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Furuli's new e-book: "My Beloved Religion - And The Governing Body"

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"There was no governing body in the first century CE. Therefore,
the present Governing Body has no legacy and should be
dissolved." - p. 135.
I know what you're all thinking: 'This is fake news, a hoax. He'd never say that.' But the book is available from his own Awatu Publishers via email for $10 (see Reddit link below). It's was only released a little over a week ago and is a hefty 337 pages long. He relates his long history in the org., that his issues have been brewing over the last 15 years, and what he says gels with what I know from various other sources - some of which are off-grid. While Furuli still believes JWs are the true religion and many core doctrines are correct (including 607!), he blasts the current GB for losing their way, being power- and money-grabbing, amongst other complaints, and he scripturally dismantles the FDS doctrine. He thinks the organization should be restructured so that it is theocratic like in the good old post-1971 days (I'm paraphrasing) rather than hierarchical like the Catholic church (yes, he refers to the Menlo Park court case). He says he approached the GB in the spirit of Matt. 18, and added that,
 "The Governing Body received the book, and the members were
informed that if the basic problems discussed in the book could be
settled inside the organization, the book would not be published.
The GB has refused to communicate with me and therefore the
book has been published." - p. 14.
He knows full well what will happen to him which, I guess, will prove his point about the GB being autocratic and beyond questioning or correction. 
Did anyone expect this bombshell? I certainly didn't!¬†ūüėÜ
Here's the link to the Reddit discussion:
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I brought it up because it's one of several places where Furuli's book provides the exact type of anecdote I am familiar with. These types of interactions were evidently memorable and important to Furuli, too. But you might recall that among Witnesses it started with a basis in the Watch Tower publications. We have all the evidence that the initial speculation and the promotion of that speculation came directly from the publications and later from talking points from Circuit and District Se

If it was JWI, you‚Äôd still be reading it.¬† Because that ‚Äúmerely‚ÄĚ is a pretty big merely.¬† What if my roof caves in tomorrow and I decide it‚Äôs God‚Äôs fault? What if I park on the Kingdom Hall lawn, the elders tell me not to, and I say, ‚ÄúOh yeah?! Well I show you right here on my blog!!!!‚ÄĚ If I do it at Bethel, the GB will ‚Äúmerely‚ÄĚ decline to¬†put their stamp of approval on my rant‚ÄĒthey will put me on potato-peeling detail¬†in the kitchen instead, and call up someone from the bullpen wh

In this world nothing is perfect because humans tend to overstep boundaries - even Moses did so. But if we are really prepared to give our life for another (spirit of christ), then reading our bible and sticking close to jehovah would be our main goal - and spreading the core teachings of the bible, such as the kingdom government. This saves lives. No other actions are worth a reward from jehovah more than these. To humbly serve others. Literal rebellion against any other human (turn t

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39 minutes ago, Ann O'Maly said:

I know what you're all thinking:

¬†Get him to send me a free copy. He can have a free one of two of my works, ‚ÄėDear Mr. Putin - Jehovah‚Äôs Witnesses Write Russia‚Äô and ‚ÄėTrueTom vs the Apostates‚Äô on Smashwords. In fact, everyone can. I should have one of his.¬†

Get on it, will you?

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2 minutes ago, Ann O'Maly said:

@TrueTomHarley¬†Ask him yourself¬†ūüėÜ

I would like to. Had I contact information, I would. It is even possible I did communicate with him once through some sort of channel, but I forget. 

I am curious as to how things will be worded. Is it a ‚Äėcall to arms‚Äô which is how the Reddit people will certain see it? Or is it more a personal ‚Äėwish list‚Äô?¬†Is it a call to ‚Äėabandon ship‚Äô? It doesn‚Äôt appear to be, especially since there is no other ship to take its place and even an imperfect ship beats treading water.¬†

He is a scholar. Is he a scholar AND a doer, or has he just become a scholar? That will surely have a bearing. The physical ministry grounds a person‚ÄĒleave it at your own spiritual peril.

