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How is it, you can say...

"Matter of fact, knowing such dates and understanding them can make one more accountable to Jehovah. Serving Jehovah with a Full Heart no matter what date comes and goes should be our Priority."

But anyone who calls you on your use of dates and calculations, gets this...

48 minutes ago, Brother Rando said:


    Hello guest!


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What is your first language ? Probably not English unless you were drunk when you wrote the above. None of it makes any sense. A. I don't have 20 years of any letters. B. I am not keeping a fornicator in the Org.  C. This FORUM is about Jehovah's Witnesses, Hence I speak about THEM. Why would i want to talk about the Catholic Church, or any other, on a JW forum ?  D. Everyone lives in the world, and you could therefore say that everyone lives in a 'paedophile world' as it is part

@César Chávez My morals are not perfect, but then, I'm not trying to run an organisation and I'm not trying to mislead millions of people either. I also don't expect to be in that New World.  I am a hater in one way though. As the Apostle Paul said at Romans 12 v 9 "Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good".  So my hate is directed by scripture which is inspired of God's holy spirit.   

@TrueTomHarley You must watch a lot of television or films or something as you seem to reference so many things I've never heard of. Both you and Arauna make references to things that have no meaning to me. (Perhaps I lead a sheltered life).  Now as for your words of wisdom, "Why don’t you divert a little more energy towards the goal of being in that New World, you yo-yo?"  This is sensible......... But then your words "Perhaps then your credentials for condemning everything under the sun w

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On 4/18/2021 at 9:02 AM, Brother Rando said:

Sinning against Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin 4Jah2me. That is why you're weeping and gnashing your teeth. Enjoy the hot bath... 🥵


The only ones that can 'sin against the Holy Spirit' are the True Anointed ones. Because they are the only ones anointed with such Holy Spirit.  

As I am not anointed I am also not able to sin against the Holy Spirit. 

If you really understood scripture you would know it is for the True Anointed ones, not for us earthly ' little dogs' 

Matthew 15 v 27

    Hello guest!

And she said, "Yes Lord, but even the dogs eat the crumbs falling from their masters' table."

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    • By Patiently waiting for Truth
      Quote @Arauna 
      Equality, as taught by Jehovah, comes from the heart - a true personal belief that we should not view ourselves as better than others and should treat others with justice because Jehovah is watching.  A true belief that we all must be self-controlling, self-sacrificing...…and just, kind, good, merciful etc. This is a true equality when all humans apply these principles from conviction.  When all willingly have a self-sacrificing personality which comes from WILLING obedience to a set of standards of justice (good and bad) which comes from Jehovah.  Human laws (human good and bad), enforced by humans over other humans, does not work because humans always protect their own interests and enforce laws unjustly.
      And of course I'm not allowed to pass comment because it would be trolling as @JW Insider tells me.
      Even though it is @Arauna that turns this topic from political to Religious............ 
      All I will say is :- What hypocrisy. Yes please do remember that Almighty God IS watching you. 
      Will this comment get deleted or moved I wonder ? Will Arauna's comment get the same treatment too  .
    • By Arauna
      Like most Judas-imitators you have a severe virus of hate- OCD and are so arrogant that you think all JWs worship people and cannot think for themselves. You cannot think for yourself that God may have a world-wide organization on earth.  Please tell me where there is another world-wide organization that teaches people about Jehovah.   If you cannot answer this question - do not bother to answer me.
    • By Patiently waiting for Truth
      The Watchtower is definitely run by Men, and certainly NOT guided by God's Holy Spirit. And the GB seem to be spending their time selling 'real estate' and hiding the money off shore. The GB are different to me in as much as the GB are deliberately misguiding millions of people within the Org and some outside the org too. Plus the GB and their lawyers are happily hiding Paedophiles in the American part of the CCJW. So yes the people you worship, your GB, are very different to me. I have no interest in protecting Paedophiles and i am interested in protecting children and also interested in the Victims of CSA getting compensation, which your GB are deliberately trying to avoid.  You may be 'interested' in serving God, but if you remain in the CCJW then you cannot serve God properly. 

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