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JW USA: DEVELOPING: Suspect arrested, 2 still on run in Seattle shooting that killed 1, injured 7

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SEATTLE — Seattle police detectives identified two suspects wanted in the downtown Seattle shooting Wednesday night that killed a woman and hurt 7 other people, including a 9-year-old boy


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I couldn't insert the tweet but it says:

A close family friend of the 9-year-old boy who was wounded in yesterday’s downtown shooting says his left femur is shattered, but the boy is remarkably poised and positive. “He has never cried once,” he told us. The boy was on an outing w/ a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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SEATTLE — The youngest victim in Wednesday's downtown mass-shooting had successful surgery on a shattered femur at Harborview Medical Center, according to a close family friend, and he may be cleared to go home sometime Friday.

The family--who asked that the boy only be identified by his first name--said 9-year-old Judah was shot in the upper thigh when the family was caught in a hail of gunfire. They say Judah had just spent the day with his family and friends on an outing with fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting the Pacific Science Center, and they were all walking through downtown to take a ferry home to Port Orchard.

“He remembers walking down the street with his friends, his little sisters and his parents,” said Erik Hanson, a close family friend. “They started to hear gunshots, and the next thing he knew he was on the ground.”

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PORT ORCHARD — The youngest victim in the deadly Wednesday evening shooting in downtown Seattle was a 9-year-old Port Orchard boy.

The boy, named Judah, was reported to be recovering from surgery to repair a fractured left leg, according to a report by KOMO News this morning.

Seattle Police were continuing their search for two of the three gunmen who reportedly opened fire near a busy Third Avenue and Pine Street intersection filled with commuters heading home. A woman was killed in the crossfire and seven were injured. One of the gunmen is in custody, according to police.

In the KOMO News report, a family friend of the boy, Erik Larson, said the youngster had been to Seattle for a visit to the Pacific Science Center with family and friends from Port Orchard. The family, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, had been looking at sidewalk displays and literature about their faith, and were heading down Third Avenue toward Colman Dock to catch a westbound ferry when the gunfire erupted

Larson told KOMO News that the family was next to the McDonald’s restaurant when the chaos unleashed. “Tragically, the woman that ended up killed was on the pavement not far from where they were struck,” Larson said. “It’s really near-miraculous that none of the other nine in their contingent was impacted.”

The family friend said paramedics quickly responded to the scene.

“He held it together,” Larson said of young Judah. “In fact, one of the police officers mentioned that he wasn’t even crying when she responded.”

The Port Orchard boy and the other victims were taken to Harborview Medical Center, the region’s primary trauma center, where x-rays were taken of his left leg that was hit by a bullet. It was shown Judah had a fracture. He was taken into surgery Thursday morning and the fractured bone was repaired using a plate and screws.

Larson told KOMO News that Judah could possibly head back home to Port Orchard today.

“He’s not going to let [the shooting] deter him or detract him from moving ahead.”

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Another channel  (KIRO 7) reported right after he left the hospital that Judah was looking forward to going door to door, “sharing his experience and his faith”.  He had been up and walking Friday.  Comments by the reporter said the doctors had to put the pieces back together ”like a jigsaw puzzle” 

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