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ISIS Kills a JW Sister in Finland Terror Attack

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@Kurt Sorry Kurt I don't buy it.. The source is not a proven source it could be anyones image. It also is a made up assertion that a group called Isis was involved. To me this is a rumor. None of it is proven even if the media peddles it that does not make it true especially when they provide no evidences. The things that have been shown have contradictions and oddities.

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One of them was a 23 year old sister at her witnessing cart, she was stabbed in the throat and died very soon thereafter :   Read more:  

So upsetting As soon as I saw the cart clearly visible in this photograph of the aftermath of this awful attack we wondered if any of the brothers & sisters had been targets. Hardly any coverage i

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I put the photo up showing the JW Cart from news sources on the day of the incident.

On my iPad the photo is clearly of a JW Cart, which is why I posted that I hoped JWs were not targeted. Sadly it seems they were as the attacker targeted women & shouted Allah Akbar. ( God is Great) 

The authorities putting up a blue summer house by the cart was an act of sincere kindness & recognition of the memory of our dear sister

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Thank You Julie I appreciate what you did. I still find the story a bit ambiguous. I researched this and many things do not add up. Eyewitness accounts, hero testimony, it all has hoax written all over it.. I hate to say this especially when it comes to the org. But I still do not believe this its a factless based event. The picture you provided is blurry and could have been photo-shopped easily. I would not accept that one piece of evidence if many other aspects have credibility issues as I mentioned earlier.

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16 hours ago, Kurt said:

Krista Härmä is our dear sister who was murdered in the Isis attack in Åbo Finland,as writes in the facebook, until someone proves any other name.

Hello Kurt, 

Thank you for posting the many sites to different news sources.  I felt you have answered what was necessary.  

I decided not to answer further to the questions to PROVE this happened.  One of the  issues the posting person stated, is that the www.jw.org site has 1) participated in the hoax   2) is not reliable for information. There is nothing we will be able to say to make that person think differently.  

I have no idea how many  'errors' this person found in all the news stories they are investigating. But honestly, it has little to do with us as witnesses.  We are not responsible for all of the reporting sources in the world. We are not responsible for people altering or manufacturing photos and videos.  Wrong things are on the internet and TV all of the time.  This person is trying to stir up contention using a young girls death as their vehicle.  They are using the WORLD's problem of errors in news and pointing it back at the witnesses.  Demeaning a girls life, to non-existence. 

It is possible, the government in Finland may have asked to have certain content taken down.  In suspected terrorist attacks, they need to keep a lid on the details so as not to impede the investigation of finding anyone else associated with the attacks. Also, they need to discover if it is part of a larger issue that is being planned. Often it is to locate a cell.   If you read terrorist attack stories, missing names of victims and those arrested are common.  This does not imply a hoax.  Sometimes it seems like there is a lot of information. Other times not.  Please do not tell me this is not fact as well, it is.  That is not the family's problem or the organization.  We do not control the news outlets of the world! 

 How many times have you heard news and they kept changing the body bag count?  The Columbine High School shootings were a perfect example of that.  The body count at the scene was broadcast as MANY different numbers!   How hard is it to count body bags?  But it happened.  They were all racing to report the news and jumped the gun. 

As Jehovah's Witnesses, we do know that our site does NOT publish lies or participate in HOAX news.  As this person clearly feels the JW.org site has some sort of reason to post a lie, there will be NOTHING we can do to help this person understand that a young girl is dead.

This person claims to be an investigator of news stories. But they also believe we publish false stories. This person has an issues with witnesses and the organization. They are not at all concerned about this young girls death. This sad story of a human being dying is just a place for the author to USE. A place to STEP in and disparage the organization and witnesses. 

Instead of bashing the death of this girl where you can clearly see, other members of her faith are grieving and sharing, would it not make more sense for you to contact the news media in Finland as well as the police, law enforcement, etc.?  Take a trip there and investigate it personally.

I  do not think we really care about all the news sources on earth.  But we do care about the loss of our sister.  

Kurt, the person asked, we answered.  That is all that can be done.  

This thread was intended to let people know one of our sisters was killed during the activity of doing the preaching work.   It also served as a place to send condolences to our dear sister.