The people of higher education generally assume ‚Äėtakeover rights.‚Äô Does he? It will make a difference. To my mind, Christianity emerged as a ‚Äėworking class‚Äô religion, and it always remained so. You know the verses: ‚Äėuneducated and ordinary‚Äô, ‚Äėnot many wise in a fleshly way, powerful,¬†of noble birth‚Äô, ‚Äėhidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones‚Äô so as to ‚Äėreveal them to babes‚Äô.¬†

If the tone of his book recognizes these verses, my guess is that he is fine. If the tone is, ‚ÄėTime to let the smart people take over‚Äô, there could be a problem. It is when the ‚Äėsmart people took over‚Äė in the first century that Christianity strayed so far from its roots as to be unrecognizable.¬†Reddit, always eager for a blowup, will frame it as ‚ÄėBattle of the Titans‚Äô with sure dire consequences to one or the other. That doesn‚Äôt mean that he does.

Granted, as to higher education, the trouble with not having too much of it is that one finds it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, and is thus tempted to dismiss it all as chaff. But there is a difference between saying that this or that policy has a downside, which the present brothers will probably agree with, and saying that we ought to have someone’s head on a platter, which they will not. What side does he come down on?



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2 hours ago, Ann O'Maly said:

He says he approached the GB in the spirit of Matt. 18

It is sincerely naive approach. GB elders allow this sort of "communication" only at rank and file level for minor problems among congregants. But, even there, on this low ground field where ordinary members living, almost no one of JW's really understand how Mat 18 have to work when they are faced with internal problems. One reason for that is in elders who also not using Mat 18 with more understanding.

First obstacle is in gradation of "sins" as: "minor and gross". :))


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5 minutes ago, Ann O'Maly said:

@Srecko Sostar Naive? Possibly. I assume that his thinking is, if the GB rejects his approach, then at least he's abided by the direction in God's word and can take the moral/scriptural high ground, he has a clear conscience before God, etc. 

Naive, in sense: if he expecting, waiting for positive answer. 

In matter about his conscience, that is good biblical way how to deal with bro/sis.   

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3 hours ago, Ann O'Maly said:

The GB has refused to communicate with me and therefore the
book has been published. (RF)

This is not a promising sign. How does he know they refuse to do it? 

I wrote to them once, too, about my work‚ÄĒwhich does not by any stretch¬†of the imagination take shots at them. I‚Äôve not heard back. That doesn‚Äôt mean they ‚Äėrefuse.‚Äô The verb reeks too much of adversarial intent.

Perhaps at this very moment, the Bethel brothers have dropped all other considerations to write me a nice little letter.

Shultz and de Vienne submitted their work to Bethel. They write that it was received ‚Äėwithout comment.‚Äô That is not the same as ‚Äėrefuse‚Äô and they only speculated as to why their book met with silence.

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@Ann O'Maly  This is wonderful news. Music to my ears. I think @James Thomas Rook Jr. would love this too. 

It would be so funny if this book says things that i have been saying on here for a long time. 


"There was no governing body in the first century CE. Therefore, the present Governing Body has no legacy and should be dissolved." - p. 135.

I love this. But if I say to much i will be D/fed from this forum, as John Butler was. Even that word 'dissolved' might pose a threat.  

Quote,  " he blasts the current GB for losing their way, being power- and money-grabbing, amongst other complaints, and he scripturally dismantles the FDS doctrine. " 

Mr Rook said similar things and so have I.  

Is this only available as an e-book ?   Is it or will it be available in 'real paper copy' ? 

@TrueTomHarley  Could be the start of something big Tom ? :)  And before you say it, NO I'm not looking to follow men But it is nice to get an honest / alternative point of view isn't it. 

And the CCJW say that higher education is a waste of time. Um, I wonder why they would say that. 

I think this gentleman and his book proves the point I'm making here. 


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12 minutes ago, 4Jah2me said:

It would be so funny if this book says things that i have been saying on here for a long time. 

Some of his comments and analyses of scripture echo what 'apostates' have banged on about for decades. I'm particularly thinking of his conclusion here:

"The ‚Äúfaithful and discreet slave‚ÄĚ refers to any Christian who is
faithful and on the watch when Jesus comes as the judge in the
great tribulation. It does not refer to a class that gives spiritual
food during Christ’s presence." - p. 72.


Is this only available as an e-book ?   Is it or will it be available in 'real paper copy' ? 

Yes, and don't know.

