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???? What is this about? Why are you getting a kick out of goading me? Or kicking against my goads, or whatever that scripture says? (Acts 26:14) I know about the fraud(s). My wife gets "mad" at

Didn’t @JW Insider say he’d take care of this? Behold:  From The Week, December 14/ 2018 One moment he’s fixing the toilets at Bethel. The next minute he’s fixing the computers for all

Also, doesn't this belong in Anna's "dark web" prophecy/conspiracy thread?

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1 hour ago, TrueTomHarley said:

Didn’t @JW Insider say he’d take care of this? Behold: 

???? What is this about? Why are you getting a kick out of goading me? Or kicking against my goads, or whatever that scripture says? (Acts 26:14)

I know about the fraud(s). My wife gets "mad" at me when I string them along for about 25+ minutes, while doing other things of course. I have tracked about 4 versions of this, and I get calls like this every few days. It turns out that these young men from India will get very mad and start cursing at you, and just can't let it go after you have wasted half an hour of their time and they realize they've been had (in the sense that they finally figure out they are not really making progress in convincing you to part with money and/or offering them full access to your machine/network).

Of course, I may have to stop doing this after the reminders in today's Watchtower Study.

When they get to the point where they are having you look up supposedly unique numbers in obscure computer files and pretend that this is your license code to prove they are legit, you can act convinced and say OK, I see you are legit . . . . But wait, let me look up and see if it's the same number on my other computer just in case this isn't really unique. . . .  I look it up and after about 5 minutes tell them that it's the same number (which it is). Then they tell you that this is because you are on the same network . . . And then you tell them that you tethered/hotspotted your iPhone as the network for this other computer (which I did) . . . and then they tell you it's because you are on the same network again, because they don't have a script for that particular outcome. So you say OK maybe they are right, but there is just one more test to be sure. So you explain that you that you can VPN into one of your employee's work computers which is on a completely different network, and this time ask them if they expect that you will see the same supposedly unique number on this other person's computer on a different network. They know the answer is YES but they can't admit it, so you'd think they would just hang up. Instead 3 out of 4 will start cursing at you at this point, with poorly accented swear words. It's amazing!

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11 hours ago, JW Insider said:

???? What is this about? Why are you getting a kick out of goading me? Or kicking against my goads, or whatever that scripture says? (Acts 26:14)

I could be wrong, but quite candidly....what are the chances? (Don't tell JTR, who thinks I am never wrong, nor JB, who will blame the GB)

I posted about this awhile ago, , how this scam cheapens the Microsoft brand, and someone, I thought it was you , said they would talk to their acquaintance at Microsoft about it. 

I witnessed to one of these characters recently. I long resisted suggestions to do that with telemarketers because it seemed to be using the truth as an offensive weapon, and I do not look at it that way.  But I got my head around it and resolved that if I could do it for real, with sincerity, I would give it a try.

Whenever he would mention his service, I would interrupt and say, "yeah, I don't want that. But as long as you called, let me tell you what I am working on at present." I would observe that English obviously is not his first language, ask what one was, and tell him all about the drop-down box at JW.org to select one out of a thousand. I told him all about the online study lessons that make it possible for me to say "I don't want to study the Bible with you...do it yourself." I told him how we like the Bible because it helps one gets one's act together, raise a family, hope for the future, why does God allow suffering?...where are the dead? Why do they die in the first place? and so forth.

He kept trying to bring things back to his product, and I would repeat the above. They are very persistent. I confess that, whereas with a householder you want to avoid asking awkward questions or ones that might make him feel uncomfortable, in time with this fellow I went out of my way to do it.

It was rather fun. A friend who does it all the time says, "Look, I know you cannot respond to this because you're working, so don't worry, I don't expect feedback, but let me tell you about..."

I would do it more, but I find that when calls come in, they do so unexpectedly, and I am usually not at a stopping point. Often I am right in the middle of pasting back the ears of the bombastic JTR and I know that he will be disappointed if he does not get a prompt reply to whatever drivel he is spinning.

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4 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

I thought it was you , said they would talk to their acquaintance at Microsoft about it. 

Not me. And I have no acquaintances at Microsoft. Thanks, anyway. Now, I never thought of Witnessing to these folks. That could be hilarious.

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      I had quit the JW Open Club, so as not to be a cause for dissension …. which if I am not careful I can take over a conversation … as TTH ALLUDED to that, and he was correct.
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      Hi, it seems we are the only two left talking about it as the rest have lost interest.  PITY, because they will soon see what is coming. I have always had a good imagination for understanding injustice. ..I watched the video about the injustice you put up.... very sad. We understand those things.....the other video is just a parody, of snippets of a very nasty person.... I do not know who she is but she was standing  next to the health minister.....
      I am not well, so I may not make it thru this system..... and I am happy to say maybe it is a  good thing.... I want to praise jehovah until I die ...but the opportunities are getting less.... and who wants to see people suffer?  If I were still around I would be severely stressed by it.  
      My father always said " know all, blow all" when people think they know it all.  And I have seen some pretty opinionated people on here. Mostly people who have had very little suffering and had authority in congregations.   
      I encourage you to stay strong dear sister and please devote more time to worship Jehovah in love. I also want to cut my time on internet ........ I spend time trying to find hidden  news about new developments in UN etc.  Soon all news about what is really  going on will not be available..... just mandates from governments and propaganda from the governments. People will be liquidated and we will not be able to get news about it. 
      Just stay strong. I am glad you spoke out about Australia.... I have a friend there who is too afraid to talk on internet.  They have already built  Covid "camps" in USA and Australia.... the  ĺorcing all "faith in god" out of everyone..  only worship of the state will be allowed. .... to compromise as many as he can.
      Strengthen yourself. No one can do it for you. 
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      Thank you so much for the spiritual food!!!
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