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Dancing on the beach on Moorea Island Celebrating the building of a Kingdom Hall, South Pacific

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    • Guest Indiana
      By Guest Indiana
    • By The Librarian
      This would have been unthinkable back in Fred Franz's day...... he would have quoted Moses when coming down from the mountain to hear a different type of music.....
      2017 Jakarta, Indonésia.
      40.000 in attendance
      2000 foreign delegates from:  Russia, USA, Japon, Philippines, Népal, Thaïland, Australa et Timor
      515 baptized
    • By Jack Ryan
      The Twist is not seen at festivals of Jehovah's Witnesses ever since the Watchtower denounced this dance as immoral back in the 1960's
      @JW Insider might remember which article specifically.
    • By Queen Esther
      hahahahahahahaaaaaaa.....  Jehovah's  Creation   sooo  funny
      THANK  YOU  JEHOVAH   ? .•*¨`*•..¸???¸.•*¨`*•. ?
    • By Bible Speaks
      Sing ??? to Jehovah in Dance ? and Song! - DonÂ’t Give Up Convention 2017
      Tap on Video Link mp4 ______???

    • By Matthew9969
      Now I'm not condemning these people for wanting to have some joy inside their house of worship, but a few things stand out...these congregations would have been strongly reproved, if not even some disfellowshipped 10-15 20 years ago. This kind of joy definitely would have made my childhood much more easier to endure. But not just that...at my church, worship is done with christian centered music, by christian artist praising God and Jesus. These video's the brothers and sisters are singing and dancing and plagiarizing worldly music, and dances that have been popular in bars and worldly plays. I'm glad to see brothers and sisters finally being allowed to laugh, dance, have fun while congregating in a kingdom hall, still have some doctrines that are wrong, but they are catching on with what is in the bible about worshiping and praising God with musical instruments and dancing.
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