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    • Guest Kurt
      By Guest Kurt
      The Jehovah’s Witnesses in scholarly perspective:
      What's new in the scientific study of Jehovean movement?
      April 21-22 2016 - Antwerp, Belgium
      The European Observatory of Religion and Secularism
      In partnership with CLIMAS, Bordeaux Montaigne University, CESNUR (Turin) and the
      Faculty of Comparative Studies of Religion and Humanism (FVG), Bist 162. 2610 Wilrijke
      This presentation is only a summary. The text in his integrality will be published in FVG - ACTA COMPARANDA Subsidia III in June, 2016.
      The Mental Health of Jehovah’s witnesses
      Rolf Furuli, University of Oslo.
      The studies of Rylander (1946), Pescor (1949), von Janner (1963), and Spencer (1975) of the mental health of JW are old, and they have several methodological weaknesses. Therefore, none of these studies can tell anything about the mental health of JW today.
      Jerry Bergman has published one book and several articles on the mental health of JW. His scholarly integrity can be questioned, both because he is an adversary of JW, and because he presents himself as a psychiatrist, which is not correct. On the basis of his answers when he was examined in two child custody cases, we know that he never has made a scientific study of the mental health of JW. Thus, his claim that Witnesses have  between 10 and 16% higher rate of mental illness than the non-Witness population, and that 10% of the congregation members are in need of professional help, has no basis whatsoever. This means that no published studies exist that give a sound scientific assessment of the mental health of the 13 million JW in the world.
      In contrast to this, my two empirical studies of the mental health of JW throw some light of the issue. My study of 984 members of 8 congregations of JW in southern Norway in 1993 (published in 2001), shows that the rate of mental illness and severe depression among the Witnesses was less than half the rate in the Norwegian population. My 2015 study is particularly important because the mental health of one third of the Witnesses in Norway was considered (5,457 members in 35 congregations). In order to make the study representative for JW worldwide, 3,283 members in 24 congregations in USA, as well as 1,935 members in 15 congregations in 13 other countries were included.
      The results are that the rate of mental illness (psychosis, including schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder) among JW is a little more than one third of the rate in the population as a whole, and the rate of severe depression is about one fifth of the rate in the population. These results are the diametrical opposite of the five old studies of the mental health of JW published in scholarly journals, the publications of Jerry Bergman, as well as numerous articles on the Internet. Because the criteria used are simple and clear, and because the group that has been studied is large and represents 15 different countries, the results can be viewed as representative for the worldwide population of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  
    • By Ann O'Maly
      Reports on the internet grapevine say that his disfellowshipping was announced at his congregation's midweek Zoom meeting last week.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. It was inevitable, and he knew it would end like this which, to his mind I guess, proves his point about the GB being autocratic, dictatorial, and 'disfellowshipping on the basis of human commandments' (p. 326-7).
      I wonder what he'll do now. Write more controversial books? Fizzle out?
    • By Isabella
      Norwegian immigration directorate (UDI) confirms that more Jehovah’s Witnesses from Russia are granted asylum in the Nordic country.
      They seek protection and fear persecution because of their religion, UDI spokeswoman Oda Gilleberg says to newspaper Vårt Land.
      There has been a growing number of asylum seekers from the religious community in Russia over the last years. In 2009, a total of nine Russian got Norwegian asylum and some of these were Jehovah’s Witnesses, Aftenposten reports.
      In 2018, police in Murmansk started a series of raids against the religious community in the region.
      More than a thousand people are now seeking asylum in several European countries.
      Russian authorities in 2017 categorized the religious community as ¬ęextremist¬Ľ and banned it in the country. Since then, up to 300 Russian Jehova‚Äôs Witnesses have been charged and taken to court,¬†the community informs.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • By Jack Ryan
      A Norwegian JW woman, who was sexually abused, was disfellowshipped for fornication. The woman first appealed inside the organization - without success. Feeling injustice, she then decided to sue Jehovah's Witnesses. The court decided last month that the disfellowshipping was against the Norwegian law and must be canceled. The court also ordered the local Jehovah's Witness organization to pay 100 000 NOK to the woman.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. is the story, in a Norwegian newspaper.
    • By Jack Ryan
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      This story is out today! For context:

