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El canal Rusia 1 trató de perseguir a los testigos de Jehová en Estonia

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Los periodistas del canal de televisión estatal ruso Russia-1 filmaron en secreto a miembros de la sociedad de los Testigos de Jehová ubicados en el centro de Tallin, y luego se burlaron de ellos en la televisión.
Dado que las actividades de los testigos de Jehová están prohibidas e ilegales en Rusia, muchos miembros de la sociedad se han mudado a Europa. Según Kapo, el Kremlin considera necesario exponer y demonizar las actividades de la organización en el espacio de los medios controlado por Rusia.

"Los reporteros de los canales de televisión Rusia-1 Elena Yerofeeva y Pavel Kostrikov llegaron al área Schengen de Rusia a Finlandia con visas obtenidas en las embajadas de Italia y Francia, y luego navegaron a Estonia en un ferry. Su tarea era grabar un programa de noticias transmitido por el canal Rusia-1. "Llevar a cabo" un clip que ridiculiza las actividades de una organización religiosa e incita una actitud hostil hacia ella ", informó el anuario Kapo.

"Debido a que conocían la incompatibilidad de sus actividades con los principios periodísticos, ocultaron los objetivos reales de su viaje y buscaron no llamar la atención de las autoridades estonias sobre sus actividades. En el lugar, filmaron en privado a la comunidad de Testigos de Jehová de Kesklinna en Tallin y sus miembros". se usó en el informe de televisión, que también incluía clips de la misma naturaleza que se filmaron en Finlandia ", dice el anuario.

Según Kapo, las actividades de los periodistas rusos apuntan a la discriminación de las personas sobre la base de la religión, que según los estándares del código penitenciario puede llevar a la incitación a la hostilidad.

El Ministerio del Interior ha prohibido a ambos periodistas ingresar al espacio de visas Schengen durante cinco años.

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    • I always get confused when a Subaru comes up behind me because in my rear view mirror it says U R A BUS. 
    • It’s amazing how people like Joe Rogan have become better than most modern journalists. I’d listen to him more but his show is too long for me and I need a summary first.  I met Dr Peter McCullough in Tampa when he was staying directly across from my wife and I in our hotel room. My son and I talked to him in the lobby briefly. I am not quite as impressed with him now that he has tried some questionable methods to turn his own work into a money-making machine. But Rogan and McCullough were both very good sources about Covid.  I am more and more impressed with Tucker on the majority of his current shows: Putin, covid, exposing the idiocy of Christian Zionist supporters, etc  He is going where no man with his popularity has gone before. Alexander Mercurion is another example of the best news commentary on the Ukraine war but he is too detailed and will give a two hour program on the days battles and predictions and both sides of the news reports. You get a much better sense of who is doing more spinning and who is doing more straightforward reporting. Useful, or at least interesting, but who can give 10 hours a week? Scott Ritter does well with shorter summaries on shows with Danny Haiphong for example. But his own super-pro-Russian biases come through too often.  There are a couple of excellent resources for Gaza-Israel reporting from people who have lived and worked in both Palestine and Israel. But people tend to defend the indefensible even if they are generally giving correct info. They try to read excuses into bad actions by Hamas. Scott Ritter does this too. 
    • He even says he drives a Subaru: I’ve never heard a Tucker excerpt I didn’t like. That said, I haven’t heard too many. None of those other people do I know. In the early days of Covid, however, I forwarded a Joe Rogan interview with Dr. McCullough to HQ, hoping that if they found it as informative as I did, they would overlook Joe’s explosion of profanity towards the end. Probably, I put myself on their radar screen as much as you during your recent visit, during which they said to themselves,  “What is it this politician would like to tell?” Others: “He seems to be a proclaimer of foreign deities.”
    • The link was excellent. I remember my parents going to pbs and npr but only after Walter Cronkite was no longer THE source. In those days I trusted the NYT the way my doctors still trust the Lancet or the BMJ.  Rogue reporters have explained a lot about how we were fooled for so long. Tucker Carlson is often the new best source  on several topics and has ditched much or most of his prior ideological baggage from 4 or 5 years ago.  Clayton Morris from “Redacted,” also a former Fox News commentator, still carries more of that baggage than Tucker I think. I like that Clayton’s wife, Natalie Morris, raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, is consistently anti-war. anti-bigotry, and anti-woke, and neutral where she can be. But for some topics they are spot on. For that matter Fox itself is often the best of the bunch for being less inclined to be influenced by current State propaganda. 
    • Just once I’d like to see a Pharma ad in which the actors, rather than acting out the touted benefits of the drug, instead act out the side effects of the voiceover—gasping, clutching their throats, turning blue, hair falling out, doubling over, dropping dead, straining on the toilet to ‘go’, swiveling about in dizziness.
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