This thread is NOT about deciding if her dead body existed or not!  Honestly, its cruel.  This is a thread where people actually care about this human being.

 I hope the family is NOT watching this thread.  People posting that the whole thing is a "HOAX'.  That would be very hurtful to a grieving family.  Her blood is shed in the street;  and people came to the thread  to console one another & share information.  Not to say ' it never happened',  prove she is dead!  Honestly, its horrible.  But then there are people who do not believe in 'the moon landing' or the 'concentration camps in WW2.'  

As we do not want to be part of senseless arguments, I see no point in furthering answering someone who seems to want to disparage the organization, its members and most sadly, the death of our sister. 

PLEASE remember this is a flesh and blood human being. This is a family who lost their precious daughter, or sister, or friend.  This is NOT in a object in which no human feelings are attached. 

Jehovah's people do not lie.  It is agains God's laws.  A person has accused our brothers of lying.  For what gain would that serve?   But diluting her life and death to, 'it never existed,' is cruel. 

No matter what anyone provides, this person is going to just use it as fodder.  I do not think the death of a young girl is a place that should be used for someones issues about witnesses or the organization.  Surely, you can find a different outlet for your opinions. 

Her life matters.  Her family matters. Saying hear death did NOT exist?   I will not participate further in it. 

Thank you for everyones understanding.  I am suggesting, this:  It was asked and answered. Thank you Kurt for the many links.   The photos were very moving.  

Sincerely & With Thanks to all of you. 


1 Timothy 6: 3-8    


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On 9/21/2017 at 7:52 AM, Know Better said:

@USASister I pretty much explained what I mean by more factual in my last post. I am an avid current events observer. I have been seeing alot of news reports that just are not actual real events. This one has the same oddities which leans to not having any credibility. This could have some pretty serious implications. In order to know what I am talking about one has to really check out the current events called news events and check for oddities in them. Only then can one know what I am saying. Until one does that they will just accept what they are being told from tv.

Incorrect assumption about me. But thank you for your consideration.  I think it is time to end my participation in the thread.  Kindly understand that I will not be replying further. 

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@USASister OK I just noticed you made a large letter speaking against me so I feel I should make a response. You keep saying this person as though you are not directing the words to me but you are. That shows deceit in your character if you have something to say to me then just say it. Instead of speaking around me.

You keep saying this poor girl died as though you really KNOW when you do not know you go only by what you have been told. You have not any proof of this event. Just reports. As far as the organization telling the truth well even there you are basing it upon trust. The Bible says even if every man proves to be a liar, I will not be.. Regarding Jehovah.. So Jehovah even knows all people can be involved in lying. No one is excluded from that possibility.

I will put up my observances about this event to show why this is to be questioned as to its validity. Here they are:

· No names are released of the victims. (Oddity)

· Jw’s do not do cart witnessing alone. Where was the other witness then? If they were there why are they not a witness to the event? (Oddity)

· Emt worker was laughing in a video with fellow workers on the scene when firetrucks were in place. (Oddity)

· Eyewitness on radio was asked to describe the attacker but could not do so, He just said he saw a big knife. He could of at least had something to say about the attacker yet he had nothing to say. That is odd. (Oddity)

· Crime scene in the square was blocked by two fire trucks. Why two fire trucks? Was there a fire? Maybe for Theatrical value for world stage. Did the other bodies get this kind of treatment? Where was their 'firetruck'?

· ‘Hero’ character had all seeing eye tattoo on arm. (Oddity)

· ‘Hero’ character also gave interview back in what appears to be the square in new clothing, had not a drop of blood on him yet he too was attacked trying to defend 'woman'. Yet he  had a sling on and a gauze pad on only but no blood came through.  (Oddity)

· BBC report said the ‘Hero’ was stabbed 4 times in the neck and chest yet there were no signs of any of that. (Contradiction)

· This ‘Hero’ would immediately be put in the hospital for treatment of stabbing in neck and chest especially if it was a big knife. He would not be changed into new cloths, incidentally his new shirt said “Malt Whiskey” in Walt Disney fonts. Neither would a person come back to the crime scene to be interviewed. A person would be traumatized enough yet this person did not seem like a person who was just attacked and stabbed 4X’s and having watched a person die in his arms. (Oddity)

