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More Russian Jehovah’s Witnesses get asylum in Norway


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On 2/2/2020 at 11:43 PM, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Even Jesus stayed on the "old leaky boat", until it was time for the launch of the "new boat".

This is not bad. It is worth playing with a hypothetical chewing out from the Lord as to how those disciples could remain in such a boat of bad caulking and rot, probably not even built by inspired craftsmen, and how they would be so much better off to abandon it for the open sea.

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On 2/2/2020 at 8:43 PM, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Even Jesus stayed on the "old leaky boat", until it was time for the launch of the "new boat".


If we put the goal of his preaching work in front of us, we can see that he really didn’t remain in the “leaky boat”. 

 Jesus called the Pharisees out for who they were – liars and deceivers.  He said these things in front of many Jews.  John 8:42-47  The consequence of this was already written beforehand – death, instrumented by the Pharisees, using the Romans/Gentiles to carry it out. Isa 42:1-4

The only laws Jesus followed were those outlined by God. 

Pharisaic Laws, from https://bible.org/illustration/pharisaic-laws

In contrast to the two commands of Christ, the Pharisees had developed a system of 613 laws, 365 negative commands and 248 positive laws... By the time Christ came it had produced a heartless, cold, and arrogant brand of righteousness. As such, it contained at least ten tragic flaws.

(1) New laws continually need to be invented for new situations. (“new light”)

(2) Accountability to God is replaced by accountability to men.

“The growing number of prospective sheep count it a privilege to support Christ’s brothers not only in the preaching work but also in other practical ways. For example, they give financial contributions and help to build Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, and branch facilities, and they loyally obey those appointed by “the faithful and discreet slave” to take the lead.”  Wt 15/3/15 p. 29

(3) It reduces a person’s ability to personally discern.

“Be determined to stick to Jehovah’s organization and loyally support the leadership he provides—no matter what imperfections may surface. (1 Thess. 5:12, 13) Do not be “quickly shaken from your reason” when faced with what appear to be damaging attacks by apostates or other such deceivers of the mind—however plausible their charges may seem. (2 Thess. 2:2; Titus 1:10)

 (4) It creates a judgmental spirit.

Judgment made against any who think for themselves.  Judgment against all who are on the outside of the WT.   

(5) The Pharisees confused personal preferences with divine law.

WT’s governing body member, Anthony Morris, stated that the “theocratic organization” receives its decisions or “decrees” from God.  He comments, “When that direction comes out to Branch committee members, or when it comes out to the congregations; if you want Jehovah’s blessing on you as an individual or family, certainly as an elder or congregation, it’d be best to ask Jehovah to help you understand it, but obey the decision.” 

(6) It produces inconsistencies.

“To be a part of such a loving brotherhood fills my heart with appreciation and makes me proud to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.”  g 8/08 p. 19

“How should anointed Christians feel about themselves?  Jehovah’s holy spirit helps his servants to be humble, not proud.” w20/1 p. 26-31 

(7) It created a false standard of righteousness.

“All in the congregation can show principled love by avoiding contact and conversation with the disfellowshipped person. (1 Cor. 5:11; 2 John 10, 11) They thus reinforce the discipline that Jehovah has given him through the elders W 15 4/15 p. 30,31

“Today, Jehovah has brought us into his clean organization, where we feel his love and protection.”  W 17/10 p. 15-20

(8) It became a burden to the Jews.

“Do we faithfully follow the latest directions that Jehovah has given us? If so, we will not rely on always doing things the way we have done them in the past. Rather, we will be quick to follow any new direction that Jehovah provides through his organization. (Heb. 13:17) At the same time, we will be careful that we “do not go beyond the things that are written.” (1 Cor. 4:6) In so doing, we keep our eyes fixed on Jehovah.”  W 18/7 p. 15,16

This is such a hypocritical statement.  If a direction is “new”, then it has gone beyond the things that are written in the scriptures.

(9) It was strictly external.

That is made obvious in so many ways – clean kingdom halls, clean building methods, clean dress habits,  hiding the organization’s sins under the carpet so as not to bring reproach on “Jehovah’s name”, meaning the Watchtower organization.   Luke 11:39

(10) It was rejected by Christ.

Any “in Christ”/anointed priests of his who imitate Jesus in front of today’s leaders by speaking against their doctrine, are also “killed” through disfellowshipping. Rev 13:15; 11:1-3,7  Any JW who dare give “testimony” to the truth of Jesus Christ, are also “killed” – thrown out of the congregation. John 16:2 This was prophesied for the last days, and it shows how exactly the “Jewish” system today, is run by the leaders of the WT.




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