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JW Rusia: Comunidad del campo de concentración de Dachau escribe a Putin

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Guest Indiana

La comunidad del campo de concentración de Dachau observa con gran preocupación la persecución de los Testigos de Jehová en Rusia. 
Allí, la comunidad religiosa ha sido una organización terrorista desde 2017. Según informes de los medios de comunicación, las autoridades estatales han estado tomando medidas enérgicas contra los Testigos de Jehová desde hace algunas semanas. 
La comunidad del campamento no quiere quedarse al margen y ahora ha enviado una carta al presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin, a la canciller alemana, Angela Merkel (CDU), a la ministra de Relaciones Exteriores Heiko Maas (SPD) y al cónsul general de la Federación Rusa en Munich, expresando su descontento con el Acción de las autoridades rusas.
"Pedimos al presidente ruso y al gobierno alemán que utilicen su influencia para afirmar que los miembros de los testigos de Jehová tienen los derechos garantizados por la Constitución rusa", dijo Guido Hassel, de la Comunidad del Campo Dachau.
La comunidad del campamento Dachau fue fundada en 1946 por ex reclusos del campo de concentración. Se ve a sí mismo como el portavoz de las muchas víctimas de la tiranía nacionalsocialista. Cientos de testigos de Jehová estaban entre las víctimas de los nazis en el campo de concentración de Dachau. "Nunca más es nuestro deber y obligación", escribe Hassel. 
Las comunicaciones perturbadoras de Rusia mostraron "que la vida y la salud de los miembros individuales de la comunidad religiosa están amenazadas por la tortura y la brutalidad extrema". 
La comunidad del campamento, por lo tanto, ha decidido escribir a los cuatro políticos. La carta a Putin afirma que es incomprensible que la comunidad religiosa amante de la paz en Rusia se equipare a las organizaciones terroristas. Rusia debería conceder a los testigos de Jehová el ejercicio de su religión. "Escuche a los sobrevivientes del campo de concentración y víctimas del campo de concentración de Dachau".

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    • He even says he drives a Subaru: I’ve never heard a Tucker excerpt I didn’t like. That said, I haven’t heard too many. None of those other people do I know. In the early days of Covid, however, I forwarded a Joe Rogan interview with Dr. McCullough to HQ, hoping that if they found it as informative as I did, they would overlook Joe’s explosion of profanity towards the end. Probably, I put myself on their radar screen as much as you during your recent visit, during which they said to themselves,  “What is it this politician would like to tell?” Others: “He seems to be a proclaimer of foreign deities.”
    • The link was excellent. I remember my parents going to pbs and npr but only after Walter Cronkite was no longer THE source. In those days I trusted the NYT the way my doctors still trust the Lancet or the BMJ.  Rogue reporters have explained a lot about how we were fooled for so long. Tucker Carlson is often the new best source  on several topics and has ditched much or most of his prior ideological baggage from 4 or 5 years ago.  Clayton Morris from “Redacted,” also a former Fox News commentator, still carries more of that baggage than Tucker I think. I like that Clayton’s wife, Natalie Morris, raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, is consistently anti-war. anti-bigotry, and anti-woke, and neutral where she can be. But for some topics they are spot on. For that matter Fox itself is often the best of the bunch for being less inclined to be influenced by current State propaganda. 
    • Just once I’d like to see a Pharma ad in which the actors, rather than acting out the touted benefits of the drug, instead act out the side effects of the voiceover—gasping, clutching their throats, turning blue, hair falling out, doubling over, dropping dead, straining on the toilet to ‘go’, swiveling about in dizziness.
    • Journalists who go rogue often do it for me. https://www.thefp.com/p/npr-editor-how-npr-lost-americas-trust RFKjr is turning out a fine source as well. Look how he says 60 years ago most people (80%) trusted government and now 90% do not: https://x.com/vigilantfox/status/1777710201937732085?s=61&t=fM8K_zHB-Zw9l_mM_4QHqg
    • My overall point is that most Witnesses I know in the United States are very political and don't even know it. Often much more political than their neighbors who vote. There are certain limits to what we will say about our political views, but I think we don't recognize that those political views often come out inadvertently in other ways. In fact, I've seen strong political views among Witnesses who only use the line "we don't take sides in politics" when they wish to shut down an argument they disagree with. My parents and many relatives were of the type that said they wouldn't be fooled by all the lies and exaggerations from MS-NBC supposedly on the "progressive left." Nor the lies and exaggerations from FOX News on the supposedly "conservative right." But that didn't stop them from being fooled by thinking that CNN was not mostly "state-sponsored media" that would cherry-pick stories now and then to keep up the ruse that they weren't. As long as they continued to support corporate sponsors, including "Big Pharma" and "Big Military Industrial Complex," it was clear what side they were going to take. And although Trump was golden to all networks for his ability to spout controversy, one of his biggest sins for CNN was the fact that he went 4 years without getting the USA involved in any new wars.  We were watching CNN once, not on purpose, and although many segments were introduced with "Brought to you by Pfizer" one was introduced "Brought to you by McDonnell-Douglas." As if any of us watching were about to go out and buy McDonnell-Douglas fighter jets and missiles for accessories. Of course, even the segments brought to you by Pfizer weren't really for any of us to be swayed in our pharmacy choices, either. As with all corporate media, those ads are really just payments to CNN; they are all just a way for corporations to PAY (bribe) the news writers and commentators to realize on which side their bread is buttered. They are merely buying influence. ---- All this was probably just my own rationale to excuse my own tendency to throw in opinions about politics, politicians, and the mainstream corporate media. There are no easy answers to how someone should go about getting their news, or how to feed their own opinions. But I would be happy to hear about the various sources people use when trying to find the "truth" about various world events. 
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