· There is even a picture of him with his hand touching his nose with what appears to be a smile on his face. (Oddity)

· During the ‘Hero’ interview camera was angled to leave a view of observers. During the viewing of observers one could see two people look at each other and gave a look of acknowledgement. Then people moved out of the way to give an elderly woman with a walker the ability to come into view of the camera, then she deliberately wiped her eye with a tissue to give the impression she was crying. Looked very staged. From the camera angle to the elderly woman's actions. Yet no tears were present. (Strange)

· Then we have the candles to commemorate the ‘attack’ many were very similar. Most were very similar in appearance for the amount of items there seemed to be too few varieties this could indicate these items all came from the same place. It might explain the lack of variety. Could also indicate planned event. (Peculiar)

· Then we have the woman who sang a song while playing a small boxlike stringed instrument at the beginning of a small candle memorial whereas a man held an umbrella the woman had a smile on her face while the man tried not to look at the camera filming them. (Oddity)

· Then we have the suspect’s preliminary trial proceedings via tv monitor while man was in the ‘hospital’. He lay under covers you never saw him. What court allows such a thing? Also the lawyers face was blocked out with a picture in picture small screen on the monitor. You basically saw nothing. Very odd. (Oddity)

· Then we have the JW side of this. They published a small news bulletin on JW.org a day after then immediately took it down. Which is unusual for them they usually do not act so hasty. (Unusual)

· Based on all the oddities mentioned that seriously affects the credibility of this event, how could JW’s treat this as credible?  If much is faked then how could the rest be real? If it is not real then what are JW’s involved in? I don't even like to think about what this can imply.

Whatever the case it will continue to develop in other actions, then we will all see.



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I appreciate the post. But it does not make a previous story true. I can say with a good amount of certainty that this story too is fake. The reason I say this is all previous 'events' I and others have researched have been proven to be fake events all to promote the idea of a jihad worldwide war which in all honesty simply does not exist. Sure there are beliefs where those who believe in Islam believe they have something superior. I am not saying some conflicts as in wars between nations don't exist, obviously they do. But when it comes to media reports all they say should be considered very suspect. They have been caught lying many times presenting false reports. They also promote the idea of mass shooters as in home grown 'terrorists', all fake. What you are seeing is a world government propaganda campaign to help them establish their need for uniting their powers to combat an enemy that just does not exist. That is why these events happen one after another. Jehovah's Witnesses realize the nations will unite the Beast and give their kingdoms to the beast but at the same time Witnesses should realize deceptions will be employed to make this happen.  This should not shock the average Witness it should make them believe the Bible all the more. The problem is when they allow themselves be deceived along with the nations they put their faith at risk because sooner or later they will act on the deception that will compromise their belief. 

(Daniel 8:23-25) 23 “And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion, a fierce-looking king who understands ambiguous sayings will stand up. 24 His power will become great, but not through his own power. He will bring ruin in an extraordinary way, and he will be successful and act effectively. He will bring mighty ones to ruin, also the people made up of the holy ones. 25 And by his cunning he will use deception to succeed; and in his heart he will exalt himself; and during a time of security he will bring many to ruin. He will even stand up against the Prince of princes, but he will be broken without human hand.


