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Did Prince die of AIDS?: Reports say singer was HIV positive since the 1990s

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Prince died of AIDS and was HIV positive since the 1990s, the National Enquirer first reported on Wednesday. The superstar performer reportedly said that he believed God would cure him and declined to use HIV medications. Prince was a devout Jehovah's Witness member and had been seen at a conference for the faith as recently as last summer, the Daily Mail reported.

Contrary to what many believe, Jehovah's Witnesses are not adverse to all medical treatments but it is unknown whether Prince's faith may have influenced him to forgo medical treatments. A Jehovah's WitnessWeb site noted, " "Some treatments conflict with Bible principles, though, and we reject these. For example, we don’t accept blood transfusions because the Bible forbids taking in blood to sustain the body. (Acts 15:20) Likewise, the Bible prohibits health treatments or procedures that include occult practices."

The story about Prince possibly dying of AIDS was picked up by a number of other publications. The headline in the UK's Daily Mirror read, "Prince 'diagnosed with AIDS weeks before his death and was preparing to die' - shock US claims." The report was also a topic of discussion Thursday night on the Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory.

The National Enquirer affiliated Radar Online reported that Prince was well aware that he had just days to live and was preparing to die. A source said, “He was in bad shape. Doctors told Prince his blood count was unusually low and that his body temperature had dropped dangerously below the normal 98.6 degrees to 94 degrees."

Prince had reportedly made a number of runs to his local Walgreens store for pain medications. An employee of the store told the Enquirer, "“We were all just shocked that he came in last night looking so beat. We said, ‘We are praying for you.'”

Prince’s responded,“He said, almost under his breath, ‘Maybe if you prayed for me a year ago it’d be different right now.’ Then he waved and said thanks anyway.”

Many people who commented on the report were skeptical. One wrote, "Well this "AIDS" idea just does not add up. If they are alleging he contracted this disease sometime in the late 1990's then both of his wives should be HIV positive and I think not. Shame on the Enquirer, sales must be down."

Another reader didn't doubt the story but noted Prince's reluctance to use medical treatments for HIV, "This makes no sense. Poorly handled. Had he taken it seriously like Magic Johnson did in 1992 and gotten treatments Magic got, he would still be alive today. When will people learn, no religion is as good as medicine? Religion is a faith and nothing more!"


Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/did-prince-die-of-aids-reports-say-singer-was-hiv-positive-since-the-1990s


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"Yellow  press"  -  all  speculations !  Prince  died  in  peace,  he  ALONE  was  knowing  the  true  reason !  When  he  one  day  will  come  back  on  earth,  all  nosy  humans  can  ask  him  to  the  details,  when  its  still  importend...  Also  the  question  is  answered,  if  he  is  one  of  the  144,000  anointed  Brothers,  when  we  see  him.  I'm  pretty  sure,  we  see  him  ;o)

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