity. You know he would not throw himself away. My mother was always there. At least 10 years, well, she was always against that doctrine. She always said two things if my daughter needs blood. I will give her even if she has to give up everything I have given so far. My grandmother was a regular precursor. My mom loves me too. at age 16.

The problem is that the witness of the 14 years to 25 of the organization were at least you account until when he was no longer like the 32 and separated he was expelled sad because he could have done more things so that my family was pointing but unfortunately explained this organization only the only thing that does is to separate families that is to say no cost links with your grandfather with your school friends I love you without anything, they always told me, the end will not come, look at how this is happening and I listened to Kenya for three years and looked at me now we are in 2000 almost 2014 and Diego and it does not happen now or the fact of life is still going to take me meetings because he still believes in that and I feel sorry because inside that they no longer value life from their son's life or that person with a normal person he prefers to save his son to follow a religion that really should serve us for absolutely nothing because for me the religions have already disappeared back to the moment when I say no to exist that exists and care a lot with that because it is the only one that might come to someone at home and well I have many cousins and they have given me a lot of strength but I would like to say that I lack a lot of faith and it is unfortunate because with all this Christ of the thousands of witnesses who are doing good with restrictive if they take out chili is horrible the tipas stop in the for example outside the institute of my father for witnesses and already they are finished for chatting he wants that something they have the people so that they were equal demonstrate who they serve jehovah when they are not being really sorry for me that second one second one second I am looking for something so important and being on one side some confuse it is finished absolutely no no no or no and I grew up with all these permissions.

Something I have left good memories you have a good testimony.

But now do not tell me that I am a girl I am a girl and your vision is the truth that given the course of these people has been destroyed these guys today also young people who are watching study their life is released wholesale and if they want to advertise the old books of the texts because they change them every year because they believe they changed the same song because they had to change, for example, this Bible story can see or something is always changing the things that go saying more doctrines of the recent things of them they are changing because for them it suits them they say the active books the mister rus was investigating with the pyramids the pyramids of the foundation almost in 1808.

The apocalypse 1900 1922 nothing happened in 1924 nothing happened to do this please if nothing has happened Jesus Christ have faith in Jesus in helping them with many problems thanks to new favorite soriano I rule him in teaching jesus is so loving and that his father play like that is that beware of that and a love a love as the bible says a god of love does not want anything bad for us but unfortunately these people if not only with the witnesses with the catholic religion with all the legions the bible and only open their minds a little because I know that the photo says that they are not videos of people that those declines because you do not have the truth all are going to leave without any believer the most of the people are in the false false false organization if you want a little go to that organization do not do it and if you want to open the door this is a testimony that I am not giving because and I said you are not accountant anymore here she does not try this has been the listening channel good morning I have a good day good afternoon good night and blessings for all that always accompany you to your life.

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