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Google translate of today's development:
      -Remove the state aid for Jehovah's Witnesses
      MDG (Green Party) believes Prime Minister Kjell Ingolf Ropstad has only one choice: -Remove state aid from Jehovah's Witnesses. Ap (Labour Party) thinks he should have taken hold of the religious community a long time ago.
      Vårt Land revealed last week that members of Jehovah's Witnesses can be expelled from the faith community if they vote in elections. Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF), who is in charge of the Solberg government's belief and life policy, went out saying that voting rights for Jehovah's Witnesses could be the basis for withdrawing state aid.
      At the Storting (parliament), the parties look differently at what reactions the religious community should meet with.
      The clearest
      MDG says it clear. The party believes the practice revealed must have serious consequences for Jehovah's Witnesses, spokesman Arild Hermstad said.
      ¬ęShould Ropstad Withdraw State Aid When Religious Communities Urge Members Not to Participate in Democratic Elections?¬Ľ
      -¬ęYes. It is not acceptable for religious communities to put pressure, ban, or punish those who choose to vote. It is an obvious violation of human rights and a violation of Norwegian law. If they do not change practices, we believe they should not receive state aid,¬Ľ says Hermstad.
      The point of view is far supported by R√łdt (¬ęRed¬Ľ). Vice President Silje Kjosbakken says they "are looking into the possibility of depriving Jehovah's Witnesses support":
      -¬ęWe will not ban religious communities that ask members not to exercise their voting rights, but we see no reason to give them public support either.¬Ľ
      Kari Henriksen in the Labour Party believes that Ropstad as Minister of Religion should have addressed this earlier.
      ¬ęI'm a little surprised that Ropstad didn't know about the practice of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is known that they will not vote, but perhaps less well known what the consequences it will have for members who choose to vote,¬Ľ says Henriksen, who is a member of the the cultural and family committee in the parliament.
      ¬ęRopstad should be invited to dialogue with Jehovah's Witnesses before threatening to deprive the state aid,¬Ľ says Henriksen.
      She believes that state aid should be an active tool for engaging in dialogue with closed faith communities.
      ¬ęToday, the state would rather report after the aid has been distributed. Now that this has happened, Ropstad should have invited Jehovah's Witnesses to dialogue, stating clearly where the boundaries of the larger community are going.¬Ľ
      SV's Freddy √ėvsteg√•rd sits on the same committee as Henriksen.
      ¬ęWhen I was younger, I knew several Jehovah's Witnesses who were politically interested but had to hide this. Therefore, they were secret members of youth parties. This was talked about in the Christian environment, so I'm quite surprised that the reactions from Ropstad are only coming now,¬Ľ says √ėvsteg√•rd.
      He believes that Jehovah's Witnesses are not alone in having a problematic religious practice.
      -¬ęWe have to be consistent in the treatment of human rights violations in several faiths. Norway must become better at cracking down on all forms of social control across religious groups.¬Ľ
      ¬ęDo you think it was right for Ropstad to threaten to wothdraw the state aid?¬Ľ
      ¬ęYes, certainly given that they deny their members the right to vote. This is serious, and it is only now that we see this kind of abuse so clearly.¬Ľ
      The Center Party (SP) spokeswoman - and member of the same committee, √Öslaug Sem-Jacobsen, says that the party "has noted that the Minister of Religion is now addressing the matter and will discuss it with the concerned county people":
      ¬ęWe hope it does not take too long and will listen to the government's assessments as they come.¬Ľ
      The ruling parties are careful to comment on the possibility of state aid cuts for Jehovah's Witnesses. But KrF's parliamentary representative Jorunn Gleditsch Lossius says she "responds":
      ¬ęIf it is true that members of Jehovah's Witnesses can be excluded and excluded if they use the right to vote, I react strongly to this.¬Ľ
      ¬ęShould state aid be withdrawn when religious communities urge members not to participate in democratic elections?¬Ľ
      ¬ęThe prime minister has now asked the individual county council to assess whether there have been violations of democratic rights and principles. And there will always be a delicate balance towards upholding freedom of belief.¬Ľ
      Kristin √ėrmen Johnsen (H), chair of the Storting's Family and Cultural Committee, has one comment:
      ¬ęIt is a fundamental right to be able to vote in elections, and it is unacceptable if someone is prevented from using their right to vote.¬Ľ
      Left-wing faith and life-spokesperson Grunde Almeland says voting "one of the most fundamental rights of Norwegian citizens":
      ¬ęIf authorities threaten individuals using this fundamental right with sanctions, it is, as I feel it, an abuse of power.¬Ľ
      The Progressive Party (FrP), as the only government party, is clear that they do not want to distribute state aid to any religious community.
      ¬ęI think the matter gets extra serious when religion is used as an anti-democratic press¬Ľ, says Frps representative in the Family and Culture Committee, Morten Wold, and add:
      ¬ęFaith is a private matter. Once we have public support for communities of faith and beliefs, it is absolutely essential that they do not undermine democracy and violate fundamental human rights.¬Ľ
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Picture in article. Photo: Xueqi Pang - the journalist.
    • By Jack Ryan
      Seems that, so far, only one source mentions JWs....
      Following are Google Translated (into English) links:

