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Hitler, the Nazis and the Catholic Church

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April 20, 1939 Archbishop Orsenigo celebrated Hitler's Birthday party. The celebrations were initiated by Pope Pacelli (Pio XII) and became a tradition. Every April 20th, Cardinal Bertram of Berlin went to offer "the warmest congratulations to the Fuhrer in the name of the bishops and the German Diocese", and added that "fervent prayers that the Catholics in Germany are sending to heaven upon their altars"

El 20 de abril de 1939, el arzobispo Orsenigo celebró el cumpleaños de Hitler. Las celebraciones, iniciadas por Pacelli (Pío XII) se convirtió en una tradición. Cada 20 de abril, el cardenal Bertram de Berlín fue para enviar "más calurosas felicitaciones al Fuhrer en nombre de los obispos y las diócesis en Alemania", y añadió con "fervientes oraciones que los católicos de Alemania están enviando al cielo en sus altares." 

HitlerAtMonument.gif El Führer en el Franken

Hitler rarely missed an opportunity to visit war monuments, even when a photographer wasn't present.

Adolf Hitler (centro) en el monumento a los muertos en la guerra en el Franken Alemania. Según Ray Cowdery, Hitler raramente se perdió la oportunidad de visitar monumentos de guerra, incluso cuando un fotógrafo no estaba presente 


Hitler greeting Muller the "Bishop of the Reich" and SChachleitner Abad

Saluda a Muller el "Obispo del Reich" y Schachleitner Abad


Hitler greets a catholic cardinal

Hitler saluda a un cardenal católico 


Hitler exiting a Catholic church. He was never excommunicated

Hitler saliendo de la iglesia , jamas fue excomulgado


Nuremberg, fundacion del partido nazi Tenga en cuenta la "Iglesia de la Virgen" en el fondo como si representara la fundación del partido. Foto tomada en Nuremberg, Alemania (circa 1928).


The Goering Wedding / La body Georing
Sólo los cristianos realizar bodas cristianas, y los nazis no fueron una excepción.
Hermann Goering se casó con Emmy Sonnemann, una famosa estrella de la ópera.
Adolf Hitler se encuentra en la primera fila como "padrino" durante la ceremonia en la Catedral por Reichbishop Müller. 


Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican in a solemn ceremony on July 20, 1933. Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz Von Papen is sitting on the left, Pacelli in the middle and Buttmann Rudolf to the right.

The Concordat effectively legitimized Hitler and his government before all Catholics, christianity and the world.
Cardenal Secretario de Estado, Eugenio Pacelli (que más tarde convertiría en el Papa Pío XII) firma el Concordato entre la Alemania Nazi y el Vaticano en una ceremonia solemne en Roma el 20 de julio de 1933. Nazi Vice-Canciller Franz von Papen está sentado a la izquierda, Pacelli en el medio, y el Buttmann Rudolf está sentado a la derecha.
El Concordato efectivamente legitimada Hitler y el gobierno nazi a los ojos del catolicismo, el cristianismo y el mundo. 


Nazi Flag on the Catholic Cathedral in Cologne - 1937

Una bandera nazi frente a la catedral de Colonia de 1937


Recent photo of the tourist destination Cologne Cathedral 


Capellán con una unidad de ametralladora La mayoría de las guerras justificadas por razones religiosas. Por supuesto, si un soldado se sentia inquieto por el sacrificio que otros hacian, siempre podían recurrir a un capellán que le explicaria pacientemente que el asesinato está permitido por Dios y sobre la moralidad de la guerra justa. A continuación, podría dar algunos ejemplos bíblicos de como Dios ordenó los asesinatos. Y entonces él podría decirles que Jesús los perdona y enviarlos al cielo si se llegase a morir. 


Catholic Bishops in a Heil Hitler salute

Obispos Católicos dan el saludo nazi en honor a Hitler.Nota Joseph Goebbels (extrema derecha) y Wilhelm Frick (segundo desde la derecha)


Franciscan monks with German soldiers

Franciscanos con soldados alemanes



El cardenal Bertram en el cortejo fúnebre para el obispo Bares, Berlín, 07 de marzo 1935 Como presidente de la Conferencia Episcopal alemana, el cardenal Bertram Breslauer juega un papel crucial en la formación de la actitud de los obispos alemanes en relación con el Estado Nacional Socialista. 


Roman Catholic Priests and the Nazi salute "Heil Hitler"

Sacerdotes haciendo el saludo a Hitler en una reunión de jóvenes católicos en el estadio de Berlín-Neukölln, en agosto de 1933.


Obispo del Reich Ludwig Muller, Berlín, 1934

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Historian David Kertzer, author of “The Pope At War: The Secret History of Pope Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler,” joins Amna Nawaz to discuss. Hitler had a secret "back channel" setup with the Po

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I recently read these two books:

"The Pope's Jews" and "The Scarlet & the Black"

 Both of these books exonerate the Vatican and two Popes, Pius XI and Pius XII, from charges of supporting Hitler during WWII.

 "The Scarlet & the Black" was made into a movie starring Gregory Peck as the Irish Priest, Hugh O'Flaherty, who was at the Vatican and made it his mission to rescue as many Allied POWs and Jews as he could.  He risked his life to do it, right under the nose of the Nazi who had pledged to kill him.  The book has a very remarkable ending.

"The Pope's Jews" also has O'Flaherty in it, but focuses more on Pius XII and what he did to rescue Jews from the Nazis by providing not only money but fake baptism certificates and visas as well.

Well written and very informative.

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TRINITARIANS, USING THEIR CORE DOCTRINES AS THEIR MORAL GUIDE ... over the years, have shed enough human blood for all the Navies of all the Countries in the world to sail upon with ease .... slaughtering EACH OTHER as well as all those unlucky enough to be in their way.

THE MOUNTAINS OF BODIES OF THE INNOCENT .... bodies of a half BILLION men, women and children, murdered in warfare, and by hardship, starvation,  deprivation and disease, in Europe alone in the past 1700 years PROVE the Trinitarian Doctrine is False, Bogus, and is an affront and insult to God, and a sin against humanity.

Remember .... Adolph Hitler loved dogs, and built magnificent architectures and road projects ....


And the Trinitarians in Germany supported this murder.

And the Trinitarian Churches celebrated his birthday as if Christ had returned.

And streams of columns and rows of Trinitarian Clergy, all dressed in black ... marched down the streets of Germany, past reviewing stands, turned their heads to face the stand, and gave the Hitler Salute.

WORDS ARE MEANINGLESS in the face of such FACTS, which prove what theology is NOT really Christian.

Trinitarianism, by its works PROVES it is evil ... and WRONG.

.... and playing with a million words will NOT change that.



Son of the Catholic Church 500  .jpg

Catholic Bishops   600   .jpg

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Historian David Kertzer, author of “The Pope At War: The Secret History of Pope Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler,” joins Amna Nawaz to discuss.

Hitler had a secret "back channel" setup with the Pope.

10/16/1943 - They (Nazis) tried to arrest all of Rome's Jews ... and held them just outside the walls of the Vatican for 2 days... ends up 1,007 Jews were sent to their deaths in Auschwitz without protest to Hitler.


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