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This is the best internet video I’ve ever seen

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BUMMER !  black  screen  &  text :  Das Medium konnte nicht abgespielt werden... The  medium  could  not  play  ;-((  --           ( whatever... )   sorry :(  I  SO  love  cat - video's !!

( Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. )        I  will  search  by  youtube  for  yours !  Sometimes  I  have  little  luck  :)

By  Twitter  I  could  see  it  and  after,  here  too !!!!  Hahahahahahahahaaaaaa  clever  kitty,  the  left  one !  But  difficult  to  share  by  twitter,  here  its  better.  Thank  you  for  laughing... :D  I  have  still  similars  for  you...  A  cat  before  a  printer  and  another  drums  crazy  on  a  keyboard, hahaha xD

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This video reminded me of cat my mother used to have, many years ago, his name was Fred...........he used to sit on a stool at the end of the kitchen table, my mother would place his meal on his saucer, in front of him and he would pick up each piece of meat with one of his front paws and put it in his mouth. He would not start eating until we were at the table and started to eat.

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Yes I agree Queen Esther that all cats are unique...........and many are very clever..........some of those big cats are fascinating to watch, especially in the David Attenborough series he has filmed in Africa and other countries.

Oh  yes,   very  very  clever !!  Can  open  doors,  a  cooler - door,  many  cupboards  and  much  more :)

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