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • By The Librarian
      It was by the order of King Christian 4th. who had declared that the JHWH should be made known. He also had it placed on other buildings throughout Danmark, Sweden and Norway
    • By Jack Ryan
      Massive article in print tomorrow, a follow up from the excellent "The Elder"-article printed earlier, that was made available for us in English version here.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Tomorrow there's a huge follow-up, I will not share the full article now, due to respect of the amazing work that is done by the journalists, but I'm sure we will find a solution if you have som patience. Meanwhile there is a possibility to create an account and read the article in Norwegian here:

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. I have made a translation of the headline and the intro:
    • By Jack Ryan
      An article featured on the front page of the newspaper¬†Stavanger Aftenblad√ā¬†(Norway) with the article in the 'magazine' section. Stavanger Aftenblad is a popular daily newspaper based in Stavanger, south-west Norway.

    • By Jack Ryan
      The pictures above is today's printed edition of the Norwegian newspaper Fædrelandsvennen. They have published the result of two years journalism where they have been digging deeply into the issues of PIMO life, the struggle to break free, and the consequences for mental health.
      Today they printed the first of seven articles as a result of this work, the story of "Fredrik" who is a fader, a story a lot of you will relate to. The next six articles will be in print the following days to come.
      All seven articles are now published online for subscribers. I will eventually provide translations of all articles into English here on this sub, but for now they have to stay this way. I would really appreciate if some of you would subscribe and read the articles through Google Translate. It will give you a better story, a complete layout with all the pictures and references. You can subscribe for only 1 NOK the first month, that is just a dime, 1/8 of a dollar. Just remember to unsubscribe after you register, so it doesn't keep running, you still keep your first month. If you need help subscribing, please feel free to dm me.
      This is the seven articles:

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. 1- The story of "Fredrik" a fader who is struggling to find his way and keep his children away from the Cult. Also talks about the mental breakdown he had while waking up.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. 2. A psychiatrist speaking about the mental damages done to all of us because of the way JWs raise their children based on the threat of shunning. She speaks out about the impact this has on children and the way the brain works when it is pushed on this. She is "Fredrik's" healthcare professional and have followed his journey the last three years.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. 3. "Rita" , a df'd woman, telling about her story, being df'd at 19, then reinstated just to be with his family even though everyone knew she didn't believe. Tells the story about how her elder dad fixed the reinstatement.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. 4. "Geir", he left as a youth before he got baptized, so he is not completely shunned. Tells the story on how this has affected his life, being an outcast from the rest of his family.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. 5. A childcare professional speaking out after reading the other stories. Says she is shocked and says that this needs more attention from professionals. Promises to take this up the system.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. 6. A massacre of the Shepherd-book. A PhD in Theology walks through it in detail and comments on the way they micromanage the life of JW's.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. 7. The afterlife, an article about people who help those who have left.
      And for those who have bothered to read this post this far...."Fredrik", the dude on the front page, is me...
    • By Jack Ryan
      Det er livesending nummer 2 i Idol 2018 og 10 deltakere skal bli 9. Kveldens tema er ¬ęDette er meg√ā¬Ľ og vi skal bli ordentlig godt kjent med finalistene v√ɬ•re.
    • By Jack Ryan
      An article in Aftenposten, Norway's largest printed newspaper by circulation.
      18,000 join together at Norway's biggest Bible convention
      Tens of thousands gathered at the Bible meeting in the Telenor Arena
    • By Queen Esther
      YAHWEH¬† - The√ā¬† only√ā¬† TRUE√ā¬† GOD !√ā¬† PROOF - God's Name,√ā¬† YAH√ā¬† Is√ā¬† Written√ā¬† On√ā¬† Your√ā¬† Face√ā¬† &√ā¬† Throughout√ā¬† Creation !√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬† ( Rev. 14:1√ā¬† -√ā¬† Rev. 22:4 )
      √ā¬†YAHWEH IS THE ONLY TRUE GOD:√ā¬† Matthew 28:19 (KJV) Go ye therefore, and TEACH√ā¬† *ALL NATIONS*,√ā¬† baptizing them in THE NAME OF THE FATHER,√ā¬† and of√ā¬† THE SON,√ā¬† and of the√ā¬† Holy Spirit !
      Isaiah 45 5,√ā¬† I am YAHWEH, and√ā¬† THERE IS NONE ELSE,√ā¬† there is NO GOD BESIDES ME:√ā¬† I girded thee,√ā¬† though thou hast not√ā¬† known me:√ā¬† 6 That they may know from the rising of the sun,√ā¬† and from the west,√ā¬† that√ā¬† THERE IS NONE BESIDE ME.√ā¬† I am YAHWEH, √ā¬†YHWH, JEHOVAH, √ā¬†and there is√ā¬† NONE√ā¬† ELSE...
      √ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬† ? ? ? .√ā‚ÄĘ*√ā¬®`*√ā‚ÄĘ..√ā¬ł???√ā¬ł.√ā‚ÄĘ*√ā¬®`*√ā‚ÄĘ. ? ? ?
    • By Anna
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      It is to be noted that both Rolf Furuli and Gerard Gertroux are both Jehovah's Witnesses.