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    • The link was excellent. I remember my parents going to pbs and npr but only after Walter Cronkite was no longer THE source. In those days I trusted the NYT the way my doctors still trust the Lancet or the BMJ.  Rogue reporters have explained a lot about how we were fooled for so long. Tucker Carlson is often the new best source  on several topics and has ditched much or most of his prior ideological baggage from 4 or 5 years ago.  Clayton Morris from “Redacted,” also a former Fox News commentator, still carries more of that baggage than Tucker I think. I like that Clayton’s wife, Natalie Morris, raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, is consistently anti-war. anti-bigotry, and anti-woke, and neutral where she can be. But for some topics they are spot on. For that matter Fox itself is often the best of the bunch for being less inclined to be influenced by current State propaganda. 
    • Just once I’d like to see a Pharma ad in which the actors, rather than acting out the touted benefits of the drug, instead act out the side effects of the voiceover—gasping, clutching their throats, turning blue, hair falling out, doubling over, dropping dead, straining on the toilet to ‘go’, swiveling about in dizziness.
    • Journalists who go rogue often do it for me. https://www.thefp.com/p/npr-editor-how-npr-lost-americas-trust RFKjr is turning out a fine source as well. Look how he says 60 years ago most people (80%) trusted government and now 90% do not: https://x.com/vigilantfox/status/1777710201937732085?s=61&t=fM8K_zHB-Zw9l_mM_4QHqg
    • My overall point is that most Witnesses I know in the United States are very political and don't even know it. Often much more political than their neighbors who vote. There are certain limits to what we will say about our political views, but I think we don't recognize that those political views often come out inadvertently in other ways. In fact, I've seen strong political views among Witnesses who only use the line "we don't take sides in politics" when they wish to shut down an argument they disagree with. My parents and many relatives were of the type that said they wouldn't be fooled by all the lies and exaggerations from MS-NBC supposedly on the "progressive left." Nor the lies and exaggerations from FOX News on the supposedly "conservative right." But that didn't stop them from being fooled by thinking that CNN was not mostly "state-sponsored media" that would cherry-pick stories now and then to keep up the ruse that they weren't. As long as they continued to support corporate sponsors, including "Big Pharma" and "Big Military Industrial Complex," it was clear what side they were going to take. And although Trump was golden to all networks for his ability to spout controversy, one of his biggest sins for CNN was the fact that he went 4 years without getting the USA involved in any new wars.  We were watching CNN once, not on purpose, and although many segments were introduced with "Brought to you by Pfizer" one was introduced "Brought to you by McDonnell-Douglas." As if any of us watching were about to go out and buy McDonnell-Douglas fighter jets and missiles for accessories. Of course, even the segments brought to you by Pfizer weren't really for any of us to be swayed in our pharmacy choices, either. As with all corporate media, those ads are really just payments to CNN; they are all just a way for corporations to PAY (bribe) the news writers and commentators to realize on which side their bread is buttered. They are merely buying influence. ---- All this was probably just my own rationale to excuse my own tendency to throw in opinions about politics, politicians, and the mainstream corporate media. There are no easy answers to how someone should go about getting their news, or how to feed their own opinions. But I would be happy to hear about the various sources people use when trying to find the "truth" about various world events. 
    • Here was the general conversation, skipping a part where I had just explained how 30,000 Palestinians, largely women and children, had been killed, and the majority of major news outlets were still equivocating about whether Israel had gone too far. But when half-a-dozen mostly "white" aid workers were killed, suddenly Nancy Pelosi (friend of the aid organization founder), Joe Scarborough, Elizabeth Warren, and a bunch of others turn on a dime to stop giving Israel a free pass -- embarrassing their own man Biden.  THEM: Well, anyway, we don't take sides about literal Israel, and we don't discuss political sides of who supports whom. ME: But that last part is just information, even history. THEM: History is one thing but the Bible says don't speak against the King. What's that it says in Ecclesiastes? (Ecclesiastes 10:20) . . .Even in your thoughts, do not curse the king, and do not curse the rich in your bedroom; for a bird may convey the sound, or a creature with wings may repeat what was said. ME: Yeah. That's where we get the expression: "a little birdie told me." Basically, it means that someone on Twitter will turn you in. Or all the government agencies will be listening in on Twitter.   THEM: Very funny. You mean "X." ME: Yeah, but they still call them "tweets." THEM: But still we don't take sides, we don't even say anything against any ruler, whether he's good or bad. We only pray that they make decisions that are good for us.  ME: I don't think it's wrong to say something against a ruler. Don't you think Hitler was a bad ruler? THEM: But he's not a king now is he? He's dead. ME: I mean even when he was alive. THEM: Well, of course, because he was attacking Jehovah's people. ME: But it would have been wrong to say he was bad while he was attacking millions of Jews? THEM: [changing subject] But look how respectful Paul was talking to Felix, he never said a word against him. ME: Maybe not, but Luke tells us he was probably looking for a bribe. That's pretty negative. ME: continuing . . . And Jesus called Herod a fox. THEM: Well maybe he was "foxy" -- "crafty" not always a bad thing. ME: You don't believe that . . . and even if it was a good thing, then Jesus was taking sides. THEM: Anyway . . . it's wrong.
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