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      B√Ętissons chaque but de notre vie avec amour
      L'homme à toujours chercher le sens véritable de l'amour. L'homme réfléchissant à cette vertu, il sépara cette qualité en trois phases et uni en une seule.  Les millénaires passèrent et l'homme à compris que les trois phases de l'amour sont des étapes que l'on ne peut trépasser.
      La premi√®re partie est appel√©" L'√Čros."
      L'√©ros fut le premier chemin que Dieu entama dans son Esprit ( pens√©e en action) (verbe) int√©rieur avant de faire ce monde magnifique que nous vivons. L'√Čros est le feu qui nous anime dans le d√©but d'une pens√©e qui nous traverse l'esprit.
      L'Amour éros est une énergie très puissante, car d'elle, d'une seule image non réalisée, l'éros active cette image en rêve, uni à notre pensée et propulse dans notre vision, un rêve ultime qui nous pousse à chercher au fond de nous, le sentiment qui nous anime puissamment.
      Nous recherchons en nous d'autres images pour connaitre d'avantage cette vibration qui se manifeste, telle un feu ardent.
      D'un rêve, l'amour de ce but te pousse à créer et fonder ce rêve dans ta réalité, construire le but ultime de ta vie.
      La flamme de Yah, s'anime en toi ( Chant de Salomon)
      Le désir sexuelle ne fait pas parti de cet Amour.
      L'√Čros te propulse dans tout les c√īt√©s des variantes d'un but non r√©alis√©, dont tu ne connais point comment construire ce but qui s'anime en toi; et m√™me comment pourrais-je r√©aliser ce but?
      Quand le¬†r√™ve d'un projet d'avenir¬†est dans l'√Čros, il ne faut pas qu'il devienne en nous une obsession intense. Nous ne savons pas comment contr√īler notre feu int√©rieur de ce but, de cette¬†vision qui anime nos pens√©es, jour apr√®s jour¬†et souvent dans les images de notre sommeil, elles peuvent envahir nos nuits.
      L'amour " √Čros" nous confrontes √† plusieurs d√©sirs qui nous anime et qu'avec le temps nous apprenons √† assembler le casse t√™te de la r√©alisation de notre vie, les pi√®ces ma√ģtresses de notre r√™ve qui nous poussent sans cesse √† trouver les outils et l'instructions n√©cessaires √† notre cheminement qui s'accomplit pendant une grande p√©riode de notre vie, pour atteindre l'objectif premier de notre vie, le vrai but que nous voulons accomplir.
      Quand notre but est assemblé, telle un film intérieur, de sa première image (début), à son dénouement et cela jusqu'à son accomplissement , alors notre rêve se voit construit dans notre esprit alors nous sommes prêt; nous pouvons commencer la deuxième étapes de l'amour qui construit notre but.
      La connaissance de l'amour apporte à réaliser le rêve de notre but vers la réalisation de notre projet en ce monde au bonheur de chacun.
      Les étapes de réalisation de chaque but, doit être construit avec l'Amour philia à (suivre)...

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    • Eric Ouellet

      Pour guérir notre personnalité, une petite recette intérieure doit être préparé avec minutie et avec conviction, en voici la composition:
      En premier, prend le temps de prendre conscience de l'amour que tu t'attribues à toi même. L'amour désintéressé, celle qui te lie en toi le mérite vrai de la beauté intérieure, celle de la lumière qui vibre dans ton coeur. Cette amour doit être le fondement de ta personnalité, car plus tu consacres le temps nécessaire à épanouir tes forces et que tu perpétues cette puissance universelle envers autrui. Ainsi, tu t'élèveras au-dessus de la souffrance et Il te guidera vers le chemin de l'accomplissement de ta vie.
      En deuxi√®me, prend le temps de travailler la qualit√© de la patience. La patience est une vertu primordiale √† ta personnalit√©, car elle te fait comprendre les √©tapes de la vie et que pas √† pas, une chose √† la fois tu redresseras tes faiblesses. La patience te guidera vers la ma√ģtrise des √©tapes √† la victoire des buts, que tu entreprends. Cette vertu t'aidera √† accepter les erreurs de ta personne et de celle des autres.
      Troisi√®mement, trouve en toi la joie de vivre. La joie est une petite qualit√© √† quatre lettres. Elle se situe en toi, car chaque moment de ton quotidien elle se manifeste et elle vibre de tout ton √™tre. Elle se manifeste, dans les moments o√Ļ tu vois un coucher de soleil √©blouissant, dans les activit√©s avec tes amis qui te sont ch√®re. Quand tu r√©ussis un travail qui t'inspire et que tu r√©ussis l'accomplissement avec brio. √Ä plusieurs moment la joie se manifeste et tu dois prendre conscience de ces moments, car il font parti de la positivit√© de ta vie. Elle t'aide √† oublier les √©preuves que tu dois traverser.
      Quatri√®mement, une cl√© primordiale doit √™tre ins√©r√©e en toi, celle de la confiance. La confiance est la synergie de l'amour d√©sint√©ress√©. Sans la confiance ton amour vacillera avec le temps. B√Ętir la confiance est un travail acharn√© √† ton travail personnel. Cette vertu t'aide √† prendre conscience de tes m√©rites, de te rassurer que les actions que tu fais son juste et t'emp√™che de regarder constamment en arri√®re. La confiance te donnera la force d'avancer vers l'horizon de la lumi√®re et croire en toi.¬†
      Cinqui√®mement, le courage, est le courant qui aide √† te reprendre dans les moments difficiles o√Ļ la vision de tes buts que tu entreprends devient tr√®s ardu. Il t'aide √† ne pas baisser les bras dans les moments o√Ļ tu ne vois plus la mani√®re de franchir une √©tape, un examen de conscience qui illumine ta pens√©e √† trouver une solution r√©fl√©chit et te dire, je vais √™tre capable de r√©ussir. Le courage est le deuxi√®me souffle dans ta course vers le sommet de ta personnalit√© int√©rieure.
      Sixièmement, La force fait partie du courage, l'un ne va pas sans l'autre. Le courage est le souffle, l'oxygène qui activera ta force intérieure. La force t'aide à gravir les montagnes et même à certaine étape de ta vie à soulever les montagnes pour trouver les trésors qui y sont enfouis. La force te donne la chance à balayer les nuages de la tempête et de retrouver la chaleur du soleil du bonheur venant de Dieu.
      La septi√®me √©tapes , la ma√ģtrise de soi, une vertu qui est au sommet de ces √©tapes int√©rieures. La ma√ģtrise de soi est l'√©tape ultime de ta vie¬† (les actions justes) car par cette vertue plus rien ne fera barri√®re dans le chemin que tu auras voulu suivre, car les √©preuves que tu auras surmont√©, te guidera √† devenir ma√ģtre de toi m√™me et ne faire qu'un avec toi m√™me, unis √† Dieu et √† son Roi.
      La ma√ģtrise de soi te donnera un tr√©sor inestimable qui est celui de l'harmonie. √Čquanimit√© ( √©quilibre parfait) dans tous les sens de ton √Ęme. Tu trouveras la beaut√© ultime de chaques √©l√©ments de la vie,¬†ta conscience sera dans ta pens√©e comme un m√©tronome parfait; La vrai vie celle de nos r√™ves¬†deviendra r√©alit√©, nous¬†deviendrons un √™tre de lumi√®re. La lumi√®re qui sommeillait en toi ja√Įllira de toute ta personne.
      Même dans la nuit des plus grandes tempêtes, tu seras un phare éblouissant de Dieu.
      2 Timothée 3: 16-17, Proverbes chapitre 1-3,Galantes 5:22,23  1Corinthien 13: 4-(8 premier phrase)

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      do you have the videos of the rejoice with jehovah